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July 14, 2016


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President of Uzbekistan expressed condolences. 1

economy.. 1

Uzbek enterprises are currently taking certain measures to scale up fruit and vegetable processing, the production of potato and melon crops, secure sustainable supplies of these products to the domestic market, as well as further expand exports. 1

I International Fruit and Vegetable Fair.. 2

Fruit and vegetables of Uzbekistan are in high demand on the world market 2

Agricultural sector potential of Uzbekistan. 3

Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of republic of Uzbekistan.. 4

Deputies approve series of bills in first reading. 4





President of Uzbekistan expressed condolences

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov expressed deep condolences to the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella due to the human victims caused by the train accident that occurred on July 12, 2016 in the Apulia region, southern Italy.

The head of Uzbekistan conveyed sincere compassion and empathy to the families and relatives of victims and those injured.

(Source: Press-service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


Uzbek enterprises are currently taking certain measures to scale up fruit and vegetable processing, the production of potato and melon crops, secure sustainable supplies of these products to the domestic market, as well as further expand exports

The strategic development program attaches importance to the application of new agricultural technologies and introduction of modern energy-efficient equipment. In the short term this has allowed achieving a stable growth of agricultural production at the level of 6-7% per year, as well as significant increase in the production of food products per capita at the background of constant population growth. 

Researchers of the Academician Mirzaev Research Institute of Horticulture, Viticulture and Winemaking have bred more than 40 high-yielding varieties of fruits and grapes in the last years alone. Breeders of the Uzbek Research Institute of Melons and Potatoes have bred about 50 varieties of high-yielding, high-quality and disease resistant vegetables, melons and potatoes. Over the last three years, new vineyards have occupied 23,500 hectares, and intensive gardens – 32,000 hectares.

“The agricultural sector of Uzbekistan has been demonstrating the yearly growing yields through the expansion of gardens and vineyards, vegetable, melon and potato fields, timely agricultural and engineering measures, high quality seeds and seedlings. If we compare 2015 and the early the 1990s, the country has achieved the scale up in horticulture by almost 3.3 times, viticulture – 2.5, vegetable growing – 1.4, cultivation of melons – 1.8 times, and potatoes – by 2.6 times. This has allowed maintaining stable prices for food products in the domestic market for all these years,” Fakhriddin Kirgizboyev, Deputy Head of Department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, said.

Today, Uzbekistan is taking scaled measures to increase fruit and vegetables production at the expense of the released of cotton areas. By 2020, it is planned to cultivate food crops, orchards and vineyards on 170,500 hectares of the areas that were previously occupied by cotton, and on 50,000 hectares of lands that were occupied by grain.

“30,500 hectares of cotton fields have been reduced this year due to the release of low-margin lands. Instead, we have planted potatoes on ​​5,000 hectares, vegetables on 12,600 hectares, other food and oil crops – on 8,900 hectares, established intensive gardens on ​​2,500 hectares, and vineyards – on 1,500 hectares,” Fakhriddin Kirgizboev said.

In the current year, Uzbekistan has introduced a new mechanism of planning a state order-based agricultural production. It is envisaged to purchase from farmers 4.77 million tons of fruit and vegetables, potatoes, melon and grape products. Some of them will be processed, some – exported, and the rest will be stored in modern cold storage facilities for the winter-spring season.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

I International Fruit and Vegetable Fair

Fruit and vegetables of Uzbekistan are in high demand on the world market

The I International Fruit and Vegetable Fair kicked off at the UzExpoCentre in Tashkent.

The fair, held in accordance with the resolution of President Islam Karimov on measures to organize and hold the International fruit and vegetable fair on 1 June 2016, is organized by the ministries of foreign economic relations, investments and trade, agriculture and water management, “Uzbekoziqovqatholding” holding company, “Uzbekoziqovqatzahira” association, “Uzagroexport” specialized foreign trade company.

As was noted in the opening ceremony, thanks ti deep structural transformation in agrarian sector, carried out under the leadership of the head of state, such spheres as horticulture and viniculture have been intensively developing. The resolution of the President of our country “On measures to improve the system of procurement and use of fruit and vegetable products, potatoes and melons” on 12 April 2016 is an important guide to action in increasing the volumes of fruit, vegetable and melon crops, development of gardening.

From the first days of independence, concrete measures on developing agriculture, reforms of the sphere were determined in our country in order to ensure food security. Currently around 1 billion people are undernourished globally and the problems in this area are further exacerbating. In this regard,the life itself proves the correctness of the strategy, chosen by the head of state, to ensure food independence of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan, not coincidentally, became one of the 14 countries that have received awards for achieving the Millennium Development Goals in the area of food security by the Food and Agriculture Organization.

Organic fruits and vegetables, grown in our country, are rich in healthy microelements, various biological substances, essential in the human diet. The unique soil and climatic conditions of Uzbekistan, 320 days of sunshine a year, a succession of the seasons create favorable conditions for the cultivation of the main types of fruit and vegetables. Therefore, fruits and vegetables, grown on the generous Uzbek land, are in high demand abroad and highly competitive.

– The demand for fruits, grown in Uzbekistan, is extremely high on the world market, – says vice-chairman of the International nut and dried fruit council Pino Calkagni. –Over the past ten years, the export of dried fruits and nuts from Uzbekistan increased by 5 times. This line of food industry in the country has a great potential. I like the fruits, grown in Uzbekistan, especially raisins. The current fair helps to familiarize with all stages of production of fruits and vegetables in the country, reserves and a potential, introduce modern technologies, establish cooperation and exchange experiences.

Uzbekistan is one of top ten exporters of apricots, plums, grapes, nuts, cabbage and other fruits and vegetables in the world. Today, more than 180 kinds of fruits and vegetables and products, based on them, are exported to more than eighty countries, such as the USA, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Thailand, China, Japan, and others. Thanks to progressive measures, implemented in the sector, the volumes are increasing and the geography of exports is expanding.

Annually, Uzbekistan produces over 17 million tons of fruit and vegetable products, including over 4 million tons for export. In particular, last year 12.592 million tons of vegetables and potatoes, 1.85 million tons of melon, 1 million 556 tons of grapes, 2.731 million tons of fruit were grown.

A special attention is paid to deep processing of agricultural products, development of storage infrastructure. In particular, last year 230 enterprises for processing agricultural products, 114 new cold stores with a capacity of 77 thousand 800 tons were created and modernized. The total capacity for storage of fruits and vegetables has increased to 832 thousand tons.

The international fair aims to familiarize the foreign partners with significant results, achieved in the agriculture and food industry in Uzbekistan, demonstrate organic fruit and vegetables, melons and various products, made on the basis of their processing, further strengthen local and international co-operation relations, find new partners, raise the export potential of our country.

The event was attended by representatives of international trade organizations, chambers of commerce, ministries and departments, specializing in agriculture, logistics companies for more than forty countries, including the US, UK, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Japan, Italy, France, Malaysia India, Russia, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, as well as enterprises of our country, operating in the field of agriculture.

The Forum provided an opportunity for talks between the businessmen of our country and foreign partners, facilitate the exchange of experience and definition of prospects of mutual cooperation, sign mutually beneficial agreements, attract foreign investment, analyze the trends of the world market and its prospects for development, and further increase the export potential of Uzbekistan.

Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoev spoke at the opening ceremony of the International fruit and vegetable fair.

(Source: UzA)

Agricultural sector potential of Uzbekistan

Participants of the I International Fruit and Vegetable Fair, organized at the UzExpoCentre in Tashkent, in accordance with the resolution of President Islam Karimov from June 1, 2016, have visited the enterprises and orchards of the capital and Tashkent region, where they got acquainted with the results of the reforms implemented for the development of agriculture, the process of harvesting, storage and packaging fruit and vegetable products.

As a result of the fundamental reforms carried out under the leadership of the President of our country aimed at further improving the social market economy, expanding the area for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, the development of farmers’ movement and processing industry, in a historically short period of time our country has achieved food sovereignty.

The resolution of the Head of our state “On measures on improving system of procurement and use of fruits, vegetables, potatoes and melons” from April 12, 2016 serves as an important guide to action to further increase the volume of harvesting of fruit and vegetable and melon products, development of horticulture and enhance the export potential of our country.

Participants of the fair familiarized with the process of high-quality storage of fruit and vegetable products and preparation them for sendigng to export in the “Gold Dried Fruits” company and the “Ekoagroprodukt” farm in Tashkent region.

The “Gold Dried Fruits” company, founded in 2013, is specialized in producing dehydrated vegetables and spices. The company, which employs more than a hundred people, is able to process 120 tons of raw materials per day. 90 percent of products of the company are exported.

The “Gold Dried Fruits” company also cultivates a variety of fruit on an area of 400 hectares in Yangiyul district and vegetables on 200 acres in Pskent district of Tashkent region. Vegetables are grown in modern hothouses.

According to the general director of the company Murodjon Valiev, at the company established advanced technology from China, Germany, Belgium and other countries. With the help of these equipments are dried, frozen and packed more than 20 kinds of vegetables, and more than ten kinds of vegetables and melons, various herbs. During the current year, the company has exported cherry to South Korea, dried fruits to Moldova, fruit and vegetable products to Russia.

The leading expert of the company “Caravan of XXI century” Oksana Chernova (Belarus) noted that dried fruits from Uzbekistan are in great demand in Belarus. Now, there are negotiations in progress with the “Gold Dried Fruits” company for the purchase fresh fruit. At the “Ekoagroprodukt” farm in Yukorichirchik district of Tashkent region on an area of 137 acres with the use of intensive technologies are cultivated apples, peaches, cherries, apricots, plums and pears.

The orchards of farm are irrigated by the drip method, which allows saving almost twice water. The mixture of water and fertilizer is adjusted exactly to the roots of the seedlings, which increases productivity and prevents soil erosion. These technologies have aroused great interest among the participants of the international fair.

Chief Counsel of the South Korean company “Roc International” Lee Myung Jai praised the quality and taste of apples, pears and peaches, cultivated in the orchards of farm, and arranged for their direct purchase.

On the same day at the Uzexpocenter was conducted the international scientific-practical conference titled “The benefits of fruit and vegetable products in Uzbekistan”. It was attended by scientists and researchers of our country and representatives of international organizations.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan B.Sulaymonov, the Regional Director of the Central and South Asia office of the World Vegetable Center Warwick Easdown and others noted that in Uzbekistan special attention is given to the creation and cultivation of early maturing, high-yielding and productive varieties of fruits and vegetables, as well as the introduction of environmentally sound technologies.

At the conference were heard reports on high consumable characteristics of grown in Uzbekistan vegetables and melons, the results of ongoing the industry modernization and diversification. It was noted that in our country over the past three years have been created 23.5 thousand hectares of new vineyards, 17.4 thousand hectares of vineyards with low yields were completely renovated. By scientists of the Research Institute of Horticulture, Viticulture and Wine-making named after the Academician M.Mirzaev were created more than 40 high-yielding varieties of fruit trees and vines. Breeders of the Uzbek Research Institute of Vegetable, Melon Crops and Potato have bred 41 varieties of vegetable crops, 5 varieties of melon crops and 6 varieties of potatoes, which have high productivity and resistance to diseases.

International experts emphasized that Uzbekistan has great potential to further increase the export of fruits and vegetables, and the I International Fruit and Vegetable Fair is a good opportunity to explore this potential, exchange of views and reach mutually beneficial agreements.

At the conference were also discussed the issues of the widespread introduction of modern technologies for the cultivation of fruit and vegetable and melon production, improvement of processing and export, protection of crops from diseases and pests, the development of breeding and seed production, the use of water-saving technologies.

The International Fruit and Vegetable Fair continue.

(Source: UzA)

Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of republic of Uzbekistan

Deputies approve series of bills in first reading

The Legislative chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan held its regular session on July 13, during which they reviewed a number of bills aimed at further deepening of society reforms carried out in various spheres.

The issues included in the agenda of the meeting of the lower house of Parliament, had previously been discussed at the meetings of factions of political parties and Deputy group from the Ecological movement of Uzbekistan, committees of the Legislative chamber with the participation of representatives of ministries and departments, civil society institutions.

Members of Parliament started their work from the deliberation of the draft law “On introducing amendments and addenda to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On protection and use of flora”. It was submitted to the Legislative chamber of the Oliy Majlis by a group of deputies as a legislative initiative.

It was noted that Uzbekistan since the first days of independence, has been paying close attention to the issues of environmental protection, the formation of citizens ‘ ecological culture. A solid legal framework provides for the effective development of this area. Today’s realities require improvement of the existing norms. The draft legal act was worked out right on this basis, and its main purpose is to regulate relations in the field of protection, use and reproduction of flora objects. This will serve to fulfill the tasks of preserving the flora species and its genetic fund as an integral part of biological diversity, by bringing national environmental legislation in accordance with the requirements of international legal norms in the field of ecology, environmental protection and natural resource management. In addition, the adoption of the law will help to prevent and eliminate the causes of reduction or loss of species of flora, ensuring their rational and scientifically based sustainable use and reproduction, legal regulation of activities of legal entities and individuals in this field.

The meeting was held in the format of lively discussion, which allowed scrutinizing this legal act. Representatives of factions of political parties and deputy group from the Ecological movement of Uzbekistan addressed their speeches.

— New edition of the law will strengthen the protection of the environment, rational use of natural resources, — the member of the faction of the Movement of businessmen and entrepreneurs—liberal-democratic party of Uzbekistan E. Holbutaev said. — In addition, it provides for effective legislative regulation of the mechanisms of protection and use of fauna, which until now was largely governed by-laws. The bill will provide comprehensive protection of flora as an integral part of biological diversity, the transparency of activities of authorized state bodies and institutions in this field. A public control by local authorities, non-governmental organizations and others will be of particular importance.

— It is important to note that the adoption of this law will allow increasing the efficiency of enforcement and will contribute to addressing gaps in legislation, and it will provide comprehensive protection of the plant world, – the member of the Democratic party “Milly Tiklanish” F. Ibragimov said. — The role of public control by local authorities, non-governmental organizations in this field is huge. This will serve as an important factor of realization of the tasks defined in our pre-election Platform. In addition to expressing conceptual support for the draft law in the first reading, our group pointed out the need to pay particular attention for its preparation to the second reading. In particular, it is necessary to draw attention to the improvement of issues related to state accounting of objects of fauna, conducting the state cadaster, increasing the requirements for the preservation of rare and endangered species of plants, and further enhancing the responsibility of the competent authorities in this field.

— Our fraction has consistently advocated the strengthening of the regulatory role of the state in the implementation of socio-economic reforms, improving their effectiveness, says a member of the faction of people’s democratic party of Uzbekistan A. Tumishova. — It is important to note the crucial role of the introduction of rules that outline the powers of state authorities and management in this area. It is important to supplement it with provisions related to state regulation of trade of objects of fauna in the territory of the country and in cases of their import. The faction also drew attention to the reduction of reference rules that will enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement practice in the sphere of protection of the plant world.

— One of the main directions of the election Platform of our party is the prevention of environmental pollution, ensuring the integrity of flora and fauna, health of the population, — said a member of the Social democratic party of Uzbekistan “Adolat” D. Tangirov. — Based on the interests of the electorate of the party, in the preparation for the second reading, our faction will pay special attention to the provisions of the bill which provide for the improvement of the economic mechanisms and the simplification of procedures and principles for the use of biological resources, increasing the responsibility of individuals and legal entities for the observance of legislation in this area. Introduction of rules about the use of objects of fauna, identifying specific ways of protection of flora and requirements for the conservation of rare and threatened species of wild plants, as well as the organization and carrying out of biotechnical measures aimed at rational use, conservation of plant life and places of breeding are of particular importance. This will contribute to raise the ecological culture of the population and public participation in environmental protection activities and rational use of flora, contribute to the implementation of the principle of justice in this area.

— Amendments and addenda being introduced in the Law were developed in the context of relevance of issues of protection and rational use of flora and fauna, — the member of Deputy group from Ecological movement of Uzbekistan S. Samoilov said. — The bill provides for the consolidation of new legal norms that will help define the main directions of the state policy and management in this area. In addition, it specifies the types of use of objects of flora, clarifies the procedure for seizure of illegally harvested and collected objects of the vegetable world, as well as dispute resolution in this area, the terms and conditions of export from the Republic of Uzbekistan and the importation of species of wild plants. In general, the adoption of the bill will contribute to resolve the processes of conservation, use and reproduction of flora objects at the legislative level.

The second issue under scrutiny was the draft law initiated by a group of deputies providing for introducing amendments to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On regulatory legal acts”.

As emphasized by the deputies, the relevance of this legal act is that it aims at improving the quality, ensuring prompt and widespread access of users, including executives and the people to the texts of normative legal and other acts contained in the National database of legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The amendments will create additional conditions for timely and full informing of meaning and value of the laws to citizens through modern means of information and communication technologies. This, in turn, will raise the legal culture of the population.

During the meeting, the faction of the Social democratic party of Uzbekistan “Adolat”, which declared itself a parliamentary opposition in the framework of the powers, introduced an alternative edition of the above draft law. Members of the opposition proposed to make some adjustments concerning the definition of the official publication of normative legal acts. Also, in their opinion, an alternative edition of the draft law can enter into force from the day of its official publication, not after twelve months, as was proposed in the initial project.

Following the vote results after consideration of this draft law, the majority of deputies voted for the original bill.


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