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January 5, 2016


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President signs law “On veterinary” in new edition. 2

2015: outcomes of the year.. 2

Accomplishments That Left a Mark. 2

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“Uzbekneftegaz” will create a new joint venture for geological exploration. 5


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Athlete from Uzbekistan Andrey Petrov wins Olympic license. 6




President signs law “On veterinary” in new edition

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a law “On veterinary” in new edition on 29 December 2015.

The Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan passed the law on 5 October 2015 and Senate passed it on 4 December 2015. It came into force on 31 December 2015.

The law strengthens priority directions of the state policy ion further developing veterinary service in Uzbekistan.

The law determines authorities of the state bodies on preventing, diagnosis and treatment measures, veterinary supervisions to avoid spread of animal diseases in the country.

It also sets legal mechanisms for participation of citizens self-governing bodies, NGOs and citizens in veterinary measures.

The law will help to develop veterinary service and improve efficiency of the state veterinary supervision, protect health of population and protect environment.


2015: outcomes of the year

Accomplishments That Left a Mark

2015 is ended. Tracking the information flow for 365 days, Uzbekistan Today reporters have reviewed what it was like in Uzbekistan, what was important at home and abroad, and some other issues.

2015 brought a lot of bright events, dozens of signed agreements and contracts, new social facilities, schools, health centers, modern medical centers, comfortable accommodation and manufactures. Meanwhile, from Uzbekistan Today’s perspective, peace and safety have become perhaps the key achievements for the country. It is important to understand that in the conditions of the global economic crisis and upsurge of terrorist threats, Uzbekistan has remained an island of political, economic and social stability. Let us go through it all step by step.


In 2015, Uzbekistan continued its successful advance towards a modern democratic state and just civil society, towards free and prosperous life.

The atmosphere of peace and prosperity in the society, and confidence in the future are important for Uzbeks. The study of the authoritative American Institute of Public Opinion by George Gallup of 2015 is very appropriate in this context. Uzbekistan ranked the second among 141 countries in the survey on ‘The index of the rule of law’. We are proud that our country has reached such a high level in the important issue of maintaining peaceful and tranquil life. It fact, the Constitution and other laws attach priority to human rights and freedoms. Besides, the will to follow them is obvious.

Analyzing the progress and attainments in the political field, it is appropriate to highlight the performance of the new parliament, which has taken up its duties early 2015. People’s representatives have made clear that they will work in drastically new socio-political conditions. They have set for radical improvement of the performance of the Oliy Majlis on the basis of thorough analysis of the foreign practice, effective discussion of draft laws with the involvement of experts and civil society institutions.

Many acts have been approved under new working conditions, including the law ‘On electronic government’, which is expected to contribute to transparency and openness of state authorities, and the law ‘On joint stock societies and protection of stakeholders’ rights’, which is aimed at improvement of the investment climate and business environment, radical change in the principles and approaches to the corporate management system, and others. A report of the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources in front of MPs on the state and prospects of water-saving technologies and introduction of modern technologies in agriculture as part of the parliamentary inquiry is seen important.

There are good changes in the parliamentary control over the activity of state bodies, over the execution of laws and government programs increase, and effective interaction between the two houses of the Oliy Majlis.

The progress and achievements have been conditioned by a dramatic change in the minds and thinking of the Uzbek people, and their attitude to the current events, as well as strengthened civic liability and growth of legal culture. This is a matter of many years, but every citizen strives for that wholeheartedly as he dreams of building a new life in his home country.


In 2015, Uzbekistan continued pursuing its peace-loving strategy with regard to foreign policy. Active international activity of the country’s leadership has created favorable external conditions for internal development and economic growth.

The foreign policy has provided a decent place for Uzbekistan in the global space as an influential state in central Asian region with a developed market economy and an independent foreign policy.

High level visits have demonstrated the growing international authority and respect for the leadership and people of Uzbekistan. In 2015, Uzbekistan was visited by the President of Turkmenistan, prime ministers of India, Japan, Pakistan, US Secretary of State, heads of international organizations, including the UN and OIC Secretary General, Vice-President of the World Bank, presidents of the International Finance Corporation and the International Olympic Committee, and others.

After re-election, President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov paid his first state visit to the Republic of Korea. The state’s leader also visited China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, took part in CIS and SCO summits, festivities on the occasion of the victory of the Chinese people in the war against Japanese militarism, and Tashkent celebrations on the 70th anniversary of victory in the World War Two.

The head of Uzbekistan received the Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan, Chairman of Isuzu Motors Ltd., President of Eximbank of Korea, President of LUKOIL Company.

The President Islam Karimov received accredited ambassadors of the Republic of Egypt, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait, Switzerland, the USA. Heads of diplomatic missions of Uzbekistan in the United Kingdom, Iran, Republic of Korea, Pakistan, Poland have received new appointments.

Uzbek delegations took part in the anniversary summits of the United Nations, the OSCE, as well as OIC events. On December 14, Uzbekistan signed a new OIC Charter of March 14, 2008  in the city of Jeddah, and in 2016 Tashkent will host the 43rd session of the OIC Ministerial Council.


2015 has become a breakthrough for big technological projects in the economy. The Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex at Surgil deposit in Karakalpakstan, which has no analogues in the CIS, was launched in test mode in October. The UGCC annual design capacity makes up nearly 4 billion cubic meters of gas, 400,000 tons of polyethylene, 100,000 tons of high density polypropylene and 100,000 tons of pyrolysis gasoline. The total cost of the project exceeds $3.9 billion.

The international edition Project Finance International ranked the project’s design and financial agreement as the best in the petrochemical and gas-chemical sector in 2012. The project was also awarded the international award ‘Best Deal of 2012’ by Trade Finance Magazine and Global Trade Review. Another international authoritative edition – Infrastructure Journal – awarded the project on the construction of the gas chemical complex a prestigious ‘Global Oil and Gas Trade 2014’.

The launch of high-speed traffic on Marakand-Karshi section is another big event that has consolidated the success of domestic railway sector in the introduction of the latest technological solutions. The project cost has exceeded $324 million. Launched about 3.5 years ago, the project has been completed on the threshold of the 24th anniversary of Uzbekistan’s independence as a big present for the holiday. Previously, it took passenger trains six hours to cover the distance from Tashkent to Karshi, while now Afrosiyob trains have reduced travel time by three hours, and modern Chinese trains – up to 4 hours.

GM Uzbekistan has also pleased the domestic carriers. The company launched the serial production of subcompact utility vehicle Labo in July. It has already gained popularity among commercial organizations that deal with the delivery of small cargo in the cities, where small and maneuverable car has become irreplaceable.


Construction, reconstruction, renovation and equipping of schools, colleges, lyceums, universities, healthcare institutions has been in progress, building the platform for the implementation of national programs on upbringing the comprehensively advanced generation and creation of conditions for high living standards.

This year’s social policy is featured by special attention to the implementation of initiatives of the national program the Year of Attention and Care for the Senior Generation, which was funded by 1.3 trillion soums and $229.6 million. Many issues on further improvement of living standards for older people, increase of the scale of their financial and moral support, streamlining of social, pension and health care of older people have been addressed. Veterans of war and labor front of 1941-1945 have been paid special attention. Scaled measures have been taken to strengthen the role of the older generation in the family and society, and grow young people in line with the centuries-old values and traditions of the Uzbek people. (currency rates of CB RU from 05.01.2016   1$= 2816.47 soums)


Throughout the year the country has been living a vibrant cultural life with a variety of performances and films, concerts and meetings of generations, tours of creative teams. Exhibitions presented handicrafts and works of contemporary art. Most importantly, Uzbekistan implemented projects on creation of favorable conditions for conservation and enrichment of the centuries-old heritage.

Being fairly considered as a source of traditions and customs of the Uzbek people, 179 local recreation and culture centers have been renovated and equipped with modern facilities. They are the concentration of folk-ethnographic and other folk groups, where well-known masters of applied arts pass their skills and knowledge on to the younger generation. The completion of the program on construction and reconstruction of recreation and amusement parks has been another important aspect. Special attention was paid to the creation of conditions for mass festivities with the participation of folk groups.

The first two volumes of a 100-volume book ‘Uzbek Folklore Monuments’ were published in Tashkent, and the 100-volume book ‘Karakalpak Folklore Monuments’ was completed in Nukus. This way, the folklore was immortalized as an essential source of information about the centuries-old culture and traditions of the Uzbek people.


In 2015, Uzbek athletes won 14 different medals at World Championships, which is a record number. This is an unprecedented number of awards Uzbekistan won at world championships within one year. Taekwondo WTF, weightlifting, boxing, judo and other sports have turned local favorites. They are recognized by famous athletes. There is a reason behind that: 26 athletes won Olympic and 24 – Paralympic licenses this year.

Established by a government decree under the NOC, Uzbekistan Olympians Support Foundation has allocated huge funds for the further strengthening of logistical capacity of the country’s sports federations. A regulation on the procedure of payment of scholarships to athletes and coaches was approved with regard to the kinds of sports, as envisaged by the program of Olympic and Paralympic Games. There is a specialized center on sports biomedical service and sports psychology in Tashkent. Athletes take part in national and international training exercises, advance their experience and skills. Coaches are invited to advance their knowledge and skills in international educational and scientific workshops.

The Uzbek school of boxing ranks among the world’s strongest. Our compatriots regularly win the most prestigious tournaments, championships of the continent and the world, Asian and Olympic Games. This fact was once again proved by the acknowledgement of Bektemir Melikuziyev – Asia’s top boxer. In 2015, the 20-year-old athlete of the national team of Uzbekistan has achieved high results in world and continent championships among adults. His victories have deserved high appreciation of sports amateurs. At the World Championship, he won the pass to the 31st Summer Olympic Games of 2016, in addition to the silver medal.

Great importance has been attached to training young athletes. Today, more than 2 million children in Uzbekistan are engaged in 30 kinds of sports. Regional branches of the Children’s Sports Development Fund organized 9,898 sporting events as part of efficient use of sports facilities. Young Uzbeks won 138 gold, 79 silver and 90 bronze medals at international competitions.

Uzbekistan, has been pursuing a targeterd strategy of training of trainers, and running an effective system of their encouragement. In 2015, the number of coaches has increased by nearly 1.8 times against 2003, and female trainers – by almost six times. The composition of professional coaching and teaching staff has drastically changed: nearly half of them have a specialized higher education.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


“Uzbekneftegaz” will create a new joint venture for geological exploration

National Holding Company “Uzbekneftegaz” has announced a tender for the selection of foreign Oil and Gas Company, which will conduct geological exploration for a number of investment blocks.

According to official data, “Uzbekneftegaz” is preparing to implement the investment project “Implementation of exploration on investment blocks Sechankul, Akdzhar and Chimbay, as well as the mining of Urga, and Akchalak Chandyrskoy group.”

The project will be implemented through the establishment of foreign-invested enterprises on a parity basis.

Oil and Gas Companies interested in joint realization of the project must submit a formal application to participate in the competition with the application of information about their company.

Confidentiality agreement will be signed with the parties that have submitted applications by the deadline, in the prescribed manner. After signing of the confidentiality agreement, participants of the competition will be required to provide relevant materials in the established order for the preparation of proposals.

According to the investment programme, the project will envisage creation of capacities on mining 1.5 billion cubic meters of gas and 76,000 tonnes of gas condensate. The volume of investments can make up US$700 million.

(Source: NA «Uzbekistan Today»)


Permanent residence can be registered via

The single portal of interactive state services launched a new online service “Registration of permanent residence of a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

New interactive service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan allows citizens to submit an online application for registration of permanent residence of a citizen.

The result of the service is to obtain permanent residence of a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Registration of residence within the territory of the republic is carried out on the same day, in the city of Tashkent and Tashkent region – within 3 days. The service is paid and is available to individuals.



Athlete from Uzbekistan Andrey Petrov wins Olympic license

Our compatriot Andrey Petrov, by performing successfully in the international marathon organized in Xiamen, China, won the license to the XXXI Summer Olympic Games 2016 which will be held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

In the marathon, which was attended by more than 27 thousand athletes, Andrey went the distance in 2 hours 17 minutes 48 seconds and fulfilled the norm, allowing obtaining license to the Summer Olympic Games.

According to the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan, our athletes have received eighth license to the XXXI Summer Olympic Games. To date, the number of licenses for the game, “Rio 2016” has reached 51. 24 licenses belong to our Paralympians.

(Source: UzA)


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