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April 18, 2017


e6f1c23be0484acb857444e6ed77ee21Bonum Factum Art Gallery opens a personal exhibition ‘RED…’ by painter, member of the Creative Association at the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan Ibragim Valikhodjaev. It is symbolic that the exhibition opened on March 31 displays 31 works. In addition, on the opening day the Namangan artist conducted a master class for visitors. The article of the Uzbekistan Today correspondent gives details of this.

‘RED…’ is inviting, bright and exciting. Such associations arise only after hearing the name of the exhibition, and having come and felt every thought, every part of the soul that the artist put into his pictures, one understands how rich and diverse this color is. It is red that served the inspiration for Ibragim Valikhodjaev.

“The exhibition presents my works in red, over which I worked in the last two years. Why red? Because I think this color is the most complex. I set myself the task of studying it. There are boundless many shades, and each of them is called red. That is why I decided to call today’s exhibition ‘RED…,” Ibragim Valikhodjaev shared. “For me, red is the hottest and most energetic, so I imagine it, because I have such a character. Nevertheless, I have not yet found the very shade and I do not know whether I can find it for the rest of my life.”

The exhibition drew the interest of representatives of foreign embassies, artists, as well as young talents for whom Ibragim Valikhodjaev conducted a master class. Plenty of people gathered to see firsthand how the painter creates.

“Ibragim Valikhodjaev is my friend, extraordinary personality with rich inner world. He is able to think on canvas, make decisions during the work process and create art pieces professionally,” a graphic artist Sergei Abaturov said. “We are lucky that there is such an artist in Uzbekistan who is sincere in his manifestation.”

“This master class is conducted not so much for professionals as for young, learning students and art amateurs. Because lately there is a confusion of concepts, when they take one for the other, and sometimes are not able to differentiate the application fr om the bright decorative painting,” Ibragim Valikhodjaev noted.

For all the simplicity of work, where only four colors are used – white, yellow, gray and red, by styling, rhythm, color combination and compositional solution, a harmonious professional work of art is obtained, wh ere nothing is added or subtracted. The speed of the master, the work he created within half an hour, is the experience of his lived years, long and hard work.

Most often, the world in red is represented by self-confident people. The works of Ibragim Valikhodjaev really reveal not only the author’s strong personality, but also the spirit of the country in which the artist creates. Creativity of the painter is conditioned by the conditions in which he lives. In Uzbekistan, everything plays in color, charging everyone with its energy and positive.