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May 20, 2014


May 20, 2014




Islam Karimov Arrives in Shanghai2

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New agro engineering holding company established in Uzbekistan. 2

International Conference «About main food programme implementation of reserves in Uzbekistan». 3

An international conference «About main food programme implementation of reserves in Uzbekistan». 3

































Press-service of MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Islam Karimov Arrives in Shanghai

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov has arrived in the People’s Republic of China to take part in the fourth summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia.

At the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport the head of our state was met by government officials of the PRC.

On May 20, Islam Karimov and President of the PRC Xi Jinping are to hold a bilateral meeting here in Shanghai. During the anticipated talks the two leaders are to discuss in detail the priority target tasks of the strategic partnership and the prospective issues in the further buildup of the multifaceted cooperation between our two nations.

On May 21, the President of Uzbekistan is to take part in the fourth summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia.

The Conference is an international forum dedicated to consolidate cooperation aimed at cementing the peace, security and stability in Asia. The principal goal of the Conference is defined as the enhancement of cooperation through the elaboration of multilateral approaches directed at the promotion of peace, security and stability in Asia.

The Conference currently unites 24 states, and another 9 countries and 4 international organizations are observers in the forum.

(Source: Press Service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan)





New agro engineering holding company established in Uzbekistan

An agro engineering holding company UzAgroPromMashHolding, in the form of a joint stock company, has been established by the Presidential Resolution “On measures to further improve the management and financial health of agricultural engineering enterprises” dated May 15, 2014, Uzbekistan.

The main purpose of this document is to further improve the management system of agricultural engineering enterprises activities, raise their efficiency and profitability, implementing common technical policy in the sector,  aimed at modernization, technical and technological re-equipment, launch of manufacture of modern, high-performance machinery and equipment, competitive both in the domestic and foreign markets.

According to the Resolution, the main objectives and activities of UzAgroPromMashHolding are defined as follows:

– conduct marketing research of internal and external markets, coordination of production and supply of various types of equipment and mechanization tools for agriculture in line with demand, increase the competitiveness of the agricultural machinery and expand the range and volume of exports;

– implementation of a unified scientific-technical and investment policy in agricultural engineering, aimed at the launch of manufacture of modern high-performance agricultural machinery and mechanization means, that provide resource saving agricultural technologies in the country’s agriculture;

– creation of new and modernization of existing facilities for manufacture of agricultural machinery through introducing of modern energy and metal saving technologies;

– development and coordination of scientific, technical and industrial cooperation between enterprises belonging to the holding company and other enterprises of the country;

– implementation of a unified service policy in the agricultural machinery service.

The document has approved the proposals of the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, State Committee on privatization, de-monopolization and Competition on:

– concentration for tractors, trailers and cotton pickers’ manufacture on the newly established enterprises of Tashkent Plant of Agricultural Machinery with liquidation, in a manner prescribed by law, of Tashkent Tractor Plant;

– a phased redeployment of the range of products manufactured at Aggregate Plant to the production areas of ChirchikSelMash and creation on their basis of Chirchik Agricultural Machinery Plant for manufacture of modern types of mounted and trailed agricultural machinery with the liquidation, in accordance with legislation, of ChirchikSelMash;

– transfer, in the prescribed manner, of disengaged industrial buildings and land of Tashkent Tractor Plant and ChirchikSelMash to the balance of  UzAgroPromMashHolding  on account of the government’s stake in its authorized fund for subsequent unstallation of new production lines in accordance with Annex 4;

– maintaining at Aggregate Plant of the manufacture of components and spare parts for agricultural machinery with a market capitalization of actual debt of Aggregate Plant to the budget and state trust funds, including accrued interest and penalties at the time of capitalization, by a corresponding increase in the share of the state in its authorized fund .

By this document, UzAgroPromMashHolding is exempt till January 1, 2019 from land and property tax, for the land and property transferrred to the company after the completion of the liquidation process of Tashkent Tractor Plant and ChirchikSelMash. Howevevr, the new ventures, created on the basis of the holding company, are to pay the land and property tax in the prescribed manner.




International Conference «About main food programme implementation of reserves in Uzbekistan»

An international conference «About main food programme implementation of reserves in Uzbekistan»

On the 5-6th of June Tashkent will host the International Conference “About main food programme implementation of reserves in Uzbekistan”

The aim of this conference is conducting extensive discussion and development, taking into account best international practices, proposals on full use of reserves and opportunities of meeting the growing demand of the global food market for providing complete and balanced nutrition, accelerated introduction of advanced technologies to improve productivity and yield of fruit and vegetables, modern systems of storage, transport and delivery to the consumer.

The conference will be attended by a number of representatives of international financial institutions and organizations, foundations, academic institutions, the diplomatic corps and others.

Along with the study of international experience on supporting food security during the event potential, reserve, capabilities and experience of Uzbekistan will be also highlighted.

The program of conference includes plenary meeting, after which five sessions will take place in the format of sections:

– development trends in the world food market. Growth of demand for the products of vegetables, horticulture and viticulture in domestic and foreign markets, the use of existing reserves in Uzbekistan and its opportunities;

– achieving full and balanced nutrition, formation of an optimal structure of consumer basket for the harmonious development of mankind, as well as their impact on health and life expectancy of population;

– developing cooperation with international financial institutions and investors to implement projects aimed at attracting modern agricultural technologies, increase yield and productivity of fruit crops and grapes, improving infrastructure and logistics;

– introduction of advanced scientific research and technologies on improving of efficiency and productivity, breeding, seed production and development of new disease-resistant varieties of vegetables and grapes, improving their useful properties, taste and consumer qualities;

– actual problems of storage, packaging and industrial processing of vegetables and grapes, organizing the logistics, transport and delivery of products to customers in fresh and processed form.

In order to exchange experiences and opinions it will be organized for participants visits for small businesses, including specialized agricultural companies, farmers, processors, storage and other objects.

This conference plays an important role in establishing close scientific and industrial relations between domestic and foreign leading representatives.

At the end of conference it is planned to publish materials, including the texts of the main lectures of the participants, final documents and other conference resources.

(Source: IA “Jahon”)