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April 1, 2014


April 1, 2014



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About 158,000 firm names registered via Internet. 2


Concurrent Courses of Development. 2

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Number of mobile users in Uzbekistan exceeds 19.6m people. 3

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Uzbek Athlete Triumphant in Super Cup. 4



































Press-service of MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan


About 158,000 firm names registered via Internet

State Committee of Uzbekistan on Statistics reserved over 153,000 firm names via Internet as of 1 March 2014, the press service of the committee said.

The committee said that since introduction of system of reserving firm names through Internet, it has reserved 158,000 firm names, which meet requirements of the law “On firm names” and do not have analogous or similar names in database of registered firm names as of 1 March 2014.

As earlier reported, the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan launched the system of reserving firm names through Internet on 1 February 2011.

From 1 February 2011, legal entities and individuals can apply for reservation of firm name through website of the State Statistics Committee and receive confirmation of originality or inexistence of identical or similar firm names, which can confuse people.




Concurrent Courses of Development

India is one of the target countries in the developing world for investors to put their capital in. Factors conducive for investment include the enormous demand in the domestic market, the availability of skilled labor force, extensive transport and telecommunication infrastructure.

However, the investment flow is immensely unpredictable and depends on many factors. China, the formidable neighbor competitor, is one of them. India thus has to go beyond attracting foreign investment capital; it approaches outer markets in searching for new niches. According to experts, Uzbekistan and India have similar models of investment cooperation, which makes the relations between the two nations tighter and results in a unique combination of equal partnership.

Another similarity that, according to analytical forecast, facilitates a great extension of the investment flow into India and Uzbekistan in the near future is parliamentary election. This will be held in India in April to May, while in Uzbekistan it will take place at the end of the year. Election platforms of both countries’ parties, as specialists report, emphasize on the improvement of a business practice in the countries, promotion of attracting foreign direct investment, accelerated development of production, development of taxation system. Development of these spheres is seen in the two countries lately, which makes leading political forces pursue their course for modernization of the economy. However, there is much for the countries to do in this way, and a political will as well as strive for doing reforms and transformations is the main thing. The President of the Uzbekistan stated the same and noted in his report on the results of the 2013 and prospective on 2014 that creation of a valid competitive environment is the midpoint of a further development of the economy. It acts as the key factor for the technical and technological modernization of production, access to world markets.

Cooperation in commissioning of modern gadget production in FIEZ Navoi can be reported as one of the latest, but the most interesting Uzbek-Indian Projects. Olive Telecom JV, which promoters are Uzbektelecom Stock Company and Indian Olive Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd., specializes in the manufacture of telecommunication equipment, including mobile and fixed-line phones, tablet computers and USB-modems. In the output of products know-how technologies of the world companies, such as: Hаier, Foxconn, Flextronics are used. Qualcomm Company acts as the strategic partner for this project.

Technological sector, as a whole, is one of the largest segments of the Uzbek-Indian cooperation. Leading Indian IT companies take an interest in co-developing of software products of extensive use. In May, 2011 the Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of India and Uzbek Agency of Communication and Informational Support, later renamed the State Committee of Communication, Informational Support and Telecommunication Technologies. The Document highlighted the directions of cooperation of the two countries in the sphere of information technologies. Since then it has been a good tradition to hold meetings in the relevant ministries and institutions of Uzbekistan, during which businessmen, as well as representatives of government institutions share their opinions on prospective ways of partnership, negotiate introduction and usability of the advanced Indian technologies and innovations in real sector of economy. In addition, since 2006 under Tashkent University of Information Technologies Uzbek-Indian Center of Information Technologies named after Jawaharlal Nehru operates. Thousands of specialists have received training in the Center; a number of advanced developments was made for enhancement of efficiency of the education system operation and government authorities.

India is also one of Uzbekistan’s leading partners in tourism. The tow parties signed a special plan of cooperation on the development of that sector in 2011. Today the tangible results of that plan’s execution are visible: tourism has become more energetic between the two countries, foundation of new travel joint ventures is negotiated, and information cooperation extended and representatives are inaugurated. Sharing experience on personnel training is carried out, tourism infrastructure, souvenir making, as well as mutual activity on advertising and promotion of the two counties as touristic routes is developed. Ecological tourism is one of the contemporary spheres of tourism, which promotes a stable development, socio-ecological improvement, increasing of population employment on account of creation of new jobs, as well as contributes to a preservation of environmental and cultural heritage.

These are considered leading countries in other sphere: they are serious players in the export markets of cotton and textile products. Early in the last year Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the NSC Uzbekyengilsanoat and the Council on Support of the Silk Production Manufacturers of India. Joint working group on cooperation in the textile industry operates. Indian companies take a great interest in execution of common projects, particularly in Navoi and Angren special zones. This is accentuated by business forums and cooperation exchanges that are held in both countries, where not only Uzbek representatives, but also Indian businessmen, who do business in Uzbekistan, tell about favorable investment climate and a wide range of benefits to foreign investors.

The parties are also interested in the expansion of trade relations that have been steadily increasing within the last few years. Summarizing the results of the last year, one can see that commodity turnover between the two countries increased by 29% and was in excess of US$259 million. Volume of attracted Indian investments in the economy of Uzbekistan for the last decade made about US$77 million. Today 65 companies in partnership with Indian businessmen operate in Uzbekistan, and also representatives of 19 firms and companies accredited. These figures can be sufficiently increased, taking into account economies of the two countries, as well as the wish of business circles. Expansion of mutual delivery by means of implementation of mutually beneficial projects using the capacity of the intermodal hub in Navoi that carry out scheduled cargo flights to the international logistic centers in Europe and Asia, including Delhi and Mumbai, is one of the growing points.

India is one of the global production centers and development of pharmaceutical products. Over the period of the Independence Uzbekistan has developed its domestic pharmaceutical industry. Owing to favorable investment conditions Uzbekistan attracted more than US$130 million in the pharmaceutical industry, a part of which was invested by Indian companies. A number of agreements reached in participation of Delegation from Uzbekistan in the International Pharmaceutical Forum BioAsia-2014 in Hyderabad, India. It was decided, for example, to stage an information visit of Indian pharmaceutical companies to Uzbekistan, holding of meetings with local companies to build up joint production, visit of territories of FEZ Angren and Jizzakh. Participation of Indian manufacturers in the International Pharmaceutical Exhibition is projected to be staged in Tashkent as well, as is the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan and the Council on Support for the Export of Pharmaceutical Industry of India.

This is only a part of the examples of a wide range of bilateral cooperation. The main thing in this process is that the both countries go in parallel towards consolidation of situation in the global market by means of rapid increase the middle class, increase of the home consumption level and a skilled labor force. Uzbekistan and India look into future with certainty, knowing that there is a long-term partner.

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)



Number of mobile users in Uzbekistan exceeds 19.6m people

Number of users of mobile communication services in Uzbekistan makes up 19.6 million people. This was stated at the roundtable “Perspectives of development of international cooperation in mobile communication, based on Charter of International Telecommunication Union, implemented into national legislation”.

The event, which was held on 28 March, was organized by the Committee of Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan on international affairs and inter-parliament relations.

MPs of Legislative Chamber, officials of the State Committee of Uzbekistan on communication, information and telecommunication technologies, Uzbektelecom, Uzstandard Agency and experts participated in the roundtable, information service of Legislative Chamber said.

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a resolution “On measures on organization of activity of national operator of mobile communication” on 12 February 2014. The resolution is directed at creating necessary conditions for participation of national company in mobile communication market and further developing mobile communication and ensuring information security.

It was noted that Uzbekistan is carrying out work on wide use of Internet, mobile television, electronic payments, rendering commercial services, further improve reliability and stability of work of mobile communication network.

Uzbekistan joined International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 1992 and it played a key role in development of mobile communication. ITU is a special UN agency in sphere of information communication technologies. After accession to the organization, Uzbekistan received additional opportunities to improve conditions for use of radio spectrum and orbit of geostationary satellites to provide telecommunications services, receive technical assistance within the ITU, etc.

It was underlined that that Uzbekistan continues to develop mobile communication based on creation of necessary legislation and implementation of international norms. It was stated that Uzbekistan has 19.6 million mobile users and four mobile operators work in the country.

At the roundtable, the participants considered issues of further improving legislation, regulating public relations in creation, exploitation and development of mobile communication, ensure compliance of local legislation to international norms.

The participants noted that development of mobile communication helped to provide additional services and new models of services to population in Uzbekistan. It was noted that it is necessary to develop legislation further to protect interests of users of mobile communication services and to develop international cooperation.

At the end of the roundtable, the recommendations, directed at further developing mobile communication system in Uzbekistan, strengthening international cooperation and corresponding legislation, was adopted.




Uzbek Athlete Triumphant in Super Cup

The talented Uzbek sambo wrestler Islamjan Azimov has won the martial sambo Super Cup.

More than three hundred strongest sambo athletes from over thirty countries of the world vied for the grand prize at this prestigious competition held in Moscow.

Taking part in the contest among wrestlers under 100 kilograms, Islamjan Azimov proved victorious in all the qualifiers and booked ticket for the finals. In the decisive standoff he demonstrated complete advantage over the Moldovan athlete Grigory Postike, and was announced winner ahead of time, which precipitated his rise to the highest level of the podium.

Our experienced athlete already has the titles of the champion of Asia and vice champion of the world.