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July 7, 2014


July 7, 2014

business climate.. 2 launches new service for state registration of state property. 2

Society.. 2

A New Website. 2

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Rustam Abdullaev: Love for Music Should Be Cultivated by the Best Examples. 2






business climate launches new service for state registration of state property

The Single state interactive services portal ( launched a new service “Submission of applications for state registration of property rights for real estate”. New service was launched as part of the government’s ongoing efforts to reduce administrative barriers, simplify permit procedures, including registration of property rights.

Now, a new fast, convenient and transparent mechanism of state registration of property rights for real estate is available for entrepreneurs and businesses on the Single portal. Timeliness of responding to applications and registration of property rights is monitored to ensure applicants’ satisfaction.

Applicants can also rate the quality of the service and leave comments on the portal, contributing to the further improvement of the state cadaster services. The new service allows citizens and businesses to save time and financial resources.

Applicants can have their property rights registered without need to visit cadaster institutions, provided they possess all necessary documents (resolutions of authorities, deeds, sales contracts, including certified by notaries, etc.)

The new service turns the permit procedure into convenient and timesaving experience for citizens and businesses.

The service was implemented in pursuance of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 15 April 2014 “On measures to further improve procedures related to business activities and the provision of public services”.



A New Website

The Executive Committee of the Political Council of the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (UzLiDeP) held a presentation of the new website of the Party – Thanks to technical and creative solutions, it radically differs from the previous one. Corporate menu, blogs, colorful photo and video gallery are presented here in clear language. News about life, world events and the party activities are published in Uzbek, Russian and English.

In order to attract a wide public to this year’s national elections to the Oliy Majlis, regional, city and district councils of people’s deputies, as well as voters’ awareness with information about the party, a website’s blog “Elections 2014” was organized. It includes the Party’s program, reflects its goals and objectives, and UzLiDeP’s electoral platform.

Also, the new website hosts interactive blogs as “Point of View” “Questions and Answers” ”Actively participate in UzLiDeP projects!”

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)


Rustam Abdullaev: Love for Music Should Be Cultivated by the Best Examples

Rustam Abdullaev, Honored Figure of Arts, laureate of state prizes, international contests and festivals, Chairman of the Union of Composers of Uzbekistan, is one of the famous masters of contemporary music culture. Correspondent of Uzbekistan Today takes interview from the maestro on the strategy of development of composers and musical art of Uzbekistan.

– What peculiarities and innovations, in your opinion, have appeared in the composer and musical art of Uzbekistan in general over the last years?

– During the independence musicians and composers of Uzbekistan, including the young musicians, took the opportunity to give concerts on foreign musical stage. They not only participate in domestic but only the international contests, successfully showing the national musical school to foreign listeners and professional. All top ranks in four presented categories were achieved by the young musicians from Uzbekistan at the last International Composers’ Contest.

There appeared new contests, such as ‘Yagonasan, Muqaddas Vatan!’, which translates as ‘You are my Sacred Motherland!’ that develops, primarily, song and instrumental genres. The contest is held throughout Uzbekistan, including the remote sites of the country. Apart from detection of talented persons, composers should write good songs for the contest.

The Union of Composers of Uzbekistan has built close cooperation with the Muqimi State Musical Theater of Drama. Annually, around ten new plays are performed on its stage.

– What about classical music, for example, symphonic music?

– This is a culturally enriching music, a world of deep emotional experiences. Listener should be prepared for this. Here is an example: in due time I wrote third concert ‘Thai Straines’. I combined Uzbek and Thai National tunes to add some color, used two zing-ding bells. Thai people enjoyed the concert, but were displeased with the ring of the bells. They play as if they were plays. It appeared that one of the bells symbolized heaven, while the other one – the earth and thy should ring in this magic sequence, otherwise… probably the same can be told about symphonic music, this is the bringing of heavenly and earthly together.

Growing number of works produced is the fact that the genre is in demand. For example, Felix Yanov-Yanovsky recently introduced the premiere of his Fifth Symphony. In this genre of also his son Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky and Mustafo Boboev, Habibullah Rahimov, Polina Medyulyanova and other composers work. I recently finished writing a concerto for cello, completed work on a concert with the orchestra for rubob.

The growing number of interesting concerts and festivals promotes an increased interest in classical genres: remember with what a huge success in May festival of symphonic and operatic music “Spring of Youth” was held at the Palace of “Turkistan”!

Musical art is becoming more attractive to young people, so the state has increased support for young talents. Just suppose it three to four times more young talented people study today at the Composition Department than a few years ago. Many of them are girls. Subsequently, many graduates return to the regions of the country to continue their activities in musical groups and colleges. I am impressed that young people are increasingly seeking to composing and tackles for creating works in complex genres. Schools of music and art became the educational foundation, on which understanding of all genres of music is given, love of art is cultivated, talents discovered. Over the past years, the schools were re-built and completely overhauled and equipped with tools. Their creativity youth implement in more than thirty colleges of Uzbekistan, high schools, and the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan.

– I think an special television programs also play an important role in popularizing classical music, one of which is ‘Masterpieces of the World Music Culture’, you present on the ‘Uzbekistan’ channel.

– The program is broadcasting for eight years on TV, and every year we always try with the crew to improve it. Now, we use new approaches and solutions for presentation of musical content. One should educate and cultivate musical culture by its best examples, we demonstrate them to audience.

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)