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April 11, 2014


April 11, 2014




Senate of Uzbekistan approves amendments to Constitution.. 2

economy.. 2

Uzbekistan to create Center for production and marketing of electronic products. 2

Business climate.. 2

Additional stimulus for investment activities of the banks approved.. 2

Culture.. 3

Karakalpak folklore gets the ‘second life’3





























Press-service of MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Senate of Uzbekistan approves amendments to Constitution

Senate of Oliy Majlisof Uzbekistan approved a law “On introduction of changes and amendments to some articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan (articles 32, 78, 93, 98, 103 and 117)”.

The law was submitted by the President of Uzbekistan to consideration of the parliament as legislative initiative.

The changes and amendments to the Constitution are directed at further deepening constitutional reforms on further expanding rights and authorities of the parliament, strengthening responsibility of the Cabinet of Ministers, and executive bodies as a whole, ensure public and parliament control over activities of the state bodies.

The document envisages transfer of part of authorities of the President to Prime Minister and it clarifies order of providing and approving candidates of the Prime Minister by the both chambers of the parliament.

According to amendments, candidate to the post of Prime Minister at consideration and approval his/her candidacy at Oliy Majlis should provide a programme of action of Cabinet of Ministers for new and long-term perspective.

In line with changes, President can suspend or abolish acts of the state bodies and local administrations if the documents fail to comply with norms of the legislation. This helps to strengthen responsibility of the state bodies and officials for adopted decisions, especially those decisions, which touches interests of population.

The document sets democratic order of forming Central Election Commission and principles of its operation. This will be another step to strengthen constitutional rights of the citizens to be elected and elect.

The Senate also approved a law “On introduction of changes and amendments to some legislation of Uzbekistan in connection with adoption of the law “On introduction of changes and amendments to some articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan (articles 32, 78, 93, 98, 103 and 117)”.




Uzbekistan to create Center for production and marketing of electronic products

Uzeltekhsanoat joint stock company will create a Center for production and marketing of electronic products on the bases of unused production premises of Motor Plant.

New center will be founded with participation of the Chinese companies Midea and Changhong. It is expected that some US$25 million will be invested to the center in 2014-2017.

In the first two years, the volume of investments into reconstruction and repair of the buildings, as well as engineering facilities, will make up US$7.3 million.

In 2015-2015, Midea will organize production of refrigerators with the capacity of 300,000 units a year and Changhong will launch production of TV-sets with the capacity of 500,000 units a year.

It is planned that the Center will also create capacities on production of goods from aluminum and plastics, including components for electronics, the center for logistics of electrotechnical products and the center for servicing equipment.


Business climate

Additional stimulus for investment activities of the banks approved

The Government of Uzbekistan approved measures directed at speeding up implementation of enterprises to new investor by commercial banks.

The document envisages the commercial banks can realize enterprises and shares in enterprises, their property, which were seized due to debt, via auctions or direction negotiations if the auction was not held.

The enterprise or stake in enterprises, as well as their property will be realized to new investors in line with the list, approved by the Government. The list includes 33 objects.

The document set that if the auction failed and direction negotiations did not give results, the object can be realized with decreasing market price of the object by 10% in line with the decision of shareholders of the bank or council of the bank. At the same time, the price cut cannot exceed 50%.

The payments can be made in lump sum or in installations without interest rates. The objects will be transferred to new investors once they fully paid the sum of the agreement on purchase of the object.

General shareholders meetings and Councils of commercial banks were recommended to write off negative balance between price of the object and received payment for object, as well as requirements of the bank after realization of the object.



Karakalpak folklore gets the ‘second life’

“In 1930-1970 years, language historians recorded thousands of texts of works of Karakalpak folklore. Since then, the manuscripts have been carefully preserved in the collections of our institute,” says Director of Karakalpakstan Research Institute of Humanities Makset Karlykbaev . Today, we are making a huge job to perpetuate this stock, making it accessible and understandable to the present generation.

This week the printing office of Uzbekistan’s largest publishing and printing concern ‘Shark’ finished printing of the next book, a 100 volume edition of ‘Karakalpak Folklory’. The publication comprised the 67th – 76th volumes, dedicated to Karakalpak folk tales .

“This is the second attempt of compilation of the full-text collection of folklore in the modern history of implementation of the projects on the perpetuation of intangible culture of Karakalpak people. The first project was implemented in 1974-1992, when 22 volumes were published,” says executive editor of the collection, Deputy Director of Karakalpakstan Research Institute of Humanities Aytmurad Alniyazov . “The present project is one of the most ambitious projects in Turkic philology. The work on the books began in 2007. The 76th volume is to see the light these days.

In the beginning, the project was intended to be a 100-volume, but today, as we systematize the materials, we realize that the actual size of the collection is going to be much greater. Each volume features a certain genre. The fact that many works are original and unedited is another feature of the new edition. Graphics is the only thing which is changed. The books are printed in Cyrillic, but many works are written in Arabic script or Latin.”

The work on another book is underway in Nukus. It will be devoted to small genres of folklore – anecdotes, legends, myths, tales.

The studies of folklore in Karakalpakstan Research Institute are versatile. There are comments to Karakalpak storie , full passport details of epics, music and photo stuff. This is a unique stock to help students learning Turkic philology.

The restoration and rerecording of 552 Karakalkaks folk melodies and 10 dastarkhans from plates and tapes on CDs is another interesting project.

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)