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January 16, 2014


January 16, 2014

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AGMK builds plant on copper pipes production.. 2

business climate.. 2

Benefits for foreign investors. 2

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Japanese delegation visits Uzbekistan.. 3


Bird of Fortune Comes Flying Again.. 4



Ravshan Irmatov to officiate World Cup matches. 7



Press-service of MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan


AGMK builds plant on copper pipes production

Almalyk Mining and Metallurgy Combine (AGMK) completed construction of a plant on production of copper pipes in the territory of Angren special industrial zone, the director-general of the combine Aleksander Farmanov said.

Farmanov said that the project helped to start production of copper pipes with diameter from 4.5 to 50 mm. Large part (90-95%) of the products will be exported. This will help receive additional hard currency revenue.

The project cost was US$35.48 million. The project was financed due to own resources of AGMK for US$10.28 million and loans of Ipoteka Bank for US$12.27 million in foreign currency and US$12.93 million in national currency.

Within the project, Jiangsu Xingrong High Tech Co., Ltd (China) supplied and installed technologic equipment for US$9.67 million.

TOSHELECTROAPPARAT produced and supplied electrotechnical equipment and conducted installation works worth US$3.79 million.

The UAE-based SAM Building Contracting LLC supplied metallic and wall construction of production building and equipment for them, as well as installation works for US$5.57 million.



business climate

Benefitsfor foreign investors

Uzbekistan is often called an investment oasis of Central Asia. Every year the country has been making significant progress in attracting foreign investments. It successfully implements joint technological projects and creates new capacities.

These achievements are the result of large-scale efforts on improving investment climate, in which an important role is played by custom preferential treatment and tax privileges provided to foreign companies. Experts point out that the unprecedented favorable conditions are created not only in three specific areas of Uzbekistan – FIZ Jizzakh, FIZ Angren, FIEZ Navoi – but also in many other industries. For example, special regimes have been activated for exporters and companies that are engaged in product localization or produce consumer goods.

The implementation of measures to support the real sector of the economy and to attract foreign investments will be continued in 2014. In particular, companies specializing in the production of a number of non-food consumer goods will be exempt until 2016 from income tax, property tax, single tax payment for micro and small businesses, the payment of mandatory contributions to the National Road Fund, as well as from customs duties.

Particular emphasis will be given this year to further development of agriculture by establishing new processing plants rigged with modern mini-technologies and equipment. The main role in this process is given to “small economy”. For this purpose, micro-firms and small businesses specializing in the processing of meat and milk will benefit until 2016 from the 50% reduced single tax payment on the core business. At the same time the released funds should be directed on the upgrade and modernization of their production, including on the creation of new and renovation of already existing laboratories. The saved funds can also be spent on the development of new products and resource base.

Uzbekistan has a favorable geographical position and a large transport and transit potential. It is a kind of bridge between the West and the East. That’s why the country pays special attention to the development of roads and railways. Uzbekistan creates new supply chains by establishing international logistics centers. One of them is an intermodal logistics hub opened on the basis of Navoi airport. This hub was not only the first example of successful cooperation between Uzbekistan and international partners in this sphere, but also was the first successful experimental model for the country in establishing a cargo transit center that operates according to international standards. Korean Air is the main partner of Uzbekistan in this project. Uzbekistan has extended until January 1, 2019 the exemption period for Korean Air from income tax, customs duties, and provided immunity from personal income taxation to the whole staff of the Korean Air in Uzbekistan. At the same time the staff of the Korean Air is freed until the same period from the unified social payment taken from salaries. Grace time period also covers customs duties on goods imported for airport development and creation of international intermodal logistics center.

One of the fastest growing segments of the financial market – electronic commerce – received big development incentive too. In the domestic retail sector plastic cards, self-service terminals, ATMs and terminals are already used at almost every quarter. In order to develop this segment the country has provided a three-years-long preferential tax treatment – until January 1, 2017 – to companies specializing in the manufacturing of microprocessor-based banking plastic cards and payment terminals. Such companies may rely on exemption from customs duties on the raw materials, consumables, accessories, software and licenses.

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)


International cooperation

Japanese delegation visits Uzbekistan

On 15 January, a delegation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan led by Deputy Minister and Member of the House of Representatives of the Parliament Ms. Yoko Kamikawa held negotiations at the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan (MFERIT).

During the meeting, the sided underlined the strategic nature of the Uzbek-Japanese relations and the importance of further expansion and deepening cooperation between Uzbekistan and Japan, including in the sphere of information and communication technologies.

At the talks, the sides discussed issues of developing bilateral cooperation and exchanged views on the prospects and opportunities for investment cooperation, including within the free industrial and economic zone Navoi and special industrial zone Angren. The sides expressed interest in increasing the volume and diversification of bilateral trade.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan supervises administrative system, manages the local authorities of Japan, regulates telecommunication standards, radio spectrum and the postal services.

* * *

On January 15, 2014, at State Committee of communication, information and communication technologies of Uzbekistan was held a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan, Member of Parliament Yoko Kamikawa. Also at the meeting was present Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Uzbekistan Mr. Fumihiko Kato.

The sides noted the existing successful cooperation with Japanese companies in telecommunications. Over the past years, a number of major projects have been implemented on modernization and development of telecommunications network in Uzbekistan, including projects with the funds of Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund (OECF) and concessional funding from Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), reports the press service of the Committee.

During the meeting it was noted that Japanese corporations, within long-term cooperation with Uzbekistan, contributed greatly to the digitalization of the telecommunications network of Uzbekistan, and is now actively involved in the development of digital broadcasting in Uzbekistan.

During the meeting, a Memorandum of Cooperation in information and communication technologies was signed between the State Committee of communication, information and communication technologies of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan, which is aimed at strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation in this area.

The Document provides for cooperation in such areas as promoting the development of joint projects, exchange of views and experiences in ICT, development of business contacts between companies and agencies of the two countries in this area, holding of joint seminars and business conferences to provide opportunities for public and private sectors to increase knowledge and experience in ICT.





Bird of Fortune Comes Flying Again

The Eastern parable ‘Semurgh’ is underway on the stage of Tashkent’s Academic Russian Drama Theater.

In the year 2014 the bird symbolizing the wellbeing and fortune visited the capital once again. The production of the work by the well-known Uzbek classic, playwright Hamid Olimjon based on the Eastern parable is of great popularity among the audience in the 79th theater season.

“To play in this dynamic, bright and colorific performance is very captivating, and new, in its way,” considers Timur Gafurov, playing one of the main characters. “It has everything: deep wisdom, sparkling humor, and even lyrics.”

Original author version of the staging of the director Yuri Fisan is built on the contrast of monologs of characters and fast fine dances.

“To stage absolutely Eastern play on the stage of the Academic Russian Drama Theater is interesting doubly, as the audience could see the other version of ‘Semurgh’, and even open for themselves something new,” emphasizes the director. “It is also noteworthy that the play is for both grownups and young people. The composition of the staging is made in the way that actions and dialogs replace each other harmoniously.”

During rehearsals backstage it was especially noisy and breathtaking. Dazzling, bright costumes, make-up and lively spirit of actors create the atmosphere of colorific festivity, at which the main hero is, of course, the bird Semurgh.

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)





of exhibitions to be staged at OAO National Exhibition Complex Uzexpocenter

in 2014; e-mail:


25-28.02Pavilion №2 UZBUILD 2014Construction
25-28.02Pavilion №1 AQUA-THERM TASHKENT 2014Heating, sanitary engineering, pools and renewable energy
25-28.02Pavilion №1, Atrium 1 MEBELEXPO UZBEKISTAN 2014Furniture
25-27.03 Pavilion №1 UZBEKISTAN INDUSTRIAL FORUM 2014Industrial forum
25-27.03 Pavilion №1 UZSPECTECHEXPO 2014Special machinery, components, gas-bottle equipment, maintenance equipment
25-27.03 Pavilion №1 UZMETAL/MASHEXPO 2014Metallurgy and metal-working. Mechanical engineering
25-27.03 Pavilion №1 UZMININGEXPO 2014Technology and equipment for the mining industry
25-27.03 Pavilion №1 UZSECUREEXPO 2014Safety technologies, industrial safety measures, fire protection, protection of the environment
25-27.03 Pavilion №1 UZAUTOMATIONEXPO 2014Industrial automation systems. Power supply. Software. Information technologies
25-27.03 Pavilion №1 UZCHEMPLASTEXPO 2014Chemistry. Plastic. Laboratory and analytics
02-04.04Pavilion №2 WORLD FOOD UZBEKISTAN 2014Food industry
02-04.04Pavilion №1 AGRO WORLD UZBEKISTAN 2014Agriculture
09-11.04Pavilion №2 TIHE 2014Public health
09-11.04Pavilion №1 APTEKA EXPO 2014Pharmaceutics
09-11.04Atrium 1 STOMATOLOGY UZBEKISTAN 2014Stomatology
06-08.05 *Pavilion №1 Industrial Fair of municipal service, transport, major construction work and construction
PavilionsNsNsl,2 OGU 2014Oil & Gas
13-15.05Pavilion №1 POWER UZBEKISTAN 2014Power engineering
21-23.05*Pavilion №3 Industrial Fair of produce made in machine-building, electro-technical and aircraft industries, standardization of produce


04-06.06*Pavilion №1 Industrial Fair of geology, fuel and power, chemistry, petro­chemistry and metallurgy
10-12.06*Pavilion №3 Industrial Fair of Culture, Education, Public Health and Social Protection
10-12.06*Pavilion №3 Industrial Fair of Information Systems and Telecommunications
10-12.06*Pavilion №3 Industrial Fair of agriculture and water-supply, processing of farm produce and production of consumer goods


CAITME 2014Textile equipment
10-12.09Pavilion №1 TEXTILE EXPO UZBEKISTAN 2014Textile & Fashion
17-19.09Pavilion №1


UZENERGYEXPO 2014Power engineering. Energy saving. Electrical engineering.

Lighting technologies

17-19.09Pavilion №1


UZSTROYEXPO 2014Construction. Heating. Ventilation. Swimming pools


24-26.09Pavilion №2




24-26.09Pavilion №2




25-27.09Pavilion №1


UZMEDEXPO 2014Medical equipment. Pharmaceutics. Stomatology





20th Tashkent International Tourist Fair «Tourism on the Silk Road» TITF 2014 
15-16.10*Pavilions №№1,2, Atrium 1, Conference Hall


International Uzbek Cotton & Textile Fair


22-24.10Pavilion №2


MINING WORLD UZBEKISTAN 2014Mining equipment


22-24.10Pavilion №2


UZCOMAK 2014Road-building and municipal equipment


22-24.10Pavilion №2


MACHINERY CENTRAL ASIA 2014Machinery construction


22-24.10Pavilion №2


CHEMIE UZBEKISTAN 2014Chemical industry


22-24.10Pavilion №2


PLASTEX UZBEKISTAN 2014Industry of plastic


22-24.10Pavilion №2


IPACK UZBEKISTAN 2014Packing & Equipment




International Industrial Fair and Cooperative Exchange 
12-14.11Pavilion No 1 Pavilion №1


TRANS UZBEKISTAN 2014Transport & Logistics


13-14.11Pavilion №3


The export potential of the agrarian sector and the processing industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan 
19-21.11*Pavilion №1


SPORT WORLD UZBEKISTAN 2014Sports equipment, tools and clothes


19-21.11Pavilion №2


O’ZBEKinPRINT’ 2014Printing, publishing, paper, stationery O’ZUPACK’2014 Wrapping material, packing, tags O’ZREKLAMA’2014 Advertising, design, photo


26-28.11Pavilion №1


UZAGROEXPO 2014Agriculture


26-28.11Pavilion №1


UZPRODEXPO 2014Food industry. Foodstuffs. Wrapping material and packing.



(Source: “Business” newspaper)

Note: A given version of the plan is preliminary, changes are possible.



Ravshan Irmatov to officiate World Cup matches

International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) announced a list of referees, who will officiate matches of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Ravshan Irmatov from Uzbekistan and his assistants were included to the FIFA list. He will be only representative of the CIS and Baltic states in the tournament.

FIFA included 25 referees to its list, who will work at the World Cup. Four of referees are from Asia and nine from Europe.