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June 14, 2016


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Uzbekistan: There Is Never Too Much Silk. 1

Uzbekistan to construct plant for repairing excavators and tracked vehicles. 1


Uzbekistan has presented and officially launched the first national social network 1

International cooperation.. 2

Meeting with the commander of the Central Command of the US Armed Forces. 2

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ILO: the experience of Uzbekistan is worthy for imitation throughout the region. 2





Uzbekistan: There Is Never Too Much Silk

Silkworm breeders of Uzbekistan have completed the season with more than 26,200 tons of cocoons.

“This year, local silkworm breeders have cultivated silkworm eggs of highly productive, climate friendly and resistant to diseases domestic varieties of silkworms Ipakchi-1, Ipakchi-2, Uzbekistan-5, Uzbekistan-6, obtaining an average of 58.2 kg of the crop from each box of silkworm eggs,” reported the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Uzbekistan.

This year, the purchase prices of cocoons have increased by an average of 11%, and in beginning of the season the farmers were paid a deposit of 43% of the estimated cost of the harvest.

Silkworm breeders of Samarkand, Surkhandarya, Bukhara, Navoi, Syrdarya, Kashkadarya and Ferghana regions were the first to fulfill contractual obligations. 60-68 kg of cocoons were obtained from each box of silkworm eggs in Jandar, Narpay, Beshariq, Bayaut, Jarkurgan, Kasbi, Kyzyltepa, Chust and Kurgantepa districts.

The Usmonjon Domla farm of Uychi district obtained record yields – 78 kg silkworm eggs from with each box, and the Zolinlik Marjon Maksud farm of Jandar district – 75 kg of eggs.

“Representatives of local authorities and citizens’ assemblies directly assisted farmers during harvesting,” says Director for Sericulture Development of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources Kahhor Yavkochdiev. “Large cocoon processing enterprises signed direct contracts with farmers, supplying them with all the equipment they needed to operate within the season. As a result, the farmers harvested high quality feedstock. Ranking among the most profitable industries, sericulture occupies a special place in economic development. 350 kg of silk, 20,000 meters of adras, 13,000 meters of atlas and dozens of other products from one ton of cocoons give the good reason to be proud of the success of Uzbek silkworm breeders.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

Uzbekistan to construct plant for repairing excavators and tracked vehicles

Uzbekistan will construct a plant for repairing excavators and tracked vehicles with estimated cost of US$29 million.

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a resolution “On construction of the plant for repairing excavators and tracked vehicles” on 3 June 2016.

According to the document, the plant will be located in Yangiyer (Syrdarya region) on the base of locomotive depo of Uzbekistan Temir Yollari (Uzbekistan Railways).

The estimated cost of the project is US$29 million. The project will be financed due to own resources of Uzbekistan Temir Yollari. The project will be realized in 2016-2017.



Uzbekistan has presented and officially launched the first national social network

It was developed by UZINFOCOM Center with the support of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communication of Uzbekistan. The government provided technical opportunities for the successful development of the network.

To date, the Uzbek segment of the global network has registered 37 social networks, but some of them are not active or do not contain useful and interesting content. This has entailed the need for a national social network that would be adapted to the culture and needs of the population.

In the current conditions of development of the Uzbek segment of the global network, no private company is capable to invest in the development and sustain a large-scale project like social network. Therefore, it was decided to establish a national social network, supported by the state.

Using the social network, users can find their classmates and fellow students, co-workers and colleagues. They can create public and private interest groups, open interest pages, or use the tool for business promotion.

The standard services range includes posting texts, photos and videos, liking, commenting and chatting in the messenger. There is also an opportunity to initiate events, and invite friends.

The social network has already registered more than 2,200 members, 50 pages and 66 interest groups. Authorization is carried out through accounts on ID.UZ. There is an adaptive layout for mobile devices, and the interface is in Uzbek and Russian.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

International cooperation

Meeting with the commander of the Central Command of the US Armed Forces

On June 14, 2016, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan hosted a meeting with the Commander of US Central Command, Joseph L. Votel.

The sides discussed some issues of the Uzbek-American agenda and exchanged views on international and regional problems.

The US Charge d’Affaires Lesslie Viguerie attended the meeting.

(Source: Press Service of the MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


ILO: the experience of Uzbekistan is worthy for imitation throughout the region

In May Tashkent hosted a “round table” on the theme “Experience of Uzbekistan on protection of the rights and the creation of working conditions for workers in the agricultural sector” organized in the framework of the visit to Uzbekistan of delegations of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Organization of Employers (IOE).

The results of this event aroused wide interest abroad. In particular, one of China’s most prestigious universities – Shanghai International Studies University posted on its website an article on this topic.

As noted in the material, in the course of the “round table”, the participants were informed about the measures implemented in Uzbekistan in the framework of the relevant conventions of International Labour Organization ratified by the Republic, and explanatory work among the population on the principles of international and national labor standards.

It is emphasized that Coordination Council on Child Labour functions in the country which is composed by representatives of a number of state and public organizations. “During the round table it was announced plans to further improve the activities of the Board, – says the publication. – In particular, it is expected the adoption of new measures aimed at the realization of national and international labor standards. In addition, work will continue to strengthen the institutional capacity of existing labor inspection in the country. Particular attention is paid to raising public awareness, strengthening employers’ responsibility in the implementation of ILO conventions”.

It is reported that the participants of the meeting considered effective measures to improve feedback mechanisms, opening call centers in the regions, outreach work among citizens.

“International experts stressed the importance of promoting the positive experience of cooperation of Uzbekistan in the framework of three-side system, where, thanks to the effective cooperation between the Government, trade unions and employers’ organizations manage to achieve substantial results within the framework of social and labor relations”, – informs the Shanghai university.

The article cited the opinion of the Special Advisor of the General Director of the International Labour Office (ILO Permanent Secretariat in Geneva) Kari Tapiola, who believes the experience of Uzbekistan is exemplary in the region.

“The scale of cooperation of Uzbekistan with international organizations is growing every year and gives positive results” – quotes the website of the ILO representative.

(Source: «Business» newspaper)

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