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March 5, 2014


March 5, 2014


Statement of the Information Agency «Jahon» on the Events in Ukraine. 2

economy.. 2

Uzkimyosanoat works on project on production of compounds. 2

2014 year – The Year of the Healthy Child.. 2

125 projects for happy future. 2




Press-service of MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Statement of the Information Agency «Jahon» on the Events in Ukraine

The events taking place in Ukraine, which have led to serious complication of the situation and confrontation, and may lead to yet more escalation of tension and hard-to-predict consequences, create the real threats to sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country cannot but arouse a deep alarm and concern in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan sees the resolution of the unfolded situation, above all, in denial to apply force options and in using the political tools and efforts to address the emerged problems by peaceful means, by way of negotiations based on fundamental norms of international law and the United Nations Charter.

Uzbekistan expresses hope that the maximum restraint and wisdom will be shown for the soonest achievement of accord between parties involved in the conflict process in Ukraine.

(Source: Information Agency “Jahon”)




Uzkimyosanoat works on project on production of compounds

Uzkimyosanoat state joint stock company works a project on organization of production of polymers and composite materials (compounds), the head of department of investments of Uzkimyosanoat Maruf Abralov said at the Uzbek-Korean Business Forum last week.

He said that the capacity of the project will make up 15,000 tonnes of goods a year. The preliminary cost of the projects is US$20 million.

Maruf Abralov said that the project will be included to a concept on developing of chemical industry till 2020, which is developed now. He said that the project is currently developed and all parameters of the project are preliminary.

He underlined that Uzbekistan will launch Ustyurt Gas-Chemical Complex, which will produce 387,000 tonnes of polyethylene and 83,000 tonnes of polypropylene a year, and production of PVC at Navoiazot with the capacity of 100,000 tonnes of products a year by the end of 2016. This will help to produce compounds on the base of these raw materials, he added.

Representatives of Uzkimyosanoat said that Jizzakh Plastmassa works in Uzbekistan, which have engineering-communication infrastructure and free premises for organization of compound production.




2014 year – The Year of the Healthy Child

125 projects for happy future

Uzbekistan is mobilizing all its strength and capacities to further improve the system of fostering a healthy and comprehensively advanced generation capable of assuming responsibility for the future of the country.

Implementation of the State Program “The Year of the Healthy Child” has started in Uzbekistan. The Program approved by the Decree of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan includes 125 projects aimed at nurturing a healthy, spiritually mature and harmoniously sophisticated generation which would have an independent thinking, advanced intellectual potential, extensive knowledge and modern worldview.

Four and a half trillion Uzbek soums and $302.9 million in equivalent are to be be allocated for the implementation of these initiatives from the state budget , extra-budgetary funds, executors and philanthropists, international organizations and financial institutions, as well as loans of commercial banks.

(Currency rates of CB from 05.03.2014  1$=2236.66 soums).

In order to create favorable institutional and legal conditions for the implementation of the set plans an extensive work will be carried out to further improve the legislative and legal framework. A draft of the law “On basics of youth policy in the Republic of Uzbekistan” in new edition will be elaborated. In the framework of its elaboration the priority directions of youth policy will be reconsidered. At the same time, the responsibilty of public authorities for the implementation of youth policy and ensuring social protection of minors.

A particular attention is paid to supporting families as a fundamental social institution which play a key role in upbringing a child. Much has to be done on supporting youth, young families , as well as women on employment, and starting their own business. The most important direction shall be improvement of living conditions of young families by extending mortgages and loans for buying and improving houses, as well as purchasing household appliances to relieve women from everyday chores.

An online portal on a healthy lifestyle will provide access to necessary information to everyone, including children, adolescents, women and young parents who will have a chance to ask questions from appropriate specialists.

The program envigaes an extensive set of measures aimed at enhacning the healthcare system, improving the health of young people, especially girls. Children with poor health will receive high-quality medical care. Regional multi-profile medical centers in Andijon, Samarqand and Qashqadaryo regions will be provided with units for performing surgeries on newborns that previously could only be performed in Tashkent.

Development of the twelve-year compulsory education system will be continued: each and every child will obtain a profession and extended support in employment. Not only schools , colleges and lyceums, but kindergartens and out-of-school education institutions, which play an important role in discovering talents and the making up of younger generation, will be renovated and provided with modern equipment. In this a significant attention is paid to the development of children’s sport.

Along with public authorities and their partners, the neighborhood communities (mahallas) and other social structures will actively participate in the implementation of these tasks. At the same time, their responsibility will increase in consolidating peace and accord in families and society, rendering timely and targeted assistance to low-income families.

The year is to be rich in various bright memorable competitions, contests, exhibitions and festivals. An international forum “Social Partnership in the Name of the Child: Local and Foreign Best Practices” is scheduled in November and will be attended by leading scholars, experts and specialists from Uzbekistan and foreign countries.

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)