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May 31, 2016


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Uzbekneftegaz National Holding Company intends to implement 51 investment projects totaling $15.8 billion by the end of 2019. 1

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UN informed about main directions of anti-drug policy of Uzbekistan. 2

“Microcreditbank” presents college students certificates to receive preferential loans. 3





Uzbekneftegaz National Holding Company intends to implement 51 investment projects totaling $15.8 billion by the end of 2019

In 2016 alone, it is planned to complete and commission facilities under seven projects.

When implemented, they should increase the volume of hydrocarbon production by 20%, double the production of gas chemical products and refined petroleum products, as well as increase the volume of production engineering products by 60%.

Today, experts are discussing a broad range of issues related to the current state of the oil and gas sector, the further streamlining of exploration and hydrocarbon production technologies, the increase in investment activity, development of mechanisms for project financing. Experts anticipate that the measures to be taken might entail the establishment of dozens of new manufactures, millions of dollars of investments, new jobs.

Uzbekistan has created all conditions for effective development of the industry, so many foreign companies are willing to invest in local projects. Moreover, the country has a great capacity in extraction of natural gas, and even greater opportunities for its processing.

Involvement of foreign companies in investment in exploration has enabled Uzbek experts to learn advanced seismic techniques and technologies in the conditions of transition zone, shallow water, mountainous terrain, which require specialized tools and equipment. The specialists practiced handling modern digital geophones for spatial study of oil and gas deposits.

Specialists are currently upgrading the drilling equipment fleet through purchasing new facilities that will significantly increase the commercial speed of drilling and reduce drilling costs.

It is envisaged to increase the volume and range of products with high added value in the petrochemical industry on the basis of deep processing of natural gas and gas condensate. In order to ensure a stable supply of natural gas, experts focus on the upgrade of gas transportation system, reconstruction of gas processing and desulfurization plants.

In the years of independence, Uzbekistan has implemented big projects like the construction of the Bukhara Oil Refinery with the production capacity of 2.5 million tons, reconstruction of Ferghana Refinery, construction of Shurtan Gas and Chemical Complex on the production of 125,000 tons of polyethylene.

This is just the beginning. To date, experts have started working on the project on the production of polymer products on the basis of technology of obtaining olefins from gas. It is planned to implement projects on the introduction of energy-efficient, energy-saving and alternative technologies at certain facilities in order to enhance the efficiency and rational use of energy, and create favorable conditions for sustainable development of the industry.

Besides, it is envisaged to establish joint stock companies with foreign capital, create favorable conditions for foreign investors, especially strategic investors and qualified foreign managers, and thereupon ensure modernization and technological renovation of production, as well as the production of competitive goods for the internal and external markets. Interaction with leading companies from South Korea, Japan, Germany, France and other countries has been already underway in this direction.

Experts have started working on a project on the production of polymer products on the basis of technology of obtaining olefins from gas

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


UN informed about main directions of anti-drug policy of Uzbekistan

Information about the main directions of anti-drug policies and their implementation in the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2015 was circulated as an official document of the 70th session of the General Assembly at the headquarters of the UN in New York.

The document says that our country attaches great importance to the efforts to reduce the supply of and demand for narcotic substances in accordance with the Program of complex measures to counteract drug abuse and their illicit trafficking for 2011-2015. It is emphasized that over the past period, the Republic paid particular attention to the improvement of the regulatory framework in the field of regulation of circulation of narcotic drugs and provision of drug treatment, the material-technical base and personnel potential of the special law enforcement units and medical services.

The document notes that in order to ensure continuity and coordinated activities of state and public organizations, conducting organizational-legal and practical measures aimed at effective prevention, detection and suppression of illicit trafficking in narcotic substances, Uzbekistan has prepared the draft of a similar Programme for 2016-2020.

Along with this, the article also stated that in 2015, Uzbekistan’s law enforcement bodies concentrated efforts on the need to prevent drug trafficking, paying special attention to the overlapping of channels of receipt of drugs in trafficking both within the country and transit through its territory, as well as the sustainable elimination of organized criminal groups. As a result of organizational and preventive measures, over the last year the law enforcement bodies revealed 6648 facts of crimes in this direction. In order to effectively solve the tasks set for the elimination of drug trafficking, the detection and suppression of illegal cultivation of narcotic plants and the prevention of offenses related to illicit drug trafficking, the competent authorities of Uzbekistan with the participation of representatives of local authorities and the public conducted a two-stage integrated large-scale operation “Black poppy – 2015”. In the course of it, 2687 drug-related crimes were revealed and 621 kilograms of drugs seized.

According to the document, in order to counter new types of psychoactive substances, the country has developed preventive measures and proposals. At that, the headquarters of the representatives of the competent authorities have been established on the basis of the National information analytical center on drug control. Its establishment resulted corresponding amendments in the national legislation. In particular, the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan dated 12 November 2015, “On improving the procedure of import, export and transit through the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors and control over their trafficking” approved the updated List of narcotic substances, the circulation of which in the Republic is prohibited. This list has also been supplemented with 80 items of new types of synthetic drugs.

The official document circulated by the UN states that the analysis of the data demonstrates the positive development of the drug situation in Uzbekistan. The rates of primary drug addiction, the number of patients at the dispensary went down; a decline has been continued in the number of drug addicts who take drugs by injection.

In order to improve the preventive work, the Department of addictions and adolescent psychopathology of the Tashkent Institute of improvement of doctors has developed lecture tutorials for the primary prevention of drug addiction among adolescent and youth, parents of students (schools, colleges, universities), teachers. In 2015, narcologists read 6947 lectures, held 2338 seminars, carried out 632 publications in the media.

In conclusion, it is emphasized that Uzbekistan continued effective work on ensuring effective implementation of international commitments in the framework of the legal basis of bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the field of drug control.


“Microcreditbank” presents college students certificates to receive preferential loans

The Joint-Stock Commercial Bank (JSCB) “Microcreditbank”, the Movement of entrepreneurs and businessmen UzLiDeP and the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan organized a seminar in Parkent district of Tashkent region. The event was aimed at acquainting the wider population with opportunities for the development of small business and private entrepreneurship in our country.

Being one of the largest microfinance institutions of the country, specialised in the support of small business and private entrepreneurship, JSCB “Microcreditbank” pays particular attention to attracting youth and women to entrepreneurship and the development of their knowledge and skills in this area. The bank provides wide opportunities for those who are going to start their own business.

During the event, the organized determined the best business plans developed by college students of Parkent district of Tashkent region. Authors of business ideas were awarded special certificates for concessional loans.



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