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December 10, 2016



Tashkent’s fashion week has begun in the Palace of Youth Creativity.

The event was arranged by the Osiyo Ramzi Association of Fashion Designers and Stylists of Uzbekistan. Representatives of ministries, departments and the diplomatic corps accredited in the country and international organizations, stylists and fashion designers, students and young people were invited to the fashion week.

The chairperson of the board of the Osiyo Ramzi Association of Fashion Designers and Stylists of Uzbekistan, H.Komilova; and others said that in the process of implementing socio-economic reforms under the leadership of the country’s First President Islam Karimov, special attention was paid to increasing the people’s wellbeing and creating decent living conditions.

Large-scale work is being conducted not only on the development of the light and textile industries, the deep studying and better satisfaction of customers’ requirements for quality clothes but also on raising the dressing culture and aesthetic taste.

The Osiyo Ramzi Association of Fashion Designers and Stylists of Uzbekistan pays special attention in its work to harmony between national traditions and modern fashion trends, to supporting talented youths desiring to engage in fashion designing and to helping their work organization in accordance with high requirements and criteria. Festivals, master-classes and creative forums held by the association help to develop the professionalism of young stylists and to create new opportunities for them.

As a result of measures being taken in the years of independence to develop the national fashion designing sector, works of Uzbek fashion designers are displayed with great success in fashion shows in New York, Milan, Paris and other cities. Uzbek fabrics such as atlas, adras and bekasam as well as traditional national ornament are widely used in works of foreign fashion designers. Elegant scarves, shawls, dresses, jackets and coats made of fabrics produced by craftspeople of Uzbekistan are becoming an inextricable part of the wardrobes of people around the world. Such creative projects as the Tashkent fashion week play an important role in promoting handmade fabrics and Uzbek people’s rich heritage in the area of making clothes.

During the event, local and foreign fashion designers exchange experiences and raise their mastery. Presentations of collections of fashion designers of Uzbekistan and foreign countries, shows of craftwork, young people’s creative works, master classes with the participation of leading specialists, national costumes’ festival and trade fairs of textile and national fabrics are to be held.

The Tashkent fashion week began with the “Uzbek artistic fabrics” fair and a national dress show.