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December 27, 2016



Pomegranate… In the East, this is not only a huge pink fruits with peels, flaying which you have the red and juicy grains. Pomegranate is a symbol of prosperity, fertility, wealth, and family. The theme of pomegranate has always been, is and will be relevant. Therefore, the organizers chose this theme, calling the exhibition ‘The Flower of the pomegranate I will weave in a braid…’ that has been opened in the Exhibition Hall of the Alisher Navoi National Park.

The opening of the exhibition was accompanied by the performance of the national maqoms and dances. Sitting on the couch, or strolling through the hall, the audience can enjoy the national folklore, while treating sour-sweet pomegranates.

“When you come to the exhibition and look at the works of art very closely, you can understand the unique idea of ​​the organizers. First of all, pomegranate is a symbol of life and unique natural phenomena. Red pomegranate juice, like the blood of the earth, has enormous energy. And the exhibition is soaked with this energy,” said the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Vladimir Burmakin. “I addressed the theme of pomegranate more than once as well. My painting ‘A women, the pomegranate picker’ is now presented in the State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow.”

Despite the fact that the exhibition is divided into two parts: fine art and decorative-applied arts, the theme of pomegranate like a red thread unites the works into one.

Fine art is presented in a variety of genres. The artist managed by means of painting, graphic art and still life to depict all stages of ripening of pomegranate. For example, Mukhtorkhon Isanov painted the pomegranate flower, which is about to bloom. And the Art Trio, which consisted of Murod Azlarkhodjayev, Husan Qosimov, Bakhtiyor Alimkhonov created a realistic still life, which depicts a metal bowl filled with just picked pomegranates, surrounded by ripe plums. Particularly attractive are pomegranate grains which you are almost tempted to eat.

The works by Akmal Nuritdinov, Akmal Ikramdjanov, Oksana Zalevskaya, Yigitali Tursunnazarov are also no less interesting.

The national decorative-applied arts are quite diverse. Here are the ceramics of different schools, diverse textiles, wood carving, embroidery and other more. Traditional handicraft for centuries passed on fr om generation to generation, with which the love for pomegranate as a symbol passed on.

“I am ceramist by profession. At this exhibition I display five lagans with decorative pomegranate setting. The theme of pomegranate is so typical for the East, that the fruit of pomegranate is accepted as the unofficial symbol of Uzbekistan. The main value in the country is considered large families with many children, wh ere the love, friendship, prosperity prevails. All this makes up the symbol of pomegranate. It is considered how many grains the pomegranate has so many children the family should have,” shared the chair of the section of contemporary decorative-applied arts at the Creative Association of Artists of Uzbekistan Nazira Kuziyeva.

The Uzbek people have a tradition, it is when parents present their daughters earrings with pomegranate, it means they wish her to have a strong family filled with harmony, prosperity and love.

And Nazira Kuziyeva passed on her love for the pomegranate to her daughter Nigora, who for this exhibition presented her beautiful still life ‘Pomegranates.’