Traveling is not for the rich people only

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December 13, 2018

Traveling is not for the rich people only

An international scientific-practical conference on “Problems and prospects for development of tourism among socially vulnerable groups of the population” was held at Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service.
It was attended by professors and teachers of higher education institutions specializing in tourism, as well as experts from the USA, Indonesia, China, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.
Scientists and specialists have comprehensively analyzed the reforms implemented in the country on development of tourism. It was noted that in recent years the flow of foreign tourists has increased in the country and domestic tourism is becoming popular. At the same time, the need for creating necessary conditions for travel agencies, companies, hotels or complexes providing travel services to people with disabilities who need social protection was emphasized.
At the sectional sessions of the conference, reports were heard on the features of tourism services provided to socially vulnerable citizens, their development prospects, improvement of the financing mechanism in tourism services market, personnel training, general economic problems of the industry.