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May 26, 2015


May 26, 2015

investments. 2

$2.1 billion was invested in the light industry of Uzbekistan. 2

finance.. 2

Central Bank Disproves the Information on Suspension of Conversion. 2

International cooperation.. 3

On the participation of the delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the regular session of the OIC CFM    3

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Last bell rings in all schools of Uzbekistan. 3






$2.1 billion was invested in the light industry of Uzbekistan

The global textile industry has changed dramatically over the past 10-15 years. Affected by globalization, the world economy center of textile production has shifted from Europe and the United States to the developing countries of South-East, Central Asia and South America. Being the major supplier of raw materials for light industry in many Asian countries, and an outstanding player in the market of finished goods, Uzbekistan has been actively involved in these processes.

Domestic light industry manufacturers have been actively exploring new markets through vigorous advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as development of new designs and manufactures of clothing using natural Uzbek fabrics that are known worldwide for high quality.

O‘zbekyengilsanoat Company unites 290 industrial enterprises, of which 156 companies were funded by foreign investors. It is dominated by companies from South Korea, India, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, the United States, and other countries. More than $2.1 billion was invested in the industry over the years of independence. 31 investment projects worth $231.92 million will be accomplished by 2016. In case of successful implementation they are expected to establish nearly 4,200 new jobs.

The CIS, European Union countries and South Korea are major export markets for the Uzbek textile goods. Arab countries appear promising in terms of export expansion. Domestic companies have been recently exploring new markets in South America, Canada and the United States.

The Program of Measures for Ensuring Structural Reforms, Modernization and Diversification of Production for 2015-2019 is seen as an important guideline for the industry in the near future. It envisages certain measures on streamlining the structure of the textile industry through deep processing of local raw materials and production of competitive finished and semi-finished articles popular in the domestic and global market, including dyed yarn, fabrics, knitwear, garments, footwear and leather goods.

Under the said program, O‘zbekyengilsanoat is planning to carry out 58 joint projects on the establishment of new manufactures, upgrade, technical and technological extension of existing facilities, as well as 21 promising foreign-invested projects. They envisage the establishment of textile complexes on the basis of Ellikkala and Kungrad cotton gin mills in Karakalpakstan, textile complexes in Gijduvan district, unfinished facility in Jondor and Romitan districts of Bukhara region, further development of textile production at Indorama Kokand Textile Company.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)



Central Bank Disproves the Information on Suspension of Conversion

The Central Bank of Uzbekistan has disproved the information appeared in several publications on suspension of currency conversion for the period of several months.

“The procedure of converting the national currency into foreign is performed by commercial banks as appropriate, in accordance with the liabilities under the article 8 of the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund,” the regulator states.

(Source:IA «Uzbekistan Today»)


International cooperation

On the participation of the delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the regular session of the OIC CFM

On 27-28 May, 2015, in El-Kuwait, the Delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan headed by the Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov will attend the 42nd Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

(Source: Press Service of the MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan)



Last bell rings in all schools of Uzbekistan

Festive events dedicated to the end of the school year were held today in all schools of the Republic. At the celebratory Assembly brought together Pupils of junior and senior classes, as well as graduates gathered on solemn line-up.

The last school bell is perhaps the most exciting event in the life of every pupil. For all of us, school was a special place – a place where we found our first friends, learned what is a friendship, right in school we had our first victory and defeat. Yesterday’s children today carry a proud rank of the graduates, and tomorrow they will start a new adult life, the choice of the following educational institutions, and the future of the profession.

Celebrations along with graduates were attended by parents of students, graduates of different years, representatives of citizens’ assemblies of mahallas, khokimiyats and various organizations. Pupils who have shown good results in contests of knowledge, olympiads and competitions were distinguished.

The finale of the holiday lineup, of course was the last call. It rang for each of us for many years: such a sudden during recess and such a welcome at the end of the lesson. Today it rings last for thousands of pupils, who mark the last moments of childhood and first steps into adulthood.

Note that this year’s graduates were 482220 ninth-graders who will continue their education in academic lyceums and professional colleges.

In the Ministry of public education today there are 9698 secondary schools, 4929 preschool educational institutions, 278 school of music and art, 490 children’s and youth sports schools and 211 children’s center “Barkamol avlod”.

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