Belgian experts: Uzbekistan has taken appropriate and timely anti-crisis measures

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September 16, 2015

Belgian experts: Uzbekistan has taken appropriate and timely anti-crisis measures

Posted on September 16, 2015

Correspondent of Information Agency “Jahon” in Brussels spoke with representatives of the Belgian business and expert circles and asked them to share their assessment of the achievements of modern development of Uzbekistan.

Thus, according to Sabine Soetens, Chief of the department of external relations Chamber of Commerce in Brussels, against the background of global financial and economic crisis ongoing since 2008 Uzbekistan’s GDP growth at level of more than 8%, demonstrated over the last several years, is a very good result.

– This figure can be achieved only by making correct and timely actions in the social and economic sphere, and that was done in your country.

S.Soetens underlined that the continuation of active development of industrial infrastructure in the country, of course, will provide a further recovery and growth of the industrial economy as a whole.

In turn, Jacques Vilroks, Professor at the Free University of Brussels, said that he has visited repeatedly our country and each time has been amazed by rapid changes that are taking place in various spheres of state and society.

According to the scientist, Uzbekistan is one of the most actively and steadily developing nations of the world can serve as exemplary model of modern development.

The professor stressed the importance of ongoing reforms in the country in the field of education and training of national personnel. According to him, the successful functioning of more than 80 universities in the country suggests a serious approach to the development and enhancement of its intellectual and human potential.

– Today, a lot of citizens of your country are studying in prestigious universities abroad. Uzbek youth studying in Europe is surprising with its indomitable thirst for knowledge. I am sure that the new generation to use them for the further development and prosperity of their country.