How many proposals were received for the Draft Constitutional Law?

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August 2, 2022

How many proposals were received for the Draft Constitutional Law?

On August 1, the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, the Committees on Combating Corruption and Judicial Legal Issues, on Democratic Institutions, NGOs and Civil Society Institutions held a briefing for media representatives.

Information was provided about the results of the nationwide discussion of the Draft Constitutional Law “On introducing amendments and addenda to the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

Young people, teachers, medical workers, entrepreneurs, representatives of the civil society institute, in general, compatriots who are not indifferent to the fate of Uzbekistan, took part in the nationwide discussion of the draft law with great interest and expressed their suggestions. It is noteworthy that Uzbekistan citizens living abroad also took an active part in the process of constitutional reforms. Hundreds of suggestions and responses were received from compatriots living in Kazakhstan, Russia, South Korea, Germany and other countries.

As noted at the briefing, more than 150,000 proposals have been received since the bill was submitted for public discussion.

Proposals on the elimination of unemployment, proportional taxation by the principles of social justice, the provision of legal and other assistance by the state to citizens abroad, ensuring transparency of the activities of state bodies and assigning them the duty to fight corruption, on creating decent living conditions for the population, ensuring food security, granting local Councils the authority to express a vote of no confidence in the hokims, on the determination that the court does not have the right to apply normative legal acts that discriminate against human rights and freedoms, and several other similar proposals, are particularly relevant.

The Draft Constitutional Law has passed 6 types of examinations, and recently a public consultation was organized with the participation of leading scientists, professors, academicians on the Draft Constitutional Law, where suggestions were given on the correct use of words and phrases in the draft.

Various conferences, roundtable discussions and events were held in the United States, the UK, Switzerland, Poland, Japan, Korea, India to bring the essence of constitutional reforms to foreign political circles and leading experts.

Each proposal and expert opinion are discussed in detail and comprehensively at joint meetings of committees, meetings of factions of political parties and are put on the agenda of the plenary session of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis. As soon as the text of the bill is ready, it will be discussed by deputies, and, taking into account the opinions of representatives of the people, the Draft Constitutional Law will be submitted to a referendum.

Taking into account the fact that on August 1 this year the term of the nationwide discussion ended, the acceptance of proposals through the platform and call center 1341 will be suspended. However, the proposals received under the bill will be considered by the established procedure and by the requirements of the Law “On appeals of individuals and legal entities”.

Mukhtarama Komilova, UzA