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June 9, 2015


June 9, 2015


POLItiCs. 2

President of Uzbekistan receives OIC Secretary-General 2

economy: Surkhandarya region.. 2

Programme for industrial development of Surkhandarya region adopted. 2

investments. 3

‘Smart’ Appliances to Make Way to Uzbekistan. 3

Uzbekistan to direct 262.527bn soums to construction, reconstruction of sport objects. 4

International cooperation.. 4

Meeting with OIC Secretary-General 4

Exhibiton Uzbekistan Agrominitech and Uzbekistan Agrotechmash Expo.. 4

Plowing, Sowing, and Much More… 4

festivals. 5

Children’s Fashion Boom.. 5

sport.. 6

Uzbekistan national taekwondo team became world champion. 6

Another Gold Won by Uzbekistan Athlete at Asian Athletics Championship. 6

Svetlana Radzivil Won the Gold of the Asian Championship. 7




President of Uzbekistan receives OIC Secretary-General

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov received the Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Iyad Ameen Madani at the presidential residence Oqsaroy on 8 June 2015, the press service of the President of Uzbekistan said.

Uzbek President Islam Karimov underlined productive character of relations between Uzbekistan and the OIC, which unites over 50 countries.

The Secretary-General of the OIC highly rates impressive success of Uzbekistan in social-economic development.

It was underlined that Uzbekistan, which joined to the OIC in 1996, actively participates in operations and events of the organization and contributes to strengthening its role in modern world.

At recent session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the OIC, the decision was adopted on holding next session of the foreign ministers of the organization in Uzbekistan and presidency of Uzbekistan in this key institute of the organization in 2016.

The sides exchanged opinion on other issues of mutual interest at the negotiations at Oqsaroy presidential residence.

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economy: Surkhandarya region

Programme for industrial development of Surkhandarya region adopted

The Government of Uzbekistan with its resolution approved a programme of developing industrial potential of Surkhandarya region for 2015-2017.

The document was adopted for further improving industrial potential of Surkhandarya region via creation of new, modernization and re-equipment of production capacities, deep processing mineral and raw materials, expand production of ready goods, competitive both in internal and external markets.

The resolution set important directions of further speeding up development of industrial potential of Surkhandarya region, which are:

  • ensure comprehensive and effective use of production and resource potential of Surkhandarya region, create favorable conditions for further sustainable growth and diversification of industrial production, mainly due to the creation of modern high-tech industries for the production of products with high added value and competitive in the domestic and foreign markets;
  • wide attraction of foreign investments, including direct, to create a new modern high-tech industries, technical and technological re-equipment, introduction of energy saving technologies;
  • organization of new modern processing capacities of food industry, including fruit and vegetables, confectionery and dairy industry, with the expansion of the necessary raw materials for their future development;
  • development of enterprises for the production of modern and demanded light industrial products, and other non-food consumer goods, expand raw material base for the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

The Government approved targeted programmes for creation of new, modernisation and re-equipment of existing capacities of industrial enterprises of Surkhandarya regin for 2015-2015 by the industries of real economy.

It is planned to implement 47 projects for US$21.641 million in food industry, which envisage creation of new and modernization of existing capacities in food industry, as well as expand its resource base. The projects will be financed due to own resources of the enterprises (US$8.068 million) and loans of the banks (US$13573 million).

About 37 projects for US$63.232 million will be implementing in the light industry and production of other non-food products. About US$42.245 million will be allocated by the commercial banks. The enterprises will direct US$19.297 million of own resources to realize the projects, while foreign investments will make up US$1.69 million.

Over 86 projects will be implemented in construction and finishing materials for US$261.346 million. The enterprises will direct US$38.548 million of own resources, US$132.798 million of loans of the banks and US$90 million of loan of the Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan.

Nine projects envisage creation of new and modernization of existing capacities of machinery and production of production-technical purpose, as well as chemical industry.

The cost of these projects is US$15.947 million. Own resources of the enterprises will make up US$14.957 million and the loans of the banks – US$990,000.

In the result of implementation of the programme, the production of industrial goods by 35.1% in 2017 compared to 2014.

In particular, production of consumer goods will grow by 43.9% in 2017 compared to 2014, construction materials – 40%, goods of production-technical purpose – 62.8% and non-food goods – 42.5%.

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‘Smart’ Appliances to Make Way to Uzbekistan

South Korean technology giant Samsung intends to establish full production of cutting-edge home appliances in Uzbekistan, sharing its know-how and advanced technologies.

The announcement was made by Samsung Senior Vice-President John Koo Choi at an Uzbek-Korean business forum in Seoul. According to him, the South Korean company views Uzbekistan as a promising and strategic partner:

“Backed by modern and diversified industry, Uzbekistan has a huge capacity for economic growth, so in the near future the republic might build basic production facilities for the production and subsequent export of modern electrical appliances to the neighboring markets. With this in mind, Samsung has made a strategic decision to establish in Uzbekistan a complete production cycle of the latest household appliances sharing its know-how and advanced technologies.”

Uzbekistan is seen as a kind of outpost for penetration into Central Asia. Two largest domestic enterprises specializing in the production of household appliances – Zenith Electronics and Artel – have established an assembly of a wide range of appliances of the South Korean company. Last year was particularly fruitful in this regard. For example, Zenith Electronics launched the production of LED TVs, 35% of which are assembled out of domestic components. The list includes electronic control boards, the front panel, the back cover, stand and foam packaging. When establishing the manufacture of television sets, the company has adapted a new technology of production of electronic boards – a surface mount technology, which is an ultra-modern robotic line capable of mounting electronic components from 0.3 to 30 mm without human intervention. In addition, the company produces washing machines under the brand name of the South Korean giant.

The Artel trademark has been active in developing cooperation with Samsung as well. Earlier this year, the parties signed a long-term contract for the implementation of the production of household air conditioners. The commissioning of the new plant is scheduled for the beginning of the latter half of 2015. It is expected to export 30% of the output to CIS countries this year, and bring the index to 60% by the end of 2018. Besides, the companies are currently elaborating on a joint project on the production of LED displays. The joint products will be manufactured under the Samsung brand labeled ‘Made in Uzbekistan’.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

Uzbekistan to direct 262.527bn soums to construction, reconstruction of sport objects

Republican organizations and enterprises will transfer 87.83 billion soums as a charity aid to the Fund for Development of Children Sport under the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan in 2015 (currency rates of CB RU from 09.06.2015   1$= 2541.65 soums).

The Government of Uzbekistan issued a resolution “On approval of budget of the Fund for Development of Children Sport under the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan and targeted programmes for construction, reconstruction and capital repair of objects of children sport and children music and art schools for 2015”.

According to the resolution, 66 companies and organizations will provide charity aid to the Fund for 87.83 billion soums. In particular, Uzbekneftegaz, Uzbektelecom, Uzbekiston Temir Yollari and Uzavtosanoat will allocated 4.75 billion soums each to the Fund.

At the same time, the resolution said that the regional enterprises will provide 52.75 billion soums to the Fund in 2015, while foreign investors will allocate US$400,000 to the Uzbek Fund. In particular, LUKOIL will issue US$170,000 to the fund.

About 262.527 billion soums will be directed to construction, reconstruction and capital repair of 221 children sport objects in 2015.

At the same time, 11.4 billion soums will be used to construction and reconstruction of five children music and art schools.

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International cooperation

Meeting with OIC Secretary-General

On 8 June 2015, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan Abulaziz Kamilov met with the Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Iyad Ameen Madani.

During the meeting the sides discussed the current state and priorities of further deepening of cooperation between Uzbekistan and the OIC, the participation of our country in the work of organization, which unites 57 countries.

Special attention was paid to the practical aspects of the upcoming 2016 Uzbekistan’s presidency in the Council of Foreign Ministers of the OIC Member States, preparing and holding the regular Ministerial Council meeting in Tashkent.


Exhibiton Uzbekistan Agrominitech and Uzbekistan Agrotechmash Expo

Plowing, Sowing, and Much More…

The country’s largest specialized platform for experts and representatives of agricultural machinery, which combined two exhibitions, Uzbekistan Agrominitech and Uzbekistan Agrotechmash Expo, wrapped up last week in Tashkent. It resulted in dozens of contracts and joint projects, agreements and plans.

According to experts, the site has turned into one of the most important economic events of 2015 given the challenges facing the country’s agro-industrial complex. A significant increase in the level of processing agricultural products at domestic enterprises, dramatic changes in equipping agriculture and processing industries with cutting-edge and high-performance devices and tools in line with international requirements and standards, foreign direct investments in the industry have been major priorities of socio-economic development of Uzbekistan.

The importance of exhibitions for the agricultural sector is evidenced by last year’s outcomes: the parties signed 1,180 contracts and protocols of intentions for the purchase of mini-technologies, compact equipment and agricultural machinery worth more than 145 billion soums. This year’s figures promise to be much higher, since the combined exhibition presents products of more than 220 companies, including the world’s leading manufacturers. Foreign companies and manufacturers were provided with free stand spaces (currency rates of CB RU from 09.06.2015   1$= 2541.65 soums).

“We manufacture parts and pieces for greenhouses and water supply systems. Our equipment provides the whole process of growth and maturation of crops. For example, the automated climate-control system regulates the concentration of moisture and temperature in a greenhouse. Each plant is fed by hourly drip irrigation and dozed fertilizer admixture. Uzbekistan is a big market and we hope to get a foothold here,” said the President of the South Korean company Myung Sung Placon Ltd., Zhong Jung Han.

“The food industry has been boosting, the scope of processing agricultural products has been expanding, and new technologies have been introduced in Uzbekistan. We present advanced equipment for fruit and vegetable processing as well as production of dairy and bakery foods. Farmers and businesspeople in Uzbekistan have shown great interest in technologies, so I hope to establish close contacts with local partners,” said the general manager of the Italian company Tecno Italia, Corrado Rovesti.

The exhibition introduced Uzbek consumers to financial instruments for purchasing mini-technologies and compact equipment. The agenda included a series of specialized subject-focused workshops aimed at promoting mutually beneficial cooperation between farms, agricultural firms and small enterprises of the republic with foreign manufacturers, presentations of advanced technologies and equipment.

“Our company exports more than 150 items of products to 40 countries. We have been using the latest technologies and equipment. Therefore, we have seen steadily growing demand. This is our fourth presentation at the trade fair Uzbekistan Agrominitech Expo, so we can say that it contributes to the promotion of domestic products abroad,” said the General Manager of the Alifar Agroimpeks Holding, Sherzod Alimov.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Children’s Fashion Boom

Children paraded exquisite designs at a fashion show for little hipsters in Tashkent

A big catwalk for children was opened at the Youth Art Palace in Tashkent. Twenty-two collections of children’s clothes were presented at the “Bolajonlar-Shirintoilar” festival of children’s clothes.

The children’s fashion show is not only a nice and pretty event, but also is fun and truly spectacular. Little models marched along the runway with a serious look, and the youngest participants, who were barely two years of age, confidently kept gait the young trainees to the ‘Calibri’ fashion art bureau school, while designers and teachers proudly watched the children’s enchanting show. At first sight only adults seem to feel nervous. But this is only at first sight…

From its very first year this bright holiday turned into a focal point for counting out the rapid development of a new trend in the national fashion industry. Namely here year after year has taken shape and continues to gain interest and popularity a colorful style of children’s national fashion.

The project also faces no lesser significant task – the festival opens up the names of new modelers and young models; it turns into a unique site for lighting up new stars, formation of creative tandems and even concluding business contacts between creators and producers of children’s clothes.

“The festival promotes the formation of a taste with children, youth and their parents, and aesthetic upbringing, while through national dresses expands their knowledge in the field of culture and art of Uzbekistan, about the specific features of mentality and climatic conditions of the region,” comments chairwoman of designers ‘Osiyo ramzi’ Association Holida Komilova. “Young models of children’s Tantana group, Tomosha theatre studioand trainees of the Calibri fashion art bureau school get very seriously prepared for their performances.”

We would like to remind that the festival is conducted in the format of a three-stage designers’ competition. Along with professional designers taking part in it are students of higher educational institutions, students of colleges and amateur modelers. Semifinal qualifiers and approval of model sketches and materials for collections were held in the first stage in September last year. The organizers reviewed hundreds of works made by 85 designers from all over the country, one collection after another. Early this year the participants presented a ready-made sample of one model for the second round of the competition where they checked the items’ construction, fitness and technology of production. And prior to the big final at the competition’s final round they selected finished collections of dress models solved in a single whole ensemble with necessary accessories and additions. According to results of the third round, 22 collections from 27 designers were admitted to the final. Those were the most beautiful models on the following trends: prêt-a-porter, national style, smart dress, sport style, and clothes for expecting mothers.

“This is my third time participating in the festival, and I would like to admit that today here, we have more visitors at the Youth Art Palace than ever before,” says Dilnoza Mirsobirova, young model and alumna of the Tomosha theatre studio. “The most memorable thing is always the final show with designers, it’s always exciting to look into the spectators’ eyes who have seen the whole show…”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Uzbekistan national taekwondo team became world champion

The World Cup according to the light-contact WASCO taekwondo among cadets, juniors and veterans was held on May 28-31 in Italy.

More than 500 athletes attended the competition from nearly 32 countries. 33 athletes were defended the honor of Uzbekistan. Our taekwondo sportsmen competed in the implementation of complex exercises, singles matches, special technique and breaking subjects.

At the end of the championship, winning 16 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze medals, Uzbekistan national team took the 1st place in the team event.

Second place went to England. Italian team closed top 3.

(Source: UzReport )

Another Gold Won by Uzbekistan Athlete at Asian Athletics Championship

Yekaterina Voronina who participated in heptathlon competitions of the Asian Athletics Championship has won the gold medal, informs the Athletics Federation of Uzbekistan. 

The Uzbek athlete showed the best result scoring 5689 points. It should be mentioned that previously in the high jumping competitions of the Asian Athletics Championship that is taking place in China’s Wuhan our compatriot Svetlana Radzivil won the gold as well.


Svetlana Radzivil Won the Gold of the Asian Championship

China’s Wuhan is hosting the Asian Athletics Championship. At the first day of the competitions Uzbekistan’s Svetlana Radzivil won the gold medal in high jumping.

Uzbekistan Athletics Federation informs the result of our athlete is 1.91 cm. The silver and bronze medals went to Chinese athletes, who jumped to 1.88 and 1.84 cm correspondingly.

(Source: IA «Uzbekistan Today»)

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