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June 23, 2015


June 23, 2015

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Uzbekistan – in the top five countries with the fastest growing economies. 2

Light Industry Intends to Increase Annual Export to $ 1.5 Billion. 2


Single identification system for state services to be created in Uzbekistan. 2

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Summer. Heat. Recreation. 3

REGIONS: gulistan city.. 6

The master plan of the city of Gulistan for the period up to 2030 approved. 6

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Asian Taekwon-do Championship Will Be Held in Uzbekistan. 6



Uzbekistan – in the top five countries with the fastest growing economies

The World Economic Forum on its website published an article entitled “13 fastest-growing economies in the world.” The article was published in collaboration with the Business Insider UK.

The article includes a list of 13 countries with the highest projected compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2014 through 2017 based on the forecasts from the World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects.

Thus, in accordance with the article, the expected GDP of Uzbekistan in 2015 will constitute 7.6%, in 2016 – 7.8%, in 2017 – 8%. As a result, the cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of Uzbekistan’s economy for 2014-2017 equals to 7.87%. According to the World Economic Forum, Uzbekistan occupies the fifth place in the list of countries with the fastest growing economies in the world.

The first place is occupied by Ethiopia. According to the data, it is expected that in 2015 GDP of Ethiopia will amount to 9.5%, in 2016 – 10.5% and in 2017 – 8.5%.


Light Industry Intends to Increase Annual Export to $ 1.5 Billion

Uzbekengilsanoat SJSC plans to increase annual export of its products to $ 1.5 billion a year. Last year, it remained at the level of $ 1 billion.

The company said that by September 18 new industrial enterprises will be put into operation with a total value of $ 99 million, and with export potential $ 43.1 million.

In accordance with forecasts to 2020, the growth of industrial output will increase by 3 times and will reach 6.9 trillion soums, including cotton yarn – 2.5 times, production of finished cloth – 2.8 times, silk fabric – 2.7 times, nonwoven – 1.5 times, knitted fabric – 2.7 times compared to the years of independence (currency rates of CB RU from 23.06.2015   1$= 2550.85 soums).

Consequently, the production will be increased of finished products with high added value, including ready-made garments by 3.2 times, knitted goods by 2.1 times, and production of raw silk 2.1 times. If the volume of textile production in 2011 amounted to 85.63 million square meters, then in 2020 this figure will reach 459.2 million square meters.

(Source: IA «Uzbekistan Today»)


Single identification system for state services to be created in Uzbekistan

State Tax Committee of Uzbekistan will create a single system of identification and authorization with use of electronic digital signature for rendering state services till 1 January 2016.

This measures is envisaged in a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On additional measures on further ordering activities of the centers for registration of electronic digital signatures”, which was published at the website of Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA).

The Government of Uzbekistan is planning to set an order, in line with which electronic digital signature, which will ensure free access to all types of services, provided by state bodies and economic entities, local state bodies and commercial banks, will be issued by Scientific-Information Center for new technologies of the State Tax Committee of Uzbekistan.

The draft resolution said that State Tax Committee of Uzbekistan will create a single system of identification and authorization with use of electronic digital signature for rendering state services till 1 January 2016 to ensure information-technological interaction of information system of state bodies and economic entities, local state bodies and commercial banks.

State Tax Committee of Uzbekistan should ensure uninterrupted and faultless work, as well as information security of the single identification system.

Till 1 March 2015, the state bodies, economic entities, local state bodies and commercial banks should ensure integration of their official websites and portals, used to providing services to the single identification system and their compliance with e-signatures, issued by the Scientific-Information Center for new technologies of the State Tax Committee of Uzbekistan.

They also should ensure registration, identification and authorization of individuals and legal entities at their websites and portals with use of single identification system and signing of the documents with e-signatures, issued by the Scientific-Information Center for new technologies of the State Tax Committee of Uzbekistan.



Summer. Heat. Recreation

When the thermometer hits +40°C, the body needs coolness and relaxation. Therefore, although air conditioners create and maintain the indoor climate, the majority of Uzbeks prefer summer getaways.


While banners and streamers in the urban streets invite Uzbeks to relax abroad, most of us prefer spending vacation in the country. There is a fairly quite objective explanation to the tradition. The adults have to address two challenges. One of them is related to cares of the children. Some want to arrange a good recreation for them before the upcoming studies; others support their children during their preparation for entering colleges, lyceums and universities. The second task comes to addressing time-consuming household efforts about conservation of fruits and vegetables for the winter, and house repairs. At odd moments, our compatriots try to relax. Some are limited by the urban environment and rarely leave the city, while others use the services of sanatoriums, recreational areas and health resorts, which allow forgetting about everyday troubles and feel the enchantment of carefree moments.

Why go abroad? Amidst ongoing geopolitical processes in many parts of the world, which have quite recently been attractions for tourists, the flow of foreign visitors to our country has been increasing. We have places for recreation. Uzbekistan has been creating conditions for various types of tourism. Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva offer the unique architectural heritage, mountains – coolness and fresh air. One can travel with comfort by choosing, for instance, trips by high speed train, and stop in a modern hotel…

The preferences of the majority of vacationers have triggered the development of recreational infrastructure in the country. The government has been actively involved in its development through targeted programs, and private businesses through offering modern standard services for the population. It is worth noting that the growing number of companies in the market expand the range of services provided, their diversity, and promote quality.


Whatever the case, we spend most of the time close to home, including vacation, so it is important to live in the developed infrastructure. This process has been very active and effective. Dusty wastelands have been diminishing in rural areas with the years, replaced by important social facilities. Some five years ago, the Asalobod area in Yashnaobod district of Tashkent was surrounded by wastelands, but today it is a concentration of residents of neighboring districts. The ground floors of the houses have long been occupied by shops, pharmacies, and service centers. Yesterday’s idle roadsides are inhabited by lush green cafes, some with fountains, modern playgrounds, and mini-parks with various amusement rides. This image can be observed in the capital and in provincial towns and remote rural areas.

Over the past six years, the Mahalla Foundation has been implementing a large-scale package of measures on the overhaul and reconstruction of existing playgrounds. The best architects have designed several options of children’s facilities. All of them suppose the use of domestically produced tools. There are projects of playgrounds with attractions made from metal and polymer materials. All the projects, as practice shows, create equally excellent conditions for children’s entertainment and recreation.

People are grateful for the dramatic changes powered by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers ‘On Approving the Program of Measures on Strengthening the Logistical Capacity of Recreation Parks and Their Further Maintenance for 2011-2015’. Under the program, scaled reconstruction and beautification works were carried out in 90 recreation parks in 2011-2014, with the installation of nearly 800 up-to-date amusement rides. Nearly 133,656,000 soums were invested for these purposes. 80 parks still undergo phased reconstruction (currency rates of CB RU from 23.06.2015   1$= 2550.85 soums).

The construction of new parks has been in priority as well. The opening of a water park for the current summer season in Zarafshan was a true gift for its residents. Some decade ago it was unimaginable to build such a unique and complicated engineering structure amidst the desert!

When implementing the national programs, the country’s government is committed to satisfying the needs of all categories of population. The announcement of 2015 the ‘Year of Attention and Care for the Senior Generation’ has added some corrections in the program of measures on improving urban parks and recreational zones. Specialized recreation areas for the elderly are currently being built up in all parks under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The grounds for playing chess, sharing latest news from national newspapers, and discussing routine problems are currently being created at the designated areas in the shade.

The construction of artificial sports fields in residential areas – perfect conditions for ball games – has been an excellent addition to playgrounds and parks. Local authorities have initiated about 5,000 fields in recent years. The construction of the new ones is underway.


Summer holidays are the longest vacation in the school year. Parents do their best to make them eventful and interesting for children. Children’s camps are a traditional way out. 1,149 camps, including 213 stationary, 795 day-time and 141 work and rest camps operate throughout the country this year. It is scheduled to improve health of over 287,170 children this summer, which is funded by 39 billion soums.

795 schools have been transformed into day camps during summer holidays for the convenience of the children who spend their vacations at the place of their residence. The children are offered various sports clubs and hobby groups to gain useful skills and knowledge. All the institutions of extracurricular education like Barkamol Avlod children’s centers, music and art schools, as well as youth sports schools operate in full swing.

All institutions of the Ministry of Public Education have been involved in the organization of traditional sports events ‘Summer-2015’. There are various sports competitions among students.

Meanwhile, there are 213 permanent camps located on the shores of picturesque ponds or up in the mountains. Given the popularity of these resorts, new children’s camps are commissioned across the country every year. The Federation of Trade Unions has been actively working in this direction. Children’s recreation camp Nihol in Bostanlik district of Tashkent region, Ishonch- in Navoi, Kamalak – in Namangan, Shodlik – in Khorezm region were built last year. This year, camps have been built in Samarkand, Surkhandarya, Namangan and Kashkadarya regions.

There are traditional countryside interest camps. 220 сamps of this kind have been opened this year, including 14 intellectual development camps, 14 – sports, 14 – ecology and biology camps, 8 – social adaptation camps, 14 – engineering, and 14 – artistic creativity camps. The agenda is filled with a diversity of various specialized events. As a rule, they involve the leading experts and prominent figures.

For example, the Council of Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Education has traditionally organized the republican intellectual development camp in the children’s Quyoshli camp in Tashkent region. It was arranged for 500 students – winners of ‘The Competition of Knowledge’ in various subjects. The program includes a variety of mind games and meetings with prominent researchers.

Special attention has been paid to students of vocational colleges and academic lyceums over the recent years. They are offered work and rest camps. This year, students of academic lyceums are offered work and rest camps at the place of their study, and college students – at enterprises, organizations and farms. The camps provide young men and women with the opportunity to have fun, relax, and acquire useful knowledge and skills.

The organization of healthy nutrition for children has been a matter of special concern this summer season. The diet of vacationers was enriched with various restorative teas. This experience was piloted at Yulduzcha camp in Samarkand region last year. This year it is being introduced in other camps.

The spiritual content of recreation is equally important. The Council of Federation of Trade Unions, supported by related ministries and departments, has held the national contest among composers and songwriters, who submitted more than 600 applications. The jury selected 30 songs and 100 poems which were included in the collections and CDs and sent to the camps. Experts of cultural institutions helped to update the agenda of various activities in the camps, manuals and advice for educators.

The updated programs in camps include traditional rallies like ‘Independence in My Life’, ‘Uzbekistan Is a Country of Happy Children’, ‘Trade Unions: In the Name of Children’, meetings and discussions with writers, artists, masters of sports, the elders. Cinemas at children’s summer camps run documentaries, cartoons, and feature films.


The picturesque ponds and mountains create the country’s unique natural climatic zones for rest and recreation at the highest level. More than a hundred of domestic resorts and recreation areas are popular and known far beyond the country. Natural factors are widely used in the rehabilitation and treatment of vacationers.

A list of resorts offering recreation at the highest level is expanding year by year. Scaled construction works have unfolded on the territory of the former branch of the Republican Specialized Research Center of Therapy and Rehabilitation. It did not longer meet the requirements of the medical institution due to the reformation of the health system and development of medical technologies. However, it would be a crime to neglect a wonderful lake, iodide-bromine and hydrogen sulfide springs and sand baths, located near Termez in the Kattakum Desert. The creation of a resort that would enrich the family of recreation areas of the Federation of Trade Unions was an excellent solution. Fantastic therapeutic and climatic conditions there will be accompanied by conditions for a comfortable stay.

The country’s well-known resorts have been moving towards excellence. Today, the experience of Zomin, Oqtosh, Kosonsoy, Chimyon, Chortoq, Botanika, Buston and Umid Gulshani health resorts is studied and adopted by other institutions the recreation industry. Creation of favorable conditions for joint recreation of mothers and children is a true art. The vacation can be arranged in a way that everybody could properly rest, not interfered with each other, and charge with energy and strength. With this purpose the sanatoriums have allocated special areas for children, operating by the model of a nursery school. In most cases, it is about a room equipped with a set of toys and games, a children’s playground with attractions. Before going to the treatment procedures mothers leave their children under the supervision of a tutor, who looks after children, arranges their leisure time and various recreational and educational activities.

This year, health resorts welcome war and labor veterans of 1941-1945. The program of improvement their heath involves 37 out of 52 health resorts of the country. All of them have thoroughly prepared to receive the elderly patients. The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection provides them with vouchers based on the results of medical examinations and taking into account the wishes of veterans and specialization of a sanatorium. All 15 health resorts of the Council of the Federation of Trade Unions were the first to complete preparations. Experts have estimated this experience as the country’s best and recommended for dissemination.

Domestic resorts have been moving towards modernization and introduction of new technologies. For example, the Sitoroi Mohi Khosa resort has introduced the ozone therapy this year, the Buston resort – the aroma baths therapy, which suggest that our resorts are getting more comfortable for relaxation.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

REGIONS: gulistan city

The master plan of the city of Gulistan for the period up to 2030 approved

In order for further comprehensive development of the city of Gulistan, improving the quality and level of its layout and construction, as well as improving the architectural appearance and infrastructure of the city, the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers approved the master plan of the city of Gulistan for the period up to 2030.

The main provisions of the master plan of the city of Gulistan provide its further development as the administrative, cultural and industrial centre of Syrdarya region.

Special attention in the master plan is paid to the problems of top priority, such as:

– development and implementation of measures on the engineering preparation of the territory on lowering the groundwater level on the basis of scientific hydrogeological studies;

– reconstruction of the central part of Gulistan; withdrawal of environmentally harmful facilities outside the city; the reorganization and modernization of engineering infrastructure with regard to modern resource-saving technologies;

– complete landscaping and greening of territories and transport routes;

– construction of new residential areas with regard to providing them with all necessary utilities.



Asian Taekwon-do Championship Will Be Held in Uzbekistan

The sports complex of the Olympic Reserve College in Ferghana hosts July 1-5, 2015 the Open Asian Championship on traditional Taekwon-do.

It is organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Federation of Traditional Taekwon-do in our country.

The competition brings together 289 athletes from various countries, including Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Germany, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, the United States, South Korea, Japan and others.

(Source: IA «Uzbekistan Today»)

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