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March 13, 2014


 March 13, 2014




MPs consider several draft laws. 2

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Uzbekistan produces agriculture products for 30.85 trillion soums in 2013. 2


Uzbek-Chinese Business Forum takes place in Tashkent. 3
























Press-service of MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan


MPs consider several draft laws

Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan held a session on 11 March 2014 to consider several draft laws, the press service of the lower house of the Uzbek parliament said.

MPs considered a draft law “On openness of activities of the state bodies and administration”, which was developed to execute the concept on further deepening democratic reforms and form civil society in Uzbekistan.

The draft law directed at implementation of constitutional rights of citizens to information and it clearly determines procedures on informing people on activities of the state bodies and administration. It will ensure openness and transparency of the state bodies.

The draft law sets order of dissemination of information on activities of the state bodies and administration and main principles of their openness.

MPs passed the law and directed to Senate of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan.

MPs also considered several draft laws in the seconding reading to improve further legislative acts.

Legislative Chamber considered a draft law “On introduction of amendments and changes to law “On notary”, which improved issues of training and selecting employees of notary system, which provide legal services to population.

The amendments will help for further improving activities of notary establishments and services to population.

Legislative Chamber also discussed a draft law “On social partnership”. The document is directed at further developing civil society institutes, strengthening their roles in ensuring transparency and efficiency of reforms.

The draft law envisages improving organizational-legal mechanisms of cooperation of NGOs and civil society institutes with the state bodies in implementation of social-economic development programmes, solving humanitarian problems, protection of rights, freedoms and interests of various layers of population.

The document determines notion of social partnership as interactionofthe state bodies with NGOs in developing and implementing social-economic development projects, regional and territorial decisions, as well as legal acts.

MPs approved the concept of the draft law and passed it in the first reading.

Legislative Chamber also considered other issues of its jurisdiction.



Uzbekistan produces agriculture products for 30.85 trillion soums in 2013

In January-December 2013, the agricultural output of Uzbekistan made up 30.849 trillion soums or grew by 6.8% year-on-year.

The State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan said that the output of plant-growing reached 18.452 trillion soums (+6.4%) and animal husbandry – 12.397 trillion soums (+7.4%).

In the structure of production of gross agricultural output the share of dekhkan farms was 64% (in January-December 2012 – 63.5%), private farms – 34% (34.4%), agricultural enterprises – 2% (2.1%).


In the reporting year the share of crop production in the total agricultural output was 59.8% (in 2012 – 58.1%).

According to preliminary data, in 2013 the total sown area in farms of all types was 3.656 million hectares.

The area under grains was 1.642 million hectares, which grew by 0.9% compared to January-December 2012, of which under wheat – 1.451 million (+3.4%). The area under cotton was 1.309 million hectares. The area under potatoes has increased by 2.9%, vegetables by 3.1%, forage crops by 0.5%. The area under melons and gourds has decreased by 5.7%.

In January-December 2013, farms of all types produced 7.805 million tonnes of grains in weight before treating, including 7.015 million tonnes of spiked cereals, 6.841 million tonnes of which – wheat.

In the reporting period, there were produced 2.25 million tonnes of potatoes, 8.516 million tonnes of vegetables, 1.558 million tonnes of melons and gourds, 2.261 million tones of fruit and berries, and 1.322 million tonnes of grapes.

Animal husbandry

In January-December 2013, the share of animal production in the total agricultural output was 40.2% (in 2012 – 41.9%).

As of 1 January 2014, the number of cattle in farms of all types increased by 465,700 heads (by 4.6%) of which cows by 85,500 heads (by 2.2%), sheep and goats – by 591,400 heads (by 3.5%), poultry – by 4.851 million heads (10.2%).

In the total population, the share of cattle in dekhkan farms was 93.9% and in private farms – 5.1%, cows – 94.5% and 4.6%, sheep and goats – 83.4% and 7.4%, horses – 84.3% and 9.9%, poultry – 63.4% and 12.3% respectively.

In 2013, farms of all types produced 1.787 million tonnes of meat in living weight (6.8% more than in 2012), 7.885 million tonnes of milk (7.8%), 4.379 billion eggs (13%), and 32,400 tonnes of wool (4.3%).

The share of dekhkan farms in the total production of meat was 94.6%, milk – 95.7%, eggs – 54.8%, wool – 86.9%, karakuls – 75.6%.

Private farms

In January-December 2013, the total output of private farms was 10.474 trillion soums or rose 4.4% to the corresponding period of 2012. The share of private farms in the total gross agricultural output was 34%.

As of 1 January 2014, private farms had 539,800 heads of cattle (including 186,300 cows), 1.31 million heads of sheep and goats, and 6.434 million heads of poultry.

In comparison with 1 January 2013 the number of cattle has increased by 14,900 (or by 2.8%), cows – by 3,200 (1.7%), sheep and goats – by 42,700 (3.4%), and poultry – by 694,700 (12.1%).




Uzbek-Chinese Business Forum takes place in Tashkent

Tashkent hosted an Uzbek-Chinese Business Forum and Cooperation Exchange with participation of business circles of Uzbekistan and China on 12 March 2014.

Business Forum and Cooperation Exchange were held within the visit of the business circles of China to Uzbekistan.

The visit is aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation and studying opportunities on expanding bilateral trade between two sides.

The Chinese delegation includes representative of companies, working in petrochemical and electrotechnical industry, machinery, power, agriculture and construction sectors.

Representative of ministries and departments, associations and unions, industrial enterprises, small and medium businesses of Uzbekistan, working in various areas, participated in the events.

At the forum, the business forum discussed issues of bilateral cooperation in various sectors of economy of Uzbekistan. The sides considered current state and perspectives on further developing trade-economic cooperation between businesses of two states.

China is one of the leading trade partners of Uzbekistan. Currently, over 450 enterprises with Chinese capital work in Uzbekistan.