Congratulations on the occasion of independence from Azerbaijan

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September 14, 2015

Congratulations on the occasion of independence from Azerbaijan

Posted on September 14, 2015

As previously reported, Baku hosted a briefing on the occasion of 24th anniversary of the state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Correspondent of Information Agency Jahon interviewed some participants, who shared their views on the achievements of Uzbekistan.

Asef Hajiyev, Deputy of Milli Mejlis of Azerbaijan, Head of the Committee on Economic and Social Affairs:

– First of all I would like to emphasize the dynamic economic development of your country, as well as effective transformation in the social sphere. We were pleasantly surprised that over the years of independence Uzbekistan’s economy has grown more than 5 times, income per capita – 9 times, average life expectancy has increased from 67 to 73 years. The country conducts a comprehensive balanced foreign policy, which is based on national interests.

I congratulate Uzbek people with Independence Day. I wish the citizens good health, good mood and execution of all strategic objectives, which are aimed at strengthening the country’s economic power and increasing it’s authority in the world.

Timur Karimov, Director of the Institute of Manuscripts of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan:

– It gives me a great pleasure to congratulate the brotherly people with Independence Day.

The peoples of Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan have always been very close ties in all areas, including culture. As an example, I would like to quote two great poets – Nizami Ganjavi and Alisher Navoi, whose work was closely connected.

It is also gratifying to note that the relations between our countries every year are cementing and developing.

Elchin Huseynov, Deputy Director General, Head of the International Cooperation Agency Trend:

– I would like to congratulate the friendly Uzbek people with such a significant event. Within 24 years of its independent development Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan have been able to build and strengthen their ancient cultural ties, and today the relations between the two countries are at a high level.

We would like to note that today Uzbekistan ranked fifth in the world among countries with rapidly growing economies. In addition, in recent years, despite the ongoing global economic crisis, we are seeing growth rates of gross domestic product at the level of 8%, which is, of course, admirable.

Fikret Sadikhov, political scientist, Professor of Western University:

– I heartily congratulate the brotherly people of Uzbekistan with the 24th anniversary of independence. Over the years the country has come a long way and has made many important achievements in various fields.

Over the years of sovereign development Uzbekistan’s prestige on the international arena has increased significantly. The country is a key state in Central Asia; peace and security in the region depends on the decisions of this country.

I wish prosperity and all the best for your people. I am confident that Uzbekistan to reach great heights in the further socio-political and socio-economic development.

Ilgar Velizade, Director of the International Press Center News, Head of the Club of political analysts:

– I am very pleased to congratulate the people of Uzbekistan with Independence Day.

I believe that our people are very close to each other, and in this regard I would like to emphasize that we take this festival as your own.

Lately I have visited your wonderful country twice and I have preserved the most vivid and warm memories. I was mostly impressed not only by the hospitality of Uzbek people, but by that it feels like in homeland there.

I wish happiness, prosperity and peace.

Islam Agayev, Head of the International Cooperation Department of the State Migration Service:

– For me, Uzbekistan – a country rich in history and national traditions. Such outstanding historical figures as Alisher Navoi, Avicenna, Ulugbek, Babur made an invaluable contribution to the development of world science and culture.


I wish all the best to the Uzbek people. I am confident that your country will achieve even greater success in the socio-political and socio-economic development.