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January 21, 2014


January 21, 2014

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Uzbekistan: Share of industry in GDP reaches 24.2%… 2

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UzAuto Trailer plant commissioned in Samarkand region.. 2


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Uzbekistan: Share of industry in GDP reaches 24.2%

Share of industry in the gross domestic product (GDP) of Uzbekistan grew from 14.2% in 2000 to 24.2% in 2013, the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov said at the session of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan on 17 January 2014.

The session summed up results of social-economic development of Uzbekistan for 2013 and approved main priorities of economic programmes for 2014.

Speaking at the session, Islam Karimov said that gradual implementation of the programme on priorities of industry development for 2011-2015 and industrial programmes on modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of the production capacities, the processing industries, which produce competitive goods with high added cost, play more important role in the economy.

The Uzbek leader said that currently these industries produce over 78% of industrial products of the country.

He said that high technological industries such as machinery and metal processing (+21%), production of construction materials (+13.6%), light industry (+13%), and food industry (9%).

President said that new modern capacities on production of telecommunication equipment, computer equipment and mobile handsets, and home appliances are created in Uzbekistan. He said that almost all industries of Uzbek economy are modernized.

Islam Karimov noted that the share of industry in GDP currently makes up over 24.2% against 14.2% in 2000.

He said that measures on increasing production of consumer goods are giving their results. Uzbekistan increased production of consumer goods by 14.4% in 2013 and their share in industrial production reached 35.5%. The competitiveness of products is growing both in internal and external markets.

President Islam Karimov also underlined important role of localization of productionof ready products, spare parts and materials based on industrial cooperation. In last three years, the production of localized goods rose almost twice.

He said that last year 455 enterprises implemented over 1,140 projects on localization, which allowed to increase production volume by 1.2 times and ensure estimated effect of important-replacement at the size of US$5.3 billion.



International cooperation

UzAuto Trailer plant commissioned in Samarkand region

Uzbek joint stock company Uzavtoprom has completed construction of its trailer plant UzAuto Trailer in Samarkand region.

The plant will supply its products to Uzbek-German company LLC MAN Auto – Uzbekistan. The project cost is $31 million.

UzAuto Trailer will produce semi-trailers, container trucks and other special equipment. Projected capacity is for 2,000 trailers and 1,000 mounted equipment a year.

MAN Truck & Bus AG, a subdivision of the MAN group, and Uzavtoprom set up the joint venture in the summer of 2009. The Uzbek side holds 51% stake in the venture and the German side – 49%.

From September 2010 the joint venture has been assembling trucks at SamAuto. The joint venture opened a dealership and service center in Samarkand region in 2011 and an assembly plant with the capacity to produce 6,000 MAN trucks and chassis a year with the cost of US$30 million was opened in 2012. The capacity of the venture can be increased to 10,000 a year.




Within access zone

The last year’s tick has marked the launch of a new phase of work in Uzbekistan: the government approved a structure of rating assessment or the state of introduction of information and communication technologies in public organizations, and its procedure. The new requirements for official websites of state and local representative authorities are expected to contribute to this process.

In the age of globalization and computer technology, websites of government agencies are entrusted not only to raise awareness of the population, but also provide the services they need. This saves time and costs for both the citizen and the government, making their relationships more transparent. Today, along with advanced websites of the State Tax Committee, Ministry of Finance, State Committee for Communication, Informatization and Communication Technologies, there are also the websites with certain drawbacks. New requirements were adopted to change the situation.

They envisage the launch of a separate section of online services with the full list of services. Government agencies also should offer a mobile version, an additional component for persons with disabilities, as well as public survey tools like online polls, blogs and forums.

With regard to the assessment criteria, they will come to availability and accessibility of a website, regulatory compliance, quality of online services, and consideration of appeals of individuals and legal entities that are submitted through the Unified Online Government Services Portal.

All the innovations are to be launched by March 1, 2014.

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)