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April 30, 2014


April 30, 2014


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JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan has obtained ISO 9001:2008 international certificate. 2

The International Conference “The historical heritage of scientists and thinkers of the Medieval East, its role and significance for the modern civilization”. 2

Abu Abdalloh Muhamad ibn Musa al Khorezmi2

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Uzbekistan Welcomes Guests. 3


































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JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan has obtained ISO 9001:2008 international certificate

CERT International audit report confirmed that the of heavy vehicles manufacture process at JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan complies with the international standard.

CERT International Official  Marat Khabibulin solemnly presented to the Director General of JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan» Davron Hidoyatov the ISO 9001:2008 international certificate

The company manufactures modern and reliable world-famous German MAN motor vehicles with 15-50 tons capacity. a wide range of vehicles- tractors, trucks, buses over 50 items in total, are currently being manufactured.

JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan trucks are already being exported to Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. With ISO 9001:2008 certificate the export opportunities will expand.


The International Conference “The historical heritage of scientists and thinkers of the Medieval East, its role and significance for the modern civilization”

Abu Abdalloh Muhamad ibn Musa al Khorezmi

(about 783–847)

Mathematician, astronomer, geographer and historian Creator of algebra


Muhammad аl Khorezmi a scholar who made an invaluable contribution to the development for world science and made great discoveries. The bibliographical data had not been found. But, there are the facts that at the beginning of 800’s he was invited to Ma’mun ibn Haruna ar-Rashid court, the Baghdad Caliph’s viceroy in Khorasan, and by twenty years old he was well-known scientist, got his education in native Khorazm. In 813 Ma’mun took the throne and together with his scholars that he had gathered around him in Marv moved to Bagdad. Ma’mun was a fan of science. Here, he had founded Bayt al Hikma (The House of Wisdom), at the history of science it was named as “Baghdad academy” or “Ma’mun Academy”. Muhammad al Khorazmi was the leader of scientific center to the end of his life. A lot of scholars and scientists from different parts of Central Asia and Arabian East worked there. The richest library of old manuscripts was at their disposal. The observatory had been constructed for works and discoveries.

Main Scientific Works

Muhammad al Khorazmi was the author about 20 scientific works that were written in Arabian. Today, only seven of them are available, they are:

Fi hisab al-hind (The book on Indian count) – an essay, where the decimal positional system with nine digits and zero had been justified and set out.

Al Kitab al Muhtasarfi hisab al-jabrva al mukabala (Brief book on algebra and al mukabala)- the work, where algebra was founded as a science by the  author and gave its name.

Zij al Khuarazmi (Astronomical tables) – an essay, consists of a small theoretical part and tables, where table of trigonometric function of sinus are shown;

Kitab surat al – ard (The Book of World Picture) – a geographical tractate, where the description of eastern hemisphere had been shown for the first time in the medieval, the Pacific ocean (Bahr al Muzallam) was described, inhabited world map was shown.

Contribution to the World Science

Muhammad al Khorazmiy made his contribution to the development of mathematics, astronomy, geography and through them – to the development of civilization:

He founded and he substantiated and coined the decimal positional number system with nine figures and zero sign. Created algebra as a science and gave its name.

He developed and implemented a new method of presenting scientific and educational works – through clear and exact rules. In European literature it is given as “algorithm”, which dates back to the name of al-Khorazmi in Latin transcription. This concept is the basis of all modern digital information and computer technology. Due to this method of exposition, the works of Muhammad al-Khorazmi are widespread. Furthermore, it is known that he is the first who had used polar coordinates.

In the astronomical book of Muhammad al Khorazmi “Zij” the movement of the sun, the moon, the five planets, mathematical geographic issues, trigonometry, the eclipses of the Sun and Moon were examined.

In 1126 it was translated into Latin, in 1914 into German and in 1962 into English languages.

The World Recognition

Muhammad al-Khorazmi’s merits in the development of mathematics and world civilization are widely recognized, and his name is the only name of the Eastern scientists, is enshrined in the title of “algorithm”, as well as the term “algebra”. Paying tribute to the genius of Al-Khorazmi, the most accurate assessment of his significance in the history of science has given American historian J.Sarton “… is the greatest mathematician of his time, and if we take into account all the circumstances, and one of the greatest scientists of all time.”




Uzbekistan Welcomes Guests

Tourism for the average person does not go beyond comfortable hotels, historical monuments, snow-white beaches, attractions and souvenirs. This is the merit of hundreds of thousands of professionals who offer people a fairy tale to forget about reality. However, the beautiful avenues and posters is just a cover of persistent and tough competition of not just individual companies, but national tourism brands. Uzbekistan Today reporters found out what Uzbekistan is ready to offer at the global tourism market today.

Is the game worth candles and how profitable and bankable it will be is the main question that always arises in the beginning of any project. When it comes to tourism, experts call it one of the boosting sector of world economy. Last year, despite the political and economic crises in the world’s leading tourist centers like Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Spain and other countries, as well as global economic instability, the number of foreign tourists increased by 5% and exceeded 1.08 billion. It is notable that the greatest growth of tourist traffic was recorded in the Asia-Pacific region – 6%, which in the future is deemed to exacerbate the competition among the states in this part of the world. According to estimates of the World Tourism Organization, the number of tourist growth can reach 4-5% this year, and the highest rate of 5-6% will be in the Asia- Pacific region again. So, the game is really worth it.

What can Uzbekistan offer a foreign tourist who has got accustomed to a certain level of comfort? We have much to offer: unique historical monuments of Samarqand, Bukhoro, Khiva and Shahrisabz, the rapidly developing specialized kinds of tourism, the expanding transport infrastructure and hotel sector.

Numbers exemplify the attractiveness of the republic: more than 1.97 million foreigners visited Uzbekistan last year. The total volume of tourism services increased by more than 16%, and their export – by 20%. The number of organizations engaged in tourism sector has exceeded 900, of which more than 400 are hotel companies, and 500 – tourism companies.

With the relatively small cost of organization, the tourism business is much more advantageous in terms of profit compared to the same performance in any industry. Along with that, it is actively influencing on the development of other key industries, including transport, trade, communications, and construction, as a catalyst of their development. The experience of many countries with developed and diversified industry, which, nevertheless, pay close attention to tourism, says much. United Kingdom, France, Spain, the United States and others carry out large-scale projects to attract foreign tourists through the gradual increase of the share of tourism services in GDP. There are the countries, the revenue of which is built at the expense of visiting tourists. Therefore, the present Uzbekistan is taking enormous measures to improve its tourism infrastructure and promote the national brand in the international market.

Hotel services play a key role in this process, for they largely influence on the mood and impressions of tourists. Every component of this mechanism is important, including the opportunity of online hotel booking, the quality of service and food, Wi-Fi access, provision of multilingual staff, and others. Uzbekistan has taken up two ways. On the one hand, the country offers unique and picturesque hotels in the Oriental style in major tourist cities in the country, with music and cuisine inherent to certain region. Accompanied by historical monuments they become tourist attraction centers for those who are eager to know the specifics of the Orient. On the other hand, there are the guests who expect a certain level of service and comfort, similar to their home and other countries, offered by international hotel chains with an extensive network throughout the world. Uzbekistan takes the lead in this category among the neighboring countries as well. Tashkent has long been home to such brands as Radisson, Dedeman. The construction of a part of the international network of Hyatt hotels is underway; Tashkent Palace Hotel was entrusted to the South Korean company Hotel Lotte Co., Ltd. They are challenged by not just attracting a foreign tourist flow, but also by ensuring that people who once visited the unique historical monuments of the country, returned home with positive experience, thus attracting new tourists. This task is unfeasible without the highest level service.

The government worked out new measures to develop the tourism sector. For example, as of this March, the size requirements for the statutory fund for obtaining a license for tourist activities have changed. Legislation has introduced precise definitions of certain activities, and clearly described the differences between hotel, tour and sightseeing services, thus conditioning a gradation of terms of licensing different kinds of activities to stimulate the emergence of new players in the market. Development of domestic tourism is yet more important task, which largely depends on the profitability of the market players. After all, the season for foreign guests is short, so only domestic tourists can ensure the year-round employment of hotels.

Tourism development is also the key to creating new jobs in rural areas, especially among youth and women. Given that Uzbekistan’s population by half consists of the young people who need to be provided with jobs and given a start in life, the state is positioning the development of this industry as a strategic goal.

Like any other sector of the economy, tourism is actively following the market changes. Previously, the main flow of tourists to Uzbekistan and other Asian countries primarily consisted of people aged between 30 and 50 years. Now experts note a tendency to expanding the age category. Our country is visited by both young people and travelers aged from 60 to 70, who require specific conditions. The first category is interested in outdoor activities like ecotourism, rafting, paragliding, climbing, and the aged people need a rich informative program.

There are many interesting initiatives to meet the needs of these categories of tourists. For elder people, who prefer comfort, Uzbekistan Railways together with the German company Lernidee Erlebnisreisen GmbH launched a new tourist train Orient Silk Road Express last year. 70 tourists from Germany, Norway, USA, France and Switzerland were its first passengers. It is planned to direct the train on the route Almaty – cities of Uzbekistan – Ashgabat. Furthermore, it is planned to implement several projects covering the cities of not only Uzbekistan, but also Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Russia by 2015. New projects will include the maximum number of cities of Uzbekistan from Angren to Qonghirot, including Muynak, Urganch and others.

Another domestic train Afsona (The Legend) was launched on the route Tashkent-Khiva last year. The train with a poetic name is destined to show the tourists the major historical sites of the country. It stops in the largest historical centers. Meanwhile, the first high-speed railway, which was laid in 2011 in the heart of Central Asia – the city of Samarqand is, perhaps, the trademark of Uzbekistan in this sector. In a bit more than two hours the Spanish train Afrosiyob, named after the ancient city, carries tourists and residents of the republic to the city that harmoniously entwined ancient and modern technocratic architecture.

Wine tourism is another popular kind of recreation, which has been recently registered in our country. It pursues two goals: it actively promotes domestic wine brands, thereby developing the viticulture, and provides guests with new unique services. Much has been done for its establishment: supported by deputies and government officials experts developed a program on further streamlining and development of viticulture by 2015, studied the experience of foreign colleagues. As a result, last week was marked by the launch of the country’s first wine tourism route ‘The Scarlet Sunrise, White Sun’. During the five-hour trip to the Namdanak village of Parkent district of Tashkent region, where the Hamkor winery is located, tourists and media representatives learned much about Uzbekistan, the history of wine making, wine tasting rules and much more. It has become the first destination of tours not only in Uzbekistan, but also in Central Asia.

The economy has a cellar for 20 thousand liters of wine and its own bottling shop, which is not inferior to its counterparts in France and Italy. This is proved not only by impressions of the tour operators who have had a chance to see such farms abroad, but also by the fact that today Uzbek wines are actively exploring export markets. For example, in addition to supplies in Japan, Poland and Latvia, the Hamkor production has replaced the French wines on the boards of the national Uzbekistan Airways since last September. This was preceded by a large-scale expert tasting, as a result of which the Uzbek wine confirmed the Grand Cru category, which implies the highest quality of soils and vines. Besides, the wines of Hamkor brand will soon be served on the boards of two Russian air companies Aeroflot and Transaero, flying from Uzbekistan to Russian cities.

In the future it is scheduled to construct the tasting room and a viewing platform with the site of the Tien Shan, establish an equestrian farm for 100 horses, a camp base and an Academy of Winemaking of Uzbekistan. The organizers intend to arrange special photo sessions in national dress, horse tours to the grape fields and more during the wine tour.

However, as noted by experts of the tourist business, all the efforts on the development of infrastructure and services will be effective solely through a large-scale campaign on promotion of the national tourism brand in foreign markets. Uzbekistan has something to be proud of in this respect. For example, the national stand of Uzbekistan introduces the visitors of the world’s largest tourism exhibitions and fairs to popular tours to ancient cities, new routes. Jointly with Uzbektourism embassies of Uzbekistan regularly hold presentations Welcome to Uzbekistan worldwide for representatives of the media and major tour operators.

Last year was a breakthrough for our country to the European market. The Europe’s leading news channel Euronews launched broadcasting of a series of programs on the historical and cultural heritage and tourism potential of Uzbekistan. They tell about the uniqueness of Samarqand, Bukhoro, Khiva and Shahrisabz. Another breakthrough will take place in mid-May, when Samarqand will host an international conference on ‘The historical legacy of scholars and thinkers of the medieval Orient, its role and importance for modern civilization’. The conference is expected to bring together scientists from nearly fifty countries, executives and representatives of authoritative international organizations, specialists of research centers and institutes and experts. Reporters of the leading specialized television channels like National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Viasat History have been invited to cover the conference. Besides, it is planned to elaborate on producing joint documentaries about the life and work of the great scholars of the Middle East. Undoubtedly, the large information campaign should have a tangible impact on the increase of the tourist flow from abroad, and hence an increase in revenues in the tourism business.

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)