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April 10, 2017


85c86e3c656f91bbae0c3960f99461eeMarch 27 is the World Theater Day. A young photo artist Bobur Alimkhodjaev dedicated his solo exhibition to this day. The exhibition with the laconic name ‘Ballet’ reveals the elegance and subtlety of the artists of the Alisher Navoi State Academic Grand Theater.

While being the second-course student at the Kamoliddin Behzod National Institute of Arts and Design, Bobur knew that for his thesis he would choose a theme related to theater, ballet. Completing his study at the Faculty of Art Photography and Graphics, it was necessary to provide 10-15 photographs for his thesis ‘The Ballet Art.’ Bobur decided to get prepared thoroughly and began making shots as early as in the third course. So he managed to make not only 10 shots, but a whole archive. Then a desire got appeared to present his photos to a wide public.

The young photographer points out that he liked this genre since childhood. Even then he was attracted by the grace of ballet dancers. In addition, Bobur set himself the goal to show genuine emotions and a behind-the-scenes life, which is hidden from the eyes of theater spectators: artists play certain roles, which they must masterfully perform without showing their personal experiences or fatigue.

“I made shots during performances, standing behind the scenes. Captured tender moments before entering the stage, bright performance during the ballet, as well as elevated emotions after its completion,” Bobur Alimkhodjaev shared. “Of course, I established close contact with the artists.”

The exhibition presents photographs in a monochrome genre from the performances of Pyotr Tchaikovsky ‘Swan Lake’, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, ‘The Nutcracker.’ The young photographer decided to make shots in such a style that nothing distract the exhibition visitors from the true emotions of the artists.

“I am fascinated by the classical ballet. I believe that this form of dance is the most beautiful and graceful,” Bobur said. “The works of impressionist painter Edgar Degas inspired me to choose the ballet art. In his paintings, he sought to capture the ballet dancers not only on the stage in all their glory, but, on the contrary, preferred to show the everyday life behind the scenes. The decisive factor for me was watching the film by Darren Aronofsky ‘Black Swan.’ I always loved ballet, but after that film I fell in love even more. Synthesis of hard work, willpower and boundless dedication, luxury and grandeur of the theater had its effect!”

Visiting the exhibition, the audience will get aesthetic pleasure from professional high quality photos accompanied by classical music, and will also be able to discover new facets of the ballet. The exhibition will last until April 11.