An exhibition has been arranged in the central exhibition hall of the Art Academy of Uzbekistan on the occasion of 8 March – International Women’s Day.

A.Nuriddinov, the chairman of the Art Academy of Uzbekistan, and others said that attention being paid to women-artists in this country was helpful in their effective creative work. Exhibitions held traditionally play an important role in strengthening cooperation between creative workers and in experience exchanges.

“Today’s exhibition is different from others as artists’ ideas about the world and beauty are displayed at it. Looking at the pictures created by them, one can see an interpretation of spring, women and flowers in a unique style,” says a teacher and artist, U.Yusupov.

Visitors turned their attention to works by M.Shuvalova and O.Jumaniyozova. These works which are displayed at the exhibition portray beautiful women.

N.Latipova’s work “Lilies”, M.Ulmasova’s works “Poppies” and “Rainy day”, N.Oripova’s works “Spring”, “Red roses” and “Pomegranate”, O.Zalevskaya’s works “A bright bouquet” and “Branch in blossom” and I.Shin’s works “Spring” and “Autumn” are on display at the exhibition. Visual art lovers found them to be really impressive.

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