In Compliance with International Electoral Standards

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July 20, 2014

In Compliance with International Electoral Standards

intl-standards20.07.2014 Tashkenthas hosted a panel discussion addressing the issues of ensuring equal conditions for political parties and their candidates at the December election to the Parliament and representative bodies on the ground.

The event was organized by the UzLiDeP in conjunction with the Central Election Commission, the Chamber of Auditors and the Ministry of Justice.

The participants comprehensively discussed the issues concerning the backing of election campaigns of political parties and their candidates during the upcoming elections. They also got acquainted with terms and requirements, as well as relevant instruction of the Central Election Commission, developed taking into consideration the introduced amendments in the Law on Elections.

Particular attention was given to the organization of the election campaign, using new forms and methods of election talks, and ensuring equal conditions to candidates and political parties.


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