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February 7, 2014


February 7, 2014

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President of Uzbekistan to visit Sochi2

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Uzbekistan realized 175 state assets in 2013. 2

Special industrial zone Angren.. 3

Production of welding electrodes to be launched in Uzbekistan.. 3

2014-year – the year of healthy child.. 3

Healthy Children as Backbone for Prosperous Future. 3



Press-service of MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan


President of Uzbekistan to visit Sochi

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov will participate at the opening ceremony at the 22nd Olympic Games in Sochi.

(Source: Press Service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


Uzbekistan realized 175 state assets in 2013

Uzbekistan realized 175 state assets for 34.8 billion soums in January-December 2013, the State committee of Uzbekistan for privatization, demonopolization and development of competition said.

The committee said that 80 objects were realized on zero redemption price to investors, who undertake obligation to invest 81.83 billion soums and US$1.4 million soums to these objects and create over 3,100 new jobs.

The receipts from the privatization due to all resources made up 44.15 billion soums, of which 14.28 billion soums were directed to the state budget.

In line with the presidential resolution “On programme of privatization for state property for 2012-2013, it is planned to realize 560 state objects were put for sales, of which 136 were realized for 24.2 billion soums, of which 48 objects were sold on zero redemption price for investment obligations fro 53.4 billion soums and US$1.4 million.

The resolution of the Government “On additional measures on rational use and management of the state property” approved list of 1,187 objects of social importance and determined measures on their rational use. All 532 objects, included to appendix 2 of the resolution, were handed over to the local administrations. Currently, some 44 state objects from 626 state objects were realized for 1.94 billion soums, of which 25 objects were realized on zero redemption price for 17.4 billion soums.

Another governmental resolution “On measures on organization of production of non-food consumer goods on the base of unused and uncompleted construction objects of the state property” envisages realization of 54 objects on zero redemption price with undertaking investment obligation by the investors. Some 33 objects were realized under investment obligation for 52.4 billion soums and US$69.9 million. It is expected that 3,120 new jobs will be created.

Monitoring of execution of investments obligations

The committee ensured implementation of investment obligations for US$30.6 million (+30%) and 53.9 billion soums in 2013 (+32.1%), including on agreements with purchase payments for US$3.8 million and 7.1 billion soums and zero redetection price for US$26.8 million and 46.8 billion soums.

The investment obligations for 41 agreements for US$46 million and 27.4 billion soums were implemented, which helped to create over 2,300 new jobs. Overall, 4,000 new jobs were created within the monitored agreements.

Development of securities market

Total turnover of securities market (shares and corporate bonds) made up 977.4 billion soums, of which 165.7 billion soums fell to share of the secondary market.

The committee underlined that number of deals with securities at the exchange and organized off-exchange market rose by 45% in 2013 compared to previous year.

Renting of the state property

The centers for the renting of the state property rented about 24,300 premises in the reporting period.

It helped to create 44,000 new jobs. The receipts from renting reached 53.5 billion soums, of which 26.8 billion soums were directed to local budgets.

Licensing of valuation, exchange and realtor activities

In 2013, the committee issued 167 licenses to carry out valuation activities and annulled 19 licenses.

There are acting 148 licenses for valuation activities (121 to value business, 27 – to value movables, and 2 – to valuation of real estate).

As of 1 January 2014, the committee issued 752 qualification certificates to valuators (697 of them are active and 55 – abolished).

As of 1 January 2014, the committee issued 178 licenses to carry out realtors activity. Some 16 licenses were abolished. Currently, 162 licenses are valid.

The committee said that 1,088 certified realtors operate in Uzbekistan.

Realization of regional programmes of industrial development of the regions

The State committee of Uzbekistan for privatization, demonopolization and development of competition the programmes on financial support and full use of the capacities of the enterprises envisages directing of investments to 8,141 enterprises across Uzbekistan to carry out modernization and re-equipment of the capacities. It was planned to attract 2.9 trillion soums of investments, of which 1.2 trillion soums will be credit of the commercial banks.

As of 1 January 2014, the investments for 2.457 trillion soums of investments were directed to the enterprises, of which 920.8 billion soums were loans of the commercial banks.

In the result, the enterprises produced goods and rendered services for 5.037 trillion soums and exported products and services for US$116 million. They also created 75,500 new jobs.



Special industrial zone Angren

Production of welding electrodes to be launched in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is planning to launch a production of welding electrodes.

The project on production of welding electrodes will be implemented in the territory of the special industrial zone Angren.

The project will be implemented at participation of NovEl Association (Ukraine). Angren elektrodlari JV LLC was founded to realize the project.

According to the official website of SIZ Angren, Angren elektrodlari JV LLC will produce 1,400 tonnes of products a year.

The project cost is US$2.61 million. The Ukrainian side will invest US$0.08 million to realize the project.


2014-year – the year of healthy child

Healthy Children as Backbone for Prosperous Future

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Uzbekistan’s Fund for the Development of Children’s Sports, held on January 28 at the Oqsaroy and chaired by the head of state, analyzed the activities of the Fund, practical results of extensive efforts aimed at comprehensive physical and spiritual development of the younger generation.

“Nurturing a sound generation implies laying out a foundation for a great nation and is bedrock of a prosperous life.” These words, delivered by President Islam Karimov in the wake of state independence, defined a principal goal for the nation and a priority for government policy for years to come. Thus, as early as the initial stages in the independent development, Uzbekistan tasked itself with an underlying aim for a long-term period, namely, to ensure that our children be smarter, stronger, wiser and certainly happier than us. And Children’s Sports Development Fund makes a very significant contribution to this important job.

Notably, 113 sports facilities, including swimming pools, and 55 children’s music and arts schools were erected and commissioned in the past year. 132 of them were put into operation in rural areas. 210 billion and 400 million soums (Currency rates of CB from 07.02.2014  1$=2209.68 soums) were earmarked for these objectives to be met. Children’s sports facilities are outfitted by and large with locally manufactured equipment and hardware. Currently, Uzbek enterprises produce 116 out of the total 120 types of such equipment and tools.

Owing to the supply of all sports complexes with contemporary sporting equipment and hardware as well as highly qualified coaches, the schoolchildren regularly going in for sports have been growing in number. Some 2 million children in our country are currently regular in more than 30 sports. The average daily use of one sporting facility reaches 9.5 hours. A great significance is attached in our country to making sports appealing for girls. Sporting uniforms meeting the national mentality of our people are being sewn for them. Extensive opportunities are being created to train women coaches and sports teachers. At the initiative of President Islam Karimov, sporting uniform is distributed among schoolgirls every year on the eve of the International Women’s Day, 8 March. That serves as an important factor in the further popularization of sports among girls and in their development as healthy, strong-willed and physically well-built personalities. Today, around 842 thousand girls across the nation are regular in sports.

The head of our state underscored in particular that it is necessary to bolster the efforts aimed at making physical culture and sports even more appealing for girls, and thus raise the activeness of mahallas and women’s committees on this front and constantly work with individual families. It is essential to shape a sound environment in families, whereby it is primarily the parents who are the very people who ought to be in sports.

Instrumental in securing a comprehensive development of our children have been the diversity of sporting competitions organized across the country. Our youths manifest a growing interest in sports and embark on healthy lifestyle.

The three-tier system of sports games – the Umid Nihollari, the Barkamol Avlod and the Universaide – has been playing an enormous role in the extensive engagement of children and youths in sports and nurturing professional athletes.

Achievements were great in the sporting life of the nation also in 2013. In particular, Tashkent hosted the 4th weightlifting world championship among juniors, the international Grand-Prix judo tournament and the artistic gymnastics Asian championship.

Notably, the six-year-old chess player Islombek Sindorov won three gold medals at the Asian championship in Iran. Nafisa Muminova was first among Uzbek girls to earn the title of FIDE international grandmaster.

The weightlifter Ruslan Nurudinov was second to no one in the world championship in Poland, while the judoka Yahyo Imamov proved triumphant at the Grand Slam international tournament in France.

Another practical manifestation of the great attention and care for children and youths was the 3 December 2013 Decree of the President to reward a group of talented young people with high state awards for their remarkable contribution to upholding Uzbekistan’s standing in the international arena.

The final round of competitions “Barkamol Avlod” is due later this year in Namangan region. To this end, a range of new sports complexes are being built in the province.

The scales of these efforts are going to expand further in the current year announced in our country as the Year of the Health of the Child. The works are to be continued consistently to consolidate the healthy lifestyle in the society, boost the medical culture of the population and promote mass sports, children’s in particular.

“We have declared the year 2014 as the one of the Health of the Child in our country. This requires a new approach to issues related to the promotion of children’s sports. When we speak of fostering a healthy generation, it is appropriate to recall the saying well known among the people and which has turned into a noble appeal, namely, that a healthy child is normally born to a sound and friendly family. Sport is the best possible method of shaping such families,” President Karimov said.

“Those young people and women going in for sports are distinct with their robust health and sound mind. In the years to come, they will nurture their children in that very spirit. The greater the number of such families, the more consolidated is the sound atmosphere in society.”

The head of our state noted that it is vital to attach significance to issues related to the effective use of sporting facilities, to the extensive engagement of girls into sports, the further enlargement of the range and quality of sporting equipment and hardware manufactured in our country, and to the comprehensive support for domestic producers operating in this sphere.

During the meeting, due tasks on this front were identified for the year 2014, including priority challenges in the construction and reconstruction of 115 sports facilities and 48 children’s music and arts schools, along with the supply of essential equipment and tools for them. Attention was drawn to some shortcoming in the sphere, and that due measures have been taken to eliminate them.

The session participants also discussed the course of preparations for the 31st Olympics to take place in Brazil in 2016.

President put a special emphasis on construction, reconstruction and cardinal repair works undertaken in sports facilities and swimming pools, on their equipment with necessary hardware and tools, on the elevation of effectiveness in making use of sport complexes and training highly qualified coaches and specialists, especially women.

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)