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November 8, 2016



Since the 8 Tashkent Biennale was postponed for an indefinite period, the exhibition of contemporary art has been opened at the Central Exhibition Hall, the Tashkent House of Photography and the Ikuo Hirayama International Caravansarai of Culture.th

One of the popular projects, according to Uzbekistan Today correspondents, turned “The Story about a Dream…’ by a young artist and photographer Alyona Granitsa. Its uniqueness lies in a harmonious relationship between the modern technology and the art, combined the philosophical idea of ​​the meaning of life.

“The project is about life, books, and their close relationship. In fact, it has at least two faces, two lines of perception. The first, direct value of the essence of the story is that the characters of the story are aware that the author decides their fate. Realizing this, they try to escape from the pages and get freedom,” said Alyona Granitsa.

Her name is Alexandra. She is a minor character, a former ballet dancer, now a flower saleswoman. His name is Konstantin – the scientist. Alexandra dissatisfied with her situation because of the stereotypical thinking of the author, whose main character is a cute blond with blue eyes. She wants to get out of the book and create her own story. She shares her dream with her boyfriend Konstantin, who is also long for a change.

Konstantin finds a manuscript of the author, and discovers that it is very similar to him. Most likely, the writer created the character in his own image and likeness. So, Konstantin may change the course of the story, but for this he needs to do something significant, going beyond the ordinary. He decides to create wings for Alexandra, so she was able to fly away. But when the hero creates the wings, Alexandra is scared, because she used to live according to the will of the author.

The ending of this story is open, because there are too many variables that could affect the completion of the story.

What if someone has written for us our lives? Everyone, at least once in life, thought about this question. Sometimes, people think that they fall into the whirlpool of events, unable to get out of it, just give themselves up to it. We fear that our lives are predetermined by someone and it is impossible to change the fate. On the other hand, we want to look to the end of the book to see what awaits us there.

The project is full of symbols, which as if make the visitors to understand the meaning of the story. For example, the photographs of broken parts of the watch tell us about the stopping time, in which the characters are stuck.

Implementation of the project took one year and involvement of five persons. During this time, the idea emerged clearly, the script was written, conditions and scenery for the filming created. The wings are impressive! The material for feathers became isolon and for frame we used

aluminum tubes and spokes of umbrellas. Despite the apparent ease of the wings, the structure weighs about 10 kg.

On the work on the project we widely used modern technologies. We implemented a months-long process of creating the scenery and shooting, which was made into the five-minute clip. A record of audio presentation was made in Russian and English languages, so ‘The Story about a Dream…’ is available not only for reading but watching in the photos, and listening.