Director of British Council: Uzbekistan – the most attractive country of all, where I worked

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September 10, 2015

Director of British Council: Uzbekistan – the most attractive country of all, where I worked

Posted on September 10, 2015

director_british_councilA correspondent of Information Agency “Jahon” in London talked with the director of the British Council in Uzbekistan, Mark Crossey, who shared his impressions about our country:

– I started my work in your country a year ago, on the eve of the anniversary of its independence, and I was lucky enough to take part in the celebrations on the occasion of this significant event – M.Crossey told. – The festive event passed with a great success and left fond memories in my mind.

During my stay in the country, I came to the conclusion that it is truly the most unique and attractive of all, where I worked as a representative of the British Council.

I think the constructive interrelations in the area of ​​education and culture between Uzbekistan and our organization are an excellent example of effective cooperation.

We appreciate the attention, which is paid to education of the younger generation in the country, in particular, the improvement of the education system. The British Council is happy to contribute to the achievement of high results in this area by interacting in improving the quality of education, teaching and support of young talents.

I would like to emphasize the high interest of the British scientific and academic communities to establish contacts with their Uzbek counterparts. Our organization regularly organizes visits by British experts in the country so that they could share their experiences and transfer their knowledge to the Uzbek students and teachers.

I hope that when they would return to the UK, they will remember the warmth of Uzbekistan and tell about its high achievements in the years of independence.

For my part, I want to reiterate that I am happy to work in this country and try to make every effort to strengthen scientific and cultural ties between our peoples.

I take this opportunity to congratulate heartily all the people of Uzbekistan with the great holiday – the 24th anniversary of Independence. I wish them good health and prosperity!