June 6, 2014

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Press-service of MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan




Rapid Growth Energy

Since independence, Uzbekistan has implemented dozens of large-scale projects – highly significant for both the country and the entire Central Asian region. Uzbek power engineers played a big part in their implementation, ensuring the sustenance of the project facilities that had been completed and the smooth flow of the project construction works being under way.

Today, Uzbekistan’s electric power industry is a kind of the circulatory system of the country’s economy, for it ensures operation of all the manufacturers in it. Since independence, the industry has installed many powerful facilities and hundreds of kilometers of network cables to secure uninterrupted supply of gigawatts of electric power to the population, businesses and organizations. The local electric power companies also cooperate with companies from other industries, carrying out a number of large-scale projects that will enable the country’s economy to reach higher development levels. One of them is the completion of the transnational railway corridor China – Central Asia – Europe by the construction of electrified railway line Angren – Pop.

In 2016, Fergana Valley, which is called Pearl of Central Asia, will be connected with other regions of Uzbekistan by a new 129-kilometer-long electrified railway line. According to experts, its construction is one of the most large-scale projects being carried out in Central Asia. The line is going to have a unique 19-kilometer-long railway tunnel. The design and construction of the tunnel will be covered with a $350-million loan granted by EximBank of China. The tunnel will be constructed by China Railway Tunnel Group Co. Ltd.

Uzbek electric power industry is taking part in the implementation of the project too. The state joint stock company Uzbekenergo is building external power facilities for the traction current converter plants of the railway line. The company, for instance, is designing and building the high-voltage double-circuit 110-kV lines of over 50 kilometers in length and the high-voltage 220-kV lines of 6 kilometers in length, and it is reconstructing the existing converter plants and outdoor switchgears. When put into operation, they will allow for uninterrupted supply of electric power to the trains running along Angren – Pop line in the mountains.

Uzbekenergo is discussing the co-funding issues related to the purchase of the necessary materials and equipment it needs for the project with leading international financial institutions, the World Bank in particular. The environmental issue concerning the project is treated by the company as equally important. Uzbekenergo is arranging public meetings to inform the people living in the region where the project is being implemented about the ecological effects the railway line will bring about. According to experts, when the three traction current convertor plants have been launched and the railway line opens, the environmental conditions in the region will improve significantly for less motor-vehicle traffic over Qamchiq Pass.

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)



O’zbekiston Pochtasi issues World Through Children’s Eyes series stamps

From 15 January to 15 March 2014, O’zbekiston Pochtasi together with the State Communications Committee and Uzbek Academy of Arts held the National Contest of children’s drawings of ‘World Through Children’s Eyes’ series for the special issue of stamps on the theme “My Dream”.

The contest was held with the purpose to search for new ideas, attract the interest of younger generation to philately and draw the public’s attention to the stamps.

According to O’zbekiston Pochtasi, the jury examined drawings of 1227 children aged from 8 to 12 years.

“My Dream” special stamps were issued on May 30, 2014 from drawings that took the main prizes:


1st place – Astronaut, drawing by Suleymanov Sardor – 8 years, Tashkent.



2nd place – Merry Rainbow, drawing by Akhmadova Kamila – 9 years, Tashkent.



3rd place – Friendship, drawing by Fomicheva Valeriya – 11 years, Tashkent.



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