President Islam Karimov’s Greeting Address at the Navruz Festive Occasion

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March 20, 2014

President Islam Karimov’s Greeting Address at the Navruz Festive Occasion

President Islam Karimov_at the NavruzDear compatriots!

Esteemed guests!

With tremendous enthusiasm and joy do we always thoroughly prepare for and widely celebrate the holidays associated with historical dates momentous for our country and the people.

Nonetheless, the atmosphere of an ever elated mood when we look forward to and celebrate the Navruz, is incomparable, without any doubt, to anything. The holiday itself comes these beautiful days and constitutes a symbol of spring, awakening and renewal of nature, and the start of a new year in the eastern calendar.

It is a great pleasure for me to sincerely congratulate you, my dearest ones, who have gathered at this magnificent square – and our entire nation in your face – on this marvelous holiday of Navruz from the bottom of my heart and express my deepest respect and kindest wishes to you.

Dear friends!

Indeed, that our people look forward to meeting the Navruz with big hopes, revering it as the most ancient and a genuinely national holiday, has a profound symbolic meaning.

After all, the ideas associated with Navruz are known to be fully harmonious with our customs and traditions that have shaped across many millennia and date back to the Avesto era.

Such a reverent attitude to the Navruz means first and foremost a profound respect for our ancient and great history, rich history and the heritage of our ancestors. At the very same time, it carries a bright confirmation to the fact that our nation – notwithstanding the thorny tests and misery, the extraordinarily obscure periods in the far and late past – has always remained devoted to its sacred values by preserving them with care and passing them on to one generation to another.

With the arrival of Navruz in our land, every one of us is imbued with the spirit of spring, the wonderful holiday of renewal when everything in the nature awakens, and we especially deeply feel that we are an inalienable part of our native land. At this amazing period of the year we sense to an even greater extent our inextricable link with the nature, the harmony with her, and we ought to value and preserve the current peaceful life as the apple of the eye.

And certainly every person, every family, everyone who lives in our marvelous and prolific land, irrespective of ethnic and linguistic origin and religion, are keen to express their earnest feelings, noble hopes and gracious aspirations at these radiant moments.

During the Navruz days, any grievances and quarrels are forgotten, and all the residents of our country – the old and the young – gather around a plentiful dastarkhan and with open souls strive to share the bliss of the holiday with their close ones and friends, treat them with traditional spring meals like sumalak, khalim, kuk-samsa, wish everybody a sound health, happiness and prosperity, visit the venerated aksakals, the people of older generation, to earn their blessing.

These days all of us try to do good deeds and provide the ill, orphans and the needy with selfless help, and raise their spirit and mood with good words. All this constitutes a bright indication of the fact that such noble, truly unique qualities as humanism, magnanimity, kindness and compassion have come to be the backbone of the mentality of our people who always preserve them carefully in the heart. I think you will agree with me that such properties are inherent in very few peoples indeed.

If we try figure out what the most cherished dream of our nation is, we come to a conclusion that it strives primarily for a peaceful life in the country, in the neighboring countries and the world in general, for the resolution of conflicts in various regions, the abolition of confrontation without the application of force, with peaceful means only and through political dialogue.

The people of Uzbekistan wish to see a clear and peaceful sky above our Motherland and a stable and prosperous life. We wish the very same things for others.

Allow me to take this opportunity to greet and congratulate on the Navruz holiday the ambassadors of foreign nations and representatives of international organizations present here at this lovely square, all our international partners, and wish prosperity and wellbeing to the peoples of near and far abroad.

Dear friends!

At these exciting moments I sincerely wish that the phrase “May every day of ours be like Navruz!” from our great forefather and inspiration Alisher Navoi, comes true. May all of us, the entire people of Uzbekistan are always accompanied by a joyous spring mood, warmth and light of the Navruz.

Today, with a sense of immense pride do I look at the happy faces of our enthusiastic and energetic young men and women and underscore that all of us should understand well that the progress of our country, its attainment of a well-deserved place among the advanced democratic nations, depends primarily on the abilities of our youth, on your, my dear children, aspiration for knowledge and heights of sciences – in a word, on your comprehensive advancement. These are the very criteria with which the international community will assess our abilities, and the achievements we are capable of furthering.

We highly appreciate our youths who have a sense of self-esteem and dignity and deeply conscious of their duty before the Motherland, who endeavor for high ends and willing to compete with their fellows around the globe in equal terms across all spheres. We consider them our hope and support and the genuinely decisive force of today and the future. I would like to assure you that we have been mobilizing all our resources and capacities for you to grow physically sound and spiritually mature and to gladden us with your accomplishments.

May the Navruz bring you, my dear ones, happiness, luck and love, and may all the cherished dreams of yours come true!

Esteemed compatriots!

By mentally hugging all of you, I greet you again on the wonderful spring holiday.

May the sky above us be always clear, may the peace reign in our land!

May our homes be full of prosperity, wellbeing and abundance, and may every one of our dreams come true!

Happy Navruz, my dear ones!