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August 3, 2015

Greetings from Great Britain

greeting_from_britainOn the occasion of the upcoming celebration of the 24th anniversary of the independence of our country representatives of foreign countries, who consider themselves true friends of Uzbekistan, sent their warm congratulations and sincere wishes to the Uzbek people.

Thus, Chairman and chief executive officer of the British company Pathfinder Trade and Investment Michael Thomas in his pre-holiday interview with Information Agency “Jahon” noted the following:

– First of all, I would like to emphasize that Uzbekistan is a country close to me, with whom I closely linked to the past five years. Having ability to visit the country, I witnessed a significant breakthrough accomplished in all fields during this time and the years of independence in general. I believe that much of the credit for this belongs to the country’s leadership.

I was particularly impressive positive developments in the field of education and human development, as well as the formation of a civil society with a focus on protecting the interests of citizens. As a result, our society has a spirit of national unity, which unites people in contributing to the development of the state.

The dedication of each year, a particular social direction and in particular classified in the country this year as the “Year of attention and care for the senior generation”, shows how the state cares about its citizens, their social security and moral support.

In 2013, I participated in an international conference in Tashkent devoted to housing in rural areas, the results of which came to the conclusion that the government creates favorable conditions for the implementation of a strong social policy, including in rural areas.

Older people at my age have a right to expect more care and attention, as they have done much for the education of their children and for the country, many of them continue this work. In this regard, I believe the initiative of the Head of your country of timely and effective implementation of the wish of the goals and tasks of the relevant government programs.

I sincerely congratulate the people of Uzbekistan with a remarkable event – the 24 th anniversary of the state independence. Uzbekistan – beautiful country where there is peace and stability, and the people are united and cohesive.

I very much hope that the British business community to actively conduct business in the country and thus contribute to its continued prosperity and progress.

Director of the British NGO Pro-Art Vesna Petkovic also expressed her sincere feelings on the occasion of the upcoming holiday:

– I visited Uzbekistan several times – to fulfill the mission of international observers at the recent parliamentary and presidential elections, as well as participated in the international conference on the role of NGOs in the development of the state, as a speaker. Because of these events, I had the opportunity to visit a number of cities and regions of the country, as well as objects of cultural heritage of the ancient Silk Road.

I was impressed to see how rapidly developing city, while retaining its traditional features and objects of cultural heritage, to feel the full extent of the historical contribution of the Uzbek land in the world civilization. Commendable and create tourism infrastructure, including a modern transport communications.

I was amazed and intensive social development, which also happens to be taking into account national peculiarities and traditions of the Uzbek state. In particular, the interaction of this unique institution of self-government as “Mahalla” and public authorities promotes a strong social policy and achieving effective results.

Attention and care for the older generation in your country shows a high degree of consciousness and responsibility of society and the state. This level of social integration and operation reflects the successful experience of the transfer of family traditions. This is not only to provide the necessary medical or other assistance, but also the cultural needs of the replenishment and the continued active life. The older generation is often employed in the family business, the support of local government and economy, gives helpful advice and takes care of the education of grandchildren, which is one of the most important problems in family life. Elderly people pass their wisdom to young and mind, acquired over the years.

In connection with the forthcoming holiday wish all the people of Uzbekistan peace and prosperity, long life, good health and success!