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July 5, 2016


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Uzeltekhsanoat to use investments for US$1bn till 2030. 1

FIRST INTERNATIONAL Fruit and Vegetable Fair (12-14 July 2016, Tashkent) 1

Uzbekistan has invited representatives of more than a thousand flagship foreign companies, trade offices and houses, retail chains, logistics centers and retailers for participation in the first International Fruit and Vegetable Fair 1

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Uzbek Media Keeps Up with the Times. 2

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High Results of Uzbek Young Gymnasts in Italy. 4






Uzeltekhsanoat to use investments for US$1bn till 2030

Joint stock company Uzeltekhsanoat (Uzbek Electrotechnical Industry) is planning to use investments for about US$1 billion till 2030.

According to Uzeltekhsanoat, currently the programme on developing the industry till 2030 was developed.

Within the programme, it is planned to direct investments for about US$1 billion to the sector. This will allow to launch production of 22 types of new products and increase production of goods by enterprises of the industry by 5.1 times.

Uzeltekhsanoat underlined that this will help to decrease the volume of imports.

Over the past 5 years, the companies within the industry started production of over 25 types of household appliances, which were previously imported. In the result, share of locally produced home appliances reached 40-45% in internal market of Uzbekistan.

According to the company, it is now implemented measures to further improve the level of saturation of the domestic consumer market with the local products. In particular, it is planned to bring production of air conditioners to 37.2% (growth – 8,6%) in 2016, the gas and electric stoves to 56% (+ 6.7%), television to 60.1% (+6.5 %), refrigerators and 32.5% (+ 4.6%) and washing machines to 65% (+ 3.1%).

(Source: «Business» newspaper)

FIRST INTERNATIONAL Fruit and Vegetable Fair (12-14 July 2016, Tashkent)

Uzbekistan has invited representatives of more than a thousand flagship foreign companies, trade offices and houses, retail chains, logistics centers and retailers for participation in the first International Fruit and Vegetable Fair

“The working group compiled the lists of potential local and foreign participants of the fair, including the leading international brands and traders of CIS, EU and Asia. Many of them have already confirmed their participation in the exhibition. We expect the arrival of representatives of companies and organizations from a total of 200 countries of the world,” commented the O’zbekoziqovqatholding.

The International Fruit and Vegetable Fair will take place on July 12 – 14 at the National Exhibition Company Uzexpocenter in Tashkent. Experts anticipate that participants will make fruit and vegetable supply contracts for big amounts of money.

The key mission of the event is to create the optimally comfortable conditions for foreign customers to purchase as much fruits and vegetables as they need. The customers will be able to visit Tashkent for a couple of days a year and meet with farmers, transporters, tax authorities, customs officials, representatives of other state institutions on the same, and address all the issues regarding the successful purchase of products.

Uzbekistan ranks among the world’s leaders in the production of agricultural products. Last year, the country grew 12.5 million tons of vegetables and potatoes, 1.8 million tons of melons, 1.5 million tons of grapes, 2.73 million tons of fruits. 114 new cold rooms with a capacity of 77.800 tons were built and upgraded for storage.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Uzbek Media Keeps Up with the Times

Uzbekistan has been enhancing the role of media in society, strengthening the legislative and logistical framework of media structures, and increasing the social status and image of the journalist job from the first days of independence.

More than 1,300 titles of periodicals are published in the country today, which is one and a half times more than a decade ago. The number of electronic media has increased seven times over the years. The network of nongovernmental television and radio broadcasting has expanded and is now represented by more than 50% of TV channels and 85% of radio stations.

The role and importance of the media has been growing in raising public and political involvement of the Uzbek people, their spirituality, objective, accurate and prompt coverage of ongoing reforms in all areas of society, educating a comprehensively advanced generation, and protecting the youth from the ideas alien to the Uzbek mentality.

This was mentioned at the gala event at the Uzbek National Academic Drama Theater on the occasion of the Press and Media Workers Day.

The event brought together members of the Legislative Chamber and Senate of Oliy Majlis, representatives of ministries and departments, creativity and public organizations, media workers, publishers, printers, faculty and students of higher educational institutions.

The State Advisor to the President Hayriddin Sultanov read the President Islam Karimov’s Congratulatory Message to print and media workers.

As underlined by the message, this year, the professional holiday is marked on the threshold of the 25th anniversary of Uzbekistan’s independence, which is very symbolic. Independence has marked the beginning of a new era in the long history of the country, paving the way to the construction of a democratic state and free civil society.

The creation of equal conditions for the development of governmental and nongovernmental media in the national information space has been a priority. This is proved by the fact that the government budget has allocated nearly 14 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 05.07.2016, 1$= 2948.59 soums) in the form of social orders and state grants to support the electronic and print media in recent years alone.

As noted by the President in his congratulatory message, the ability to scrutinize thoroughly the essence of events and phenomena, to reveal the meaning and importance of ongoing social and political processes in the society, raise serious problems affecting our development should be important criteria for the press. In this regard, there is a need to raise the journalist training to a new level, strengthen the logistical capacity of higher education institutions, introduce advanced teaching and innovative technologies into the educational process.

Unfortunately, the information flows also entail various destructive ideas, negative prenomena of ‘mass culture’, which have a detrimental effect on the minds and outlook of the younger generation, at their attitude to spiritual values ​​and traditions of the Uzbek people. In this context, life itself challenges media workers to oppose bright ideas and thoughts to the hidden threats.

The President also emphasized that the success achieved and the high bars that have been acknowledged by the international community, should be vividly imprinted in the annals of our history, in the people’s consciousness as a life-affirming power of the national idea.

As noted by the participants of the festive event, advanced media network, especially online journalism, has been increasingly getting popular in the national information space along with the traditional newspapers, magazines, TV and radio channels. There are vast opportunities for its development. For instance, the number of the websites that operate as media in the domain UZ has doubled and now stands at more than 360 in the past five years.

Uzbekistan has been taking scaled measures on transition to digital television in order to satisfy the needs of population in prompt and objective information at a high level, improve quality and content of TV programs. In the past five years, the indicator has risen from 52% to 76%, suggesting high pace of action in this direction.

In the years of independence, the number of printing companies has grown by more than ten-fold, reaching 1,746. This allows printing more than 45 million copies of books in seven languages per year.

The winners of the competition for the ‘Year’s Top Journalist’, which was initiated by the Creative Union of Journalists of Uzbekistan, were awarded as part of the event. The speakers expressed their gratitude to the state’s leader for the care of the development of national press and all-round support for media workers.

“Winning this prestigious competition is a great honor for me,” said the winner of the contest, a special reporter of Mening Yurtim TV channel of Namangan region Mamurjon Ergashev. “Our channel has been actively promoting the state youth policy, widely covering the course of implementation of the tasks outlined in the national program the Year of Mother and Child Health. I see my success as a decent appreciation of the work of our entire team. The importance, which has been attached to the media workers, requires us to deeper conceive our professional duty to the public, to always be on the spot, keep pace with the times, take an active civic position, and treat the current events impartially and analytically.

On the same day, the National Association of Electronic Mass Media held a festive event on the occasion of the Press and Media Workers Day at the Bunyodkor youth TV complex in Tashkent. The event included presentation of new studios, an evening of youth projects and open doors for advertisers.

The event brought together journalists, editors of nongovernmental television and radio channels, print editions, representatives of state and public organizations, NAEMM partners, known figures of culture and art of Uzbekistan, as well as pop and movie stars.

At the opening emphasized that, The professional holiday of journalists and publishers has been marked in Uzbekistan on June 27 every year since 1994. Speaking at the opening ceremony, the speakers mentioned the contribution of mass media in building of a strong civil society, coverage of democratic processes in the country, educating the youth in the spirit of love for the homeland.

NAEMM annually marks this holiday by arranging all sorts of events for journalists and independent media operators, encouraging the most active and enthusiastic professionals.

This year, the agenda included several stages – the presentation of new TV studios at Mening Yurtim channel, the youth project evening ‘The Right for the Profession: Active and Innovative Media Programs for Professional Growth of Young Journalists of Uzbekistan’, and a grand presentation of new devices for the Youth Studio of NAEMM.

The event was also attended by managers and advertising managers of metropolitan and regional television and radio studios, representatives of business circles, advertising agencies. They were invited for the open house evening ‘Media Mix for Business: Trends and Opportunities on Advertising Platform with a presentation of new advertising opportunities for nongovernmental television and radio stations.

Promptness, credibility and professionalism is the motto of journalists of nongovernmental television and radio channels. To make it viable, NAEMM has been implementing numerous joint projects with international partners, aiming at enhanced training of the staff of nongovernmental television and radio broadcasters, and strengthening of their logistical capacity.

The media camp on the occasion of the holiday on June 16-26 in Samarkand with training workshops by well-known journalists Aleksei Ostudin and Alfiya Kharchenko is a good example. Reporters and cameramen of NAEMM media projects who were enlisted on a competitive basis from different regions of the country, advanced their knowledge and professional skills, and learned advanced media technologies.

It stands to reason why Samarkand was chosen for the media camp. The main objective of practical training of young journalists and cameramen was to produce the media content about the centuries-old history, cultural heritage, architectural monuments of this ancient city that attracts tourists from all over the world. The results of the media camp were demonstrated at the gala evening.

The event was also remarkable for the announcement of the transition of Mening Yurtim and Sevimli TV channels to the new broadcasting format as of July 1, and the presentation of its mobile application that was specifically designed for the Mening Yurtim channel. Now, the audience of the TV channel will be able to watch their favorite programs not just on TV, but also through the mobile application, which is available at the App Store.

The celebrities, who took an active part in NAEMM social projects, were awarded special bonuses on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of independence. The videos that kicked off the ‘My Country Is My Pride’ campaign, crowned the official part of the celebrations, followed by a gala concert.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


High Results of Uzbek Young Gymnasts in Italy

Young gymnasts of our country successfully participated in the International Rhythmic Gymnastics tournament “Latina Fiori” held in Latina, Italy.

Our gymnasts competed with athletes from Spain, Canada, Cyprus, Egypt, Russia, Kazakhstan, and won 5 gold, 2 silver and 5 bronze medals.

In the competition among gymnasts born in 2009, Lola Juraeva showed the highest results in the exercises without apparatus and with a rope and won two gold medals.

Ilona Ten won one gold and two bronze medals, Madina Rustamova – one gold and one bronze, Malika Turahujaeva – one gold, Sugdiyona Juraeva – two silver and Amina Zokirova – two bronze medals.

(Source: UzA)



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