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March 28, 2014


March 28, 2014




Inha University to be established in Tashkent. 2

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Everyone to Get a Job. 3

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Uzbek wrestlers win six medals at an international tournament in Latvia.. 4






































Press-service of MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Inha University to be established in Tashkent

To further improve the training of highly qualified specialists in information and communication technologies at international standards, as well as to promote cooperation with leading foreign universities, on March 24, 2014 the President of Uzbekistan signed a Resolution “On establishment of Inha University in Tashkent”.

According to the Resolution, the main areas of activities of Tashkent Inha University are as follows:

• training of highly qualified specialists at international standards in information and communication technologies, primarily in software development, management of information systems and computer networks;

• introduction to the Uzbek higher education system of advanced foreign experience on the basis of modern educational technologies; promotion of healthy competition and open information-educational environment;

• fostering creation of a system of continuous education and training in ICT, establishment of close interaction between research and educational institutions, software producers, manufacturing companies, industries and infrastructure and other users of modern IT;

• creation of targeted educational programs at international standards in order to ensure training of qualified specialists in ICT with regard to the specific needs of the real sector of the economy.

It was established that:

• Tashkent Inha University to be the resident-university in Uzbekistan in the form of a legal entity, to possess property, have its own balance and to be liable for its obligations, funds and property;

• academic training and management of the educational process to be provided by Inha University (South Korea ) on the basis of signed agreements, with the use of advanced educational and information technologies;

• academic training to be in English as full-time education in accordance with the curricula and programs of Inha University (South Korea), subject to the requirements of state educational standards of Uzbekistan;

• University graduates are to be issued diploma of Inha University (South Korea), recognized in the Republic of Uzbekistan;

• admission of students and certification of graduates of the University are to be carried out in accordance with the procedures established by Inha University (South Korea), in coordination with the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of Uzbekistan.

The Resolution has approved the Board of Trustees and the Interdepartmental Commission for establishment of Tashkent Inha University.

Also the main education and training programs (specialties) of Tashkent Inha University have been identified, namely, computer engineering, software engineering and engineering of computer networks.

The State Committee for communication, information and telecommunication technologies, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of Uzbekistan and other interested organizations are instructed to ensure the approval of the constituent documents, as well as state registration of Tashkent Inha University.

First students to Tashkent Inha University are to be admitted in 2014/2015 academic year from October 1 this year.

Inha University (South Korea) was founded in 1954, currently it has 20 thousand students in various specialties, including ICT. According to Joong Ang Ilbo the university is among the top five universities in engineering and IT in South Korea, reports the Information Service of the State Committee for communication, information and telecommunication technologies of Uzbekistan.




Everyone to Get a Job

Thls year, more than 495, 200 students graduate from professional colleges. An Uzbekistan Today correspondent talked about their future with Abdukhalil Rahmonov, head of the department for employment at the Center of Secondary Special and Professional Education.

–           Apparently, the experts of the Center of Secondary Special and Professional Education are confident in the prospective demand for college graduates?

–           Sure. We were confident three years ago, when the young people just enrolled in colleges. Admission quota is compiled annually based on prognosis on staffing needs of existing and establishing enterprises, and development plans of the economy sectors of the regions. At the same time, the specialists engaged in the admission, always remember that the last word on their future is said by students themselves.

This year, according to the regional programs for employment and assisting the employment more than 900 thousand jobs are getting created in the country. In this case, the employment of college graduates is the priority.

Approximately 80 percent of them are employed. Last year, 44 percent of graduates got their professional job. Part of the graduates decided to get trained specialties similar to theirs. About ten percent of the graduates go to higher education institutions. In recent years, the number grows of those who took out a bank loan and started their own business.

–           How enterprises are ready to cooperate with colleges in the organization of practical trainings of students and their employment?

–           Sustainable development of each enterprise is connected with the need to address staffing issues. After all, we are all people: someone retires, someone moves to another job, young men go into the army. So they need a replacement. At the enterprises they are well aware this, so the majority of them cooperate with colleges willingly. Trilateral agreement is signed beforehand between students, schools and employers, according to which the student is provided with a place for practical training, and then employed. The practical training helps employers and future graduates to get accustomed to each other. Enterprises have more than 21 thousand rooms meant for conducting workshops. Best experienced teachers and practicing specialists answer the questions of students. In recent years, the number of pragmatic directors increases, who are already in this period select the best students and sign with them employment contracts before they take their diplomas. This strengthens the system of targeted training of specialists. Last year, 54.1 percent of college graduates got jobs, where they underwent internship. It is rather high rate. Job fairs also help young people to find job.

–           You mentioned that the number of graduates increases who have received loans from banks to start their own business…

–           Last year, it was planned that banks allocate college graduates preferential loans for 53.5 billion soums (Currency rates of CB from 28.03.2014  1$=2257.30 soums)., and issued more than 63 billion. Over 14,4 thousand graduates become entrepreneurs. This year, after studying the plans of students, it has been decided to al locate preferential loans for 160 billion soums. It means that 32-35 thousand young people are to join the ranks of entrepreneurs.

–           What kind of help can expect a third-year student for to become an entrepreneur?

–           First of all, in recent years teaching the basics of economics and business disciplines has improved. Good results are obtained by conducting special seminars for those who decided to become an entrepreneur. Seminars in regions are to be organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Kamolot Public Youth Movement, and commercial banks. At these meetings, students learn to develop business plans, receive legal and other advice on the business organization.

Most often graduates implement their business in projects, which allow to quickly rise, get profit, pay off the bank, and continue developing their business. Many start their business in livestock, beekeeping, and services. Ladies launch sewing workshops, tailoring shops, beauty parlors, and pastry shops. In recent time, graduates start launching mini-productions. Last year, it was launched several shops for production of meat and dairy products.

Majority of those successfully paid off their loans return to the bank and take on a loan of larger sum. Thus, the first ‘credit history’ becomes a kind of school for the novice businessman, which makes it possible to believe in themselves, and decide on implementing larger-scale projects.

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)


Uzbek wrestlers win six medals at an international tournament in Latvia

The Latvian capital Riga hosted an International Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling Tournament, in which our compatriots won six medals: two gold, one silver and three bronze.

Among the “freestylers”, Hodjiakbar Utkirov in the weight category up to 50 kg won the gold medal, Mahmudjon Shavkatov (55 kg) won silver, Sirojiddin Hasanov (60 kg) won bronze. Among Greco-Roman wrestlers Bahromov Islam (50 kg) won gold medal, Oybek Bafoev (74 kg) and Mukhammadali Shamsiddinov (84 kg) won bronze.

In the competition participated wrestlers from Latvia, Germany, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Austria, Belarus, Finland, France and Uzbekistan.