The Week of Cultural Legacy will be held in Uzbekistan

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December 15, 2020

The Week of Cultural Legacy will be held in Uzbekistan

On December 15-18, 2020, Tashkent will host the traditional Week of Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan and the 4th International Congress “The Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan as the Basis of a New Renaissance.” This key event of the Week starts on December 15 in the Youth Palace. The representatives of official circles and international organizations, over 300 prominent foreign scholars from more than 40 countries of the world, as well as about 1000 domestic scholars and national participants will attend the Congress.

Two days of the 4th International Congress “The Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan as the Basis of a New Renaissance” are set aside for foreign scholars’ reports on the disclosure of the value of the cultural legacy of Uzbekistan.

Famous orientalists will share the impressive and sensational results of their long-term research on the contribution of the greatest minds of the Uzbekistan land to the development of world civilization, powerful bursts of scientific and cultural upsurge – the first and second Renaissances, which became unique periods in the history of all mankind and demonstrated an atmosphere of enlightenment, religious tolerance and humanism. The idea of a new Renaissance, voiced by the President of Uzbekistan, takes on special meaning at a time when the republic is undergoing a large-scale renewal of many spheres of life. In addition to these bright periods, there were other glorious pages in the history of our country, which also attract the attention of researchers with their outstanding achievements.

At the Congress, it is planned to approve the “Roadmap” of the activities of the World Society for the Study, Preservation and Popularization of the Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan until 2025. The ceremony of presenting certificates for books-albums of the Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan in World Collections project and facsimiles of unique manuscripts to museums and libraries of our country will take place.

On this day, in addition to presentations and reports on the theme of the cultural and historical heritage of our country, a presentation of 35 unique book-albums from the Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan in World Collections series will take place. The books will reflect a rich palette of works of art in Uzbekistan dating back to different eras and kept in the museum and private collections around the world – collections of the Czech Republic, India, the USA, Canada, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Great Britain, and Japan. Several publications are devoted to unique artifacts kept in museums of our country such as the State Museum of History, the al-Biruni Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The third day of the Week is devoted to cinema and historical photography. On this day, a meeting of the section of film critics of the Central Asian region will take place, as well as the ceremony of returning animated cartoons (more than 100 cartoons) and six films from the golden collection of Uzbekistan cinema from the Russian Film Fund to Uzbekistan, which is most important for the history of cinematography of Uzbekistan, with the sponsorship of the World Society.

The fourth day of the week will be held under the aegis of popularizing culture and science among the younger generation. Special interactive platforms, where representatives of the young generation of Uzbekistan people will be able to get acquainted with the achievements in the field of culture and art of our country in an exciting way, will be prepared. Multimedia “bases”, 3D installations with reviving historical pictures, historical reconstructions with scenes from historical films and books, thematic areas of craftsmen, master classes of national dances, as well as a game of the team of experts “What? Where? When?” on the history of our country and even historical theater reenactments will be made.

The Week of Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan prepares many pleasant surprises for guests and participants such as a demonstration of Uzbekistan film premieres, “Kinolektoriy” (Film lecture-hall) with unique newsreels, a bright and colorful fashion show “National Clothes as the Pearl of a New Renaissance” and much more.