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June 13, 2016


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Tashkent hosted two major exhibitions on agricultural engineering, Uzbekistan Agrotech Expo and Uzbekistan Agromash Expo. 1

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Procedure for provision of e-government services to be optimized. 3

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The new building of the Andijan Region Puppet Theater has opened its doors. 4




Tashkent hosted two major exhibitions on agricultural engineering, Uzbekistan Agrotech Expo and Uzbekistan Agromash Expo

They once again proved that domestic producers are capable of competing with the world’s leading manufacturers on equal terms. Uzbekistan Today reporters have learned about innovations in the industry, and made sure that in the near future, domestic farmers will be able to use smartphone-controlled tractors, and ‘smart greenhouses’, where fruits and vegetables grow without human involvement.

Right priorities

Successful implementation of the program on channeling foreign investments in the real economy and consequent introduction of current international management standards, modernization and technological re-equipment of capacities has been underway in Uzbekistan.

Every year, the Head of State initiates documents to support the domestic industry and create additional incentives for foreign investment. The Investment Program and Localization Program are the pivotal documents that reflect the most important projects for the country. The documents empower the implementation of strategically important initiatives that are aimed at the construction of new up-to-date production facilities, modernization, technical and technological renovation of enterprises, advanced development of transport, engineering, communication and social infrastructure, and consequent establishment of new jobs and sustainable and dynamic development of the economy.

Dozens of similar projects have been implemented in agricultural engineering in the years of independence. The industry attracted strategic investors – the leading international manufacturers of agricultural equipment, who have brought not just advanced technologies, but also new approaches to the construction of manufactures in the conditions of market economy in Uzbekistan.

The government has been actively supporting the initiators of projects – domestic and foreign investors, providing them with an unprecedented number of privileges and preferences. Such a close attention is fully justified. Uzbekistan has a huge capacity not just in the production of agricultural and food products, which is vital in today’s food crises, but also a developed industrial base, capable of producing modern equipment for domestic and foreign markets.

The Program of Further Modernization, Technical and Technological Re-equipment of Agricultural Production for 2016 was an important step for the establishment of the industry. It is primarily aimed at the establishment of a manufacture of new types of agricultural and reclamation machinery, vehicles and mini-processing technologies. In order to optimize this work, enterprises of the sector were exempt from income and property tax for five years while they develop the production of new types of equipment, components and parts, including those that are produced on the basis of licensing agreements with leading manufacturers.

The foundation of the holding agro-engineering company Uzagroprommashholding in 2014 was a follow up of the ongoing work. The new structure has significantly improved the management system of enterprises of agricultural engineering, enhancing their efficiency and profitability.

In modern conditions, things in mechanical engineering are ruled by specialization, which allows quickly responding to the emerging demand, altering and modifying manufactured products within the range. Three domestic giants have been pursuing this strategy. The Tashkent Plant of Agricultural Machinery has concentrated on the production of tractors, trailers and cotton pickers, Chirchiq Plant established the production of modern types of mounted and trailed agricultural equipment, also by means of the equipment and technologies that were redeployed from the Aggregate Plant, which has started producing components and spare parts.

Another focus has been placed on radical improvement of staff training system to operate and maintain agricultural machinery through closer cooperation of specialized higher education institutions and vocational colleges with a tractor fleet of the republic, as well as through additional measures on stimulation of machinery operators.

Expo Platform

The joint exhibition of Uzbekistan Agrotech Expo and Uzbekistan Agromash Ehpo presented the products of 200 companies from 30 countries, including Austria, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy, China, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, South Korea and others. In order to attract the leading international companies, Uzexpocentre provided participants with free exhibition areas.

The exhibitions have turned into the leading Central Asian industrial platforms to showcase the latest technological solutions in the agricultural sector, as well as products by the world’s largest manufacturers. The exhibits demonstrated a wide range of products of agricultural machinery and related products, both domestic and foreign, which are needed for the introduction of modern technologies of production, storage, transportation and processing of primary products at the enterprises of agroindustrial complex.

During the exhibition, Uzbek consumers were introduced into the current financial instruments of purchasing technologies and equipment. A series of specialized thematic workshops were aimed at the development of mutually beneficial cooperation between farms, agricultural firms, small enterprises of the republic and foreign manufacturers of equipment and technologies.  Advanced technologies and modern equipment were presented.

Representatives of regional, municipal and district administrations, small business and private entrepreneurship, agricultural firms and farms could see the divesity of agricultural machinery, they had much to choose in good price and quality. During thematic workshops, representatives of domestic and foreign manufacturers told about all the proposed updates, answered the questions. Representatives of ministries, departments, and commercial banks explained the procedure of preparation and signing of international agreements.

597 contracts and protocols on purchasing technologies, equipment and agricultural machinery worth 174.8 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 13.06.2016, 1$= 2929.14  soums) were signed last year between foreign companies and local businessmen. This year’s results will be announced later, but they will undoubtedly prove a remarkable growth.

International experience

Foreign investors have made a huge contribution in the development of domestic engineering by bringing not just investments, but also technological know-how in Uzbekistan. German companies rank among major partners in this direction. In 2010, the world-famous Claas, jointly with Uzbek partners, founded a joint venture Uz CLAAS Agro, which specializes in the production of agricultural machinery. It has empowered the production of grain and forage harvesters, tractors, balers and other machinery. The service company Uz CLAAS Service was established for maintenance and supply of spare parts. Today, it covers almost all regions of the country.

Another German company Lemken GmbH & Co. KG established a joint venture Lemken Chirchiq in 2012, which specializes in the production of modern tillage and other agricultural machinery. A representative of the Italian-American business – Case New Holland Company – has been actively working in the country. Joint ventures UzCaseMash and UzCaseTractor specialize in the production of modern agricultural machines, constantly raising the level of localization. UzCaseService joint venture was established to ensure maintenance of the agricultural machinery, which is produced by the enterprise, and deliver spare parts for it.

The world’s leader in the production of mounted and trailed agricultural machinery, the French Kuhn is getting prepared to enter the market in the near future.

The French side has already prepared a draft framework agreement, and is planning to organize assembly of its equipment in Uzbekistan. It is intended to be an equivalent partnership between the two sides. The French company is ready to share its know-how and technologies for free.

At the same time, it is not envisaged to establish separate technological capacities for the assembly. The Uzbek side proposed several operating industrial enterprises with the appropriate industrial base: Tashkent Plant of Agricultural Machinery, Chirchik Plant of Agricultural Machinery, Research and Production Association Technolog, and several other facilities.

At the first stage, the French side offers to organize the assembly of seeders, plows, sprayers and fertilizer spreaders. In the future, depending on demand, that can be followed by the production of equipment for gardeners and utility services.

A consortium of European companies led by the German Society for International Cooperation has been implementing another interesting project on modernization of agriculture in Uzbekistan through the development of leading Western know-how and technologies.

The initiative of the total cost of 9.3 million euros is carried out in two main areas – livestock and horticulture. It will last until the end of 2018 to open the Uzbek market for European agricultural products and services, and provide direct access for Uzbek farms to French know-how and technologies.

In the current year, the parties intend to develop a feasibility study of the project and organize a demonstration of specific equipment for farmers. Certain farms and state institutions will be selected for implementation of pilot projects at the second stage in 2017-2018. For example, they will be allocated funds for the purchase of equipment and training, improvement of quality control and veterinary services.

Development of diversification of local agricultural production is another important element of the project. Farmers will be provided with the funds to purchase equipment for canning, storage, processing and packaging of fruits and vegetables.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Procedure for provision of e-government services to be optimized

On June 2, the Cabinet of Ministers in the framework of the implementation of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On electronic government” adopted a resolution “On measures to improve the order of provision of electronic government services”.

The document defines measures to improve the order of provision of e-government services by eliminating repetitive procedures, reducing the list of documents and information, terms and cost of obtaining services requested from the public and businesses, and bring documents of state organs to a common format.

Improvement of the procedure provision of e-government services will include several stages. At the initial stage the most necessary for businesses and public government services will be selected. Moreover, they will be carefully analyzed. Furthermore, the implementation of service will be done by making amendments to the relevant legislation, taking into account public and expert opinion, as well as the automation of public service delivery procedures.

Currently, the Ministry of Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Center for the development of “Electronic government” system has already started work on the survey of a number of important state services for the improvement of the order of their delivery and transfer into electronic form.



The new building of the Andijan Region Puppet Theater has opened its doors

Artistic teams from across the republic have come together to participate in the opening ceremony and the tenth National Juried Festival of Puppet Theaters.

Timed to coincide with International Children’s Day, the festival came as a present for the residents and guests of Andijan. The festivities kicked off with a puppet parade that moved across the square outside the theater decorated with fountains, trees and many children’s attractions.

All the ten theaters of the country presented plays that were judged by the jury and the audience. The young team of Silk Route Marionettes presented an out-of-competition performance. Apart from plays, the festival included master classes by leading specialists. Those gathered also learned about puppet mechanics, shadow theaters and other issues.

Funny and educational plays were staged in a 300-seat auditorium. The new two-storied building houses rehearsal rooms, a buffet, a puppet making studio, a makeup room and even a small library.

“The theater won’t break for holidays and will be performing for children all summer,” says Bekzod Kurbanov, Director of the Andijan Region Puppet Theater. We’ll adapt over 20 plays from the repertory to the new stage and will be working on new performances.”

The festival also analyzed the activities of puppet theaters, focused on the need to further strengthen cooperation between playwrights and teams and hosted a conference dedicated to artistic quest and development of this sphere.

Members of the jury headed by editor-in-chief of the magazine ‘Jahon adabiyoti’ (World Literature) and head of the Union of Writers’ drama section, Shukhrat Rizayev, found the Bukhara Region Puppet Theater’s “The Legend of Shiroq” to be the best play. Second place went to the Kashkadarya Theater. The troupes of Andijan and Samarkand theaters shared third place.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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