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May 22, 2017



FIFA has published a new rating, according to which the national football team of Uzbekistan retained its former positions, remaining on the 60th line.

The national team of Uzbekistan still has 586 points. This figure is again the sixth among the representatives of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) after the Iranian national team (ranked 28), South Korea (43), Japan (44), Australia (50) and Saudi Arabia (52).

The top three leaders of world soccer also remained intact: in the first place the national team of Brazil with 1,672 points, on the second is the national team of Argentina (1,603), on the third – the current world champions from Germany (1,464). In the top ten were also the national teams of Chile (1,411), Colombia (1,348), France (1,294), Belgium (1,281), Portugal (1,259), Switzerland (1,212) and Spain (1,204).

Worth reminding that in the April ranking, football players of Uzbekistan for the first time were one line higher than the Russians. A month later, the rating did not change: our team comes 60th, while Russia is 61st.