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January 23, 2017



The Tashkent House of Photography has hosted an exhibition of young photographers, for whom the art of photography is only a hobby, not a profession. Despite this, the exhibition displayed a lot of decent works. And the theme chosen by the participants is quite inviting…

A photo exhibition titled ‘Coming Out of the Shadows’ tells the story of young authors, which are less known, but they are willing to literally come out of the shadows and represent their works. Aleksei Tudakov, Albina Sagatova, Anton Papin, Artyom Artsegov, Bobur Alimkhodjaev, Gayane Avanesyan and other participants are the members of ‘Young Photography of Uzbekistan’ group in Facebook, which is developing rapidly, and helps promoting the art of photography in the country. Photography is not their main profession, but they truly love this genre of creativity and self-expression, study it, hold meetings and organize photo journeys.

At the same time, there is another meaning, which is associated with the name of the exhibition. Each project presented by the photographer is a play of light and shadow. The authors took the shadow as the starting point. In all the works it was not just exist, but conducted a dialogue with the objects in the photo, stresses the light, leaves a beautiful delicate image, completing the artistic conception, or makes people to reflect.

For example, despite the fact that a photograph of Yuliya Galushina done in monochrome, it radiates warmth and joy. It depicted young ladies who, hand in hand, lead dances. The work by Gayane Avanesyan attracts the attention with something mysterious. The author was able to choose a good view and colors: the shadow of the lady in a hat on white car. Shuhrat Tursunov’s work as if reflects antiquity and old times – the shadow of antique chandelier falls on the old portraits.