Happiness – to sing songs in Registan

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July 13, 2015

Happiness – to sing songs in Registan

Happiness - to sing songs in RegistanThis year the international music festival “Sharq taronalari” will be held for the tenth time. Organized at the initiative of President Islam Karimov, the music forum promotes music and art, through the unification of the musical art of different nations and peoples, peace and friendship. High spirit and prestige of the festival present inspiration to workers of musical art, contribute to the development of their creativity.

UzA correspondents contacted over the Internet with foreign artists participated in the festival in previous years, asked their opinions.

Rashmi Agarwal, leader of group “Sufi music”, winner of the Grand Prix of the IX International Music Festival “Sharq taronalari” (India):

– The international music festival “Sharq taronalari” every artist, presenting the best examples of their national music, is fighting for the top prize. We had a chance to become the winners of this prestigious music competition, and we were happy to go home with our heads held high.

There are not enough words to describe the beautiful impressions received during the festival in Uzbekistan. Having familiarized with the culture and art of your people, we realized that there is no accident that festival “Sharq taronalari” held in Uzbekistan. The people of Uzbekistan can be proud of its rich history, hospitality, polished by centuries traditions and values, surprising the world unique art of architecture and unique national dishes.

Our group often recalls the days spent in Uzbekistan. Sing the song at the legendary Registan square – the dream of any artist. We are pleased to have been honored with such happiness.

On this occasion, we once again thank the initiator of this beautiful and unique festival – the President of Uzbekistan, the organizers of the international forum. We dream to sing again on the beautiful scene of the legendary Registan.

Zhung Miho, artist of group “Sorihyun Gayageum Byungchangdan” (South Korea):

– We are proud that our group two years ago, participated in this musical forum which has worldwide importance. We are honored – to sing on the same stage with world-renowned representatives of the arts, to compete with them. Our group thoroughly prepare for the festival, has developed a special program that presented to art lovers.

Unlike other festivals, “Shark Taronalari” distinguished by its uniqueness. It is noteworthy that high level conditions created for the hundreds of participants of the festival. This high attention of the leadership of Uzbekistan to the musicians inspired us, strengthened the love in our hearts to your people, the President of the country.

Walking down the streets of Samarkand, talking to people, we have seen that young people in your country who are fluent in foreign languages, especially English. Happy citizens of Uzbekistan, smiles on their faces show indicates their satisfaction with life, well-maintained country, the welfare of the people.

During their participation in the international music festival “Sharq taronalari” we were delighted with mastery of the Uzbek youth. We witnessed that Uzbekistan pays great attention to the development of education in the arts, support of young artists and their full promotion. We sincerely envy the youth of Uzbekistan, for which created such conditions.

South Korea and Uzbekistan are bound by ties of friendship and cooperation based on mutual respect and trust. Our countries are actively cooperating in the fields of culture and the arts. This is evidenced by the regular participation of South Korean actors in such prestigious cultural forum as an international music festival “Sharq taronalari”.