Sports festival at recreational facility

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July 16, 2017

Sports festival at recreational facility

At children’s recreational facility called “Mashal” in Parkent District of Tashkent Region, a sports competition has been conducted on the slogan of “A healthy lifestyle is the foundation of our life”.

The sports competition was arranged by the Uzbekistan Women’s Committee in cooperation with the population fund.

Children enjoying their holidays at the recreational facility competed in such games as checkers, table tennis, running, swimming, long jump and drawing on asphalt.

It has been said that in this country special attention is being paid to bringing up the younger generation to be physically healthy, morally mature and highly intellectual and creating the necessary conditions for them to acquire modern knowledge and to learn professions.

“The purpose of arranging such events at the recreational facility is to popularize a healthy lifestyle among young people. The strengthening of the reproductive health of the population and the protection of motherhood and childhood are proof of special care being provided for the younger generation. Healthy children develop in healthy families. A healthy environment is the foundation of a healthy society,” says Sh. Nurmatova, deputy chairperson of the Women’s Committee of the republic.

Memorable gifts were given to the winners of the competitions. Children staying at the recreational facility presented a concert programme, and everyone found it very impressive.