The Japan News: Uzbekistan celebrates the regular anniversary of independence 

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September 3, 2015

The Japan News: Uzbekistan celebrates the regular anniversary of independence 

Posted on September 3, 2015 

The prestigious Japanese newspaper The Japan News published an article “Uzbekistan: 24 years of dynamic growth and prosperity under the leadership of Islam Karimov”.

The article notes that on September 1 the Uzbek people celebrated the anniversary of independence. For a historically short period of time under the wise leadership of President Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan has become a modern state, where industrialization of the economy is carried out rapidly.

The paper quoted the head of state about the importance of sovereignty in the life of the Uzbek people.

It is further noted that during the years of independence Uzbekistan’s economy has developed, based on a national model developed by taking into account the socio-economic potential of the country, the history of the Uzbek people, national values, as well as the best international practices.

“It is evidenced by macroeconomic indicators such as GDP growth by 5.5 times, while real income per capita – almost 9 times over the years of independence. The annual growth in the past 10 years exceeds 8%. Along with this, in the country in 2015 declared “Year of attention and care for the senior generation”. It was a logical continuation of the socially-oriented state policy”, – the newspaper writes.

It is emphasized that Japan and Uzbekistan are time-tested and reliable strategic partners. The regular exchange of visits at the highest levels, the growing interest in establishing cooperation between business circles, richness of cultural and humanitarian cooperation reflect the dynamics of today’s bilateral relations.