Andijan discusses effective and rational use of water resources

Andijan hosted a workshop on the issues of rational use of water, cost-effective water and land management.
The workshop was organized by the International Water Management Institute, German Society for International Cooperation with the financial support of the European Union within the framework of “National circular concept of water and resources management” project.
The event was attended by representatives of international organizations, experts of Naryn-Karadarya Basin Irrigation Systems Department, Andijan Regional Department of the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan, scientists of the Andijan Branch of Tashkent State Agrarian University, Andijan and Fergana regions’ farmers, representatives of Water Consumers Association. Problems of using water resources and project effectiveness were discussed at the event.
Reports were heard on introduction of water and energy saving technologies for stable water resources management, reimbursement of financial expenses of water consumers associations and water management organizations, water saving.
Participants were also informed about activities carried out in recent years by the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan on ensuring environmental sustainability, sustainable and efficient use of water resources, environmental protection. The need for further improving environmental culture of the population, knowledge and concepts of using water resources was noted. Proposals and recommendations were given on bringing the work in this area to a new level.
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