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January 18, 2017



Zoos are significant in the conservation and artificial breeding of rare and endangered types of animals, familiarizing people with the fauna of our country and the world.

New zoo opened in Ferghana is located on an area of over three hectares. Here you can see more than 70 unique animals and birds brought from different lands of the world.

There is a big department for the maintenance of mountain animals in the zoo. Lions, bears, wild boars are kept in special cages. Goats, African peacock, lama are floating in special pools geese and rare fish deliver a lot of joy to children watching them with delight.

– For many years we have dreamed of that there would be a zoo in our city, – says a resident of the provisional center Feruza Subkhonberdiyeva in its opening. – And now this dream has come true, this was a great Christmas present for us and all the kids. Here was created very good conditions for animals and visitors.