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July 30, 2015


July 30, 2015


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Isuzu Motors to purchase 8% stake in SamAuto. 2

economy.. 2

Horticultural Produce to Go Far and Wide. 2

Volume of rendered services in Uzbekistan hits 40.2 trln. soums in 1H.. 3

National Airline “Uzbekistan Airways”. 3

A New Destination on the Flight Map. 3

2015 year – The Year of Care for the Senior Generation.. 4

1.5 trillion soums and $37.4 million utilized within the “Year of attention and care for the older generation”  4

sport.. 5

Uzbekistan national taekwondo team won 45 medals at the “Korea Open”. 5


International cooperation

Isuzu Motors to purchase 8% stake in SamAuto

Joint stock company Uzavtosanoat and Japanese company Isuzu Motors signed an agreement on realization of 8% stake in the charter capital of Samarkand Automobile Plant (SamAuto), the press service of Uzavtosanoat said.

The document was signed within the visit of the delegation of Isuzu Motors to Uzbekistan and is a logical continuation of long-term and mutual-beneficial cooperation between Isuzu Motors and Uzavtosanoat.

The sides agreed on further long-term strategy of SamAuto development, including updating and expanding model line, deepening level of localization, as well as further introducing advanced Japanese technologies and production processes.

Executive Vice President and Director of Isuzu Motors Takanobu Furuta said that purchase of stake in SamAuto by the Japanese company is logical stage of partnership with Uzavtosanat.

He said that the Japanese company sees high demand to quality trucks, taking into account projects on development of transport infrastructure and active development of industrial production.

Uzavtosanoat and Isuzu Motors have been cooperating since 2007. The Japanese company is technological partner of SamAuto, which produces commercial vehicles (buses and trucks) based on chassis of the Japanese company.

Since 2007, SamAuto produced 10,200 buses and 11,500 trucks based on chassis and engine of Isuzu Motors Ltd., including 1,200 buses and 2,600 trucks in 2014.



Horticultural Produce to Go Far and Wide

Uzbekistan has been increasing exports of horticultural products to foreign countries. Over the last decade the exports have grown by 18 times by value, and from 400,000 tons to 700,000 tons by volume.

The credit for the progress goes to the increased production of major fruit crops by 1.6 times over during the past five years. For instance, in 2014, Uzbekistan produced 17.4 million tons of fruit and vegetables, or 579 kg per capita. 130 processing plants with the total capacity of over 475 thousand tons per year were established in 2004-2014, paving the way to the production of more than 145 new kinds of products. 20% of all irrigated agricultural lands are used for growing fruit and vegetables. The share of industry in the total agricultural production exceeds 41%, and 43.4% in the total export.

Yet at the dawn of independence, Uzbekistan clearly defined a strategy of agricultural development based on diversification, rejection of cotton monoculture, and self-sufficiency in food products. In subsequent years, the republic carried out phased reforms to reduce the cotton acreage and increase the cultivation of food crops, including cereals, vegetables, melons, and potatoes. As a result, the share of cereals in the total acreage increased from 25.7% in 1991 to 45% in 2014; potatoes, vegetables and melons – from 7% to 8.8%, while the share of industrial crops fell from 41.9% to 35.4%.

The outstripping horticulture and viticulture have made a significant contribution to providing the country’s population with food. Over the past five years, the areas under vegetables, melons and potatoes have increased by 19%, and that of orchards and vineyards – by 11%.

Along with the optimization of acreage, Uzbekistan has carried out a large-scale work on the introduction of modern technologies and innovations in horticulture and viticulture, and creation of intensive orchards and vineyards. As part of this work, 36,800 hectares of new gardens, 35,300 hectares of vineyards, and more than 23,500 hectares (9% of the total area) of highly intensive orchards were created in the country over the past seven years using modern technologies of drip irrigation and other innovations.

“The cultivation of food and quality storage is equally important. 347 refrigerated warehouses with the total capacity of 231,800 tons have been built in the regions over the past five years, and 80 warehouses have been upgraded. That will allow us to keep the quality and freshness of food until the next harvest,” said an executive of the Ministry of Economy Utkirbek Sheraliyev.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

Volume of rendered services in Uzbekistan hits 40.2 trln. soums in 1H

The volume of market services in Uzbekistan made up 40.247 billion soums in the first half of 2015 and increased by 13.1% year-on-year, the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan said (currency rates of CB RU from 30.07.2015   1$= 2575.18 soums).

High growth rates were recorded in financial services (30.7%), communication and information services (19.1%), repair and technical services to equipment (17.4%), tourism services (15%) and healthcare (14.8%).

Transport services, including logistic, (26.6% from all services), catering and trade (22.9%), financial services (9.6), communication and information services (5.3%) accounted largest share in the structure of services.

The volume of paid services, rendered to population in the first half of 2015, made up 12.221 trillion soums, which grew by 10.4% year-on-year.

Main part of paid services to population was rendered by enterprises and organizations, which made up 7.268 trillion soums (59.5% from total volume) or rose by 7.4%.

The volume of services, rendered by individual entrepreneurs to population, jumped by 14.9% to 4.952 trillion soums. The share of the sector in total paid services made up 40.5%.

Household services accounted 8.9% of total paid services, or 953.3 billion soums. Their real volume has increased by 17.5%

Share of non-governmental sector in total volume of paid services for population made up 86.3%.


National Airline “Uzbekistan Airways”

A New Destination on the Flight Map

This July has been among the most fruitful months in the Uzbek National Airline calendar. The two important dates make Uzbekistan Airways to be optimistic about the future: one of them marks another milestone in the modernization of the national civil aviation fleet, and the second date has written a new point on the flight map.

Uzbekistan Airways ranks among Central Asia’s top airlines, as noted by international experts, who have repeatedly awarded the NAC for quality of service and safety in various international competitions. Uzbekistan Airways performs scheduled flights to over 40 cities of the world with offices in 25 countries. Modern airliners and developed terrestrial infrastructure of airports empower the NAC to compete with leading foreign air carriers.

On July 2, the airline performed its first flight from Tashkent to Minsk. The launch of new regular flights between Uzbekistan and Belarus was preceded by extensive activity of the NAC commercial department. Experts studied the market of the region, the trade turnover between the two countries, received permission from the local aviation authorities, and opened a representative office in Minsk. Now, the A320 and Boeing 757/767 fly to and fro twice a week.

The new flight is expected to strengthen the friendly, cultural and business links between the two countries, have a positive impact on the tourism capacity, and open broad opportunities for passengers of the Minsk National Airport through convenient transfer connections to Delhi, Amritsar, Bangkok, Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul and Kuala Lumpur by Uzbekistan Airways.

The sides have already developed convenient transfer connections to Europe and Southeast Asia. The Uzbek carrier is currently working on the interline agreement and code-sharing agreement with the Belavia airline company on selling NAC tickets.

The fifth anniversary of the launch of modern Airbuses 320 in Uzbekistan is another important date. Today, the National Airlines fleet operates 10 aircrafts of this kind, which fly throughout the country and in the CIS. All the aircrafts arrived from the manufacturer under the contract signed with the Airbus consortium as part of a company’s strategy on renewal of the air fleet. They have a two-class layout and designed for 150 passengers. A spacious well-equipped interior with comfortable seats ensure comfortable hours of flight. Low noise in the cabin and entertainments make a flight optimally pleasant.

The successful operation of the A320 is ensured by the company’s own highly qualified flying and technical staff, as well as specialized infrastructure for aircraft repair and maintenance. Experts of the Uzbekistan Airways Technics have mastered all kinds of A320 line and base maintenance. The training complex of the NAC Training Center has an A320 simulator of IPT class to maintain the appropriate qualification of the pilots. By the end of 2015 it is planned to install a full-flight simulator A320 by CAE, the Canadian manufacturer of flight simulators. It should hone the piloting skills of the flight crew in an optimally realistic environment.

During the operation, the A320 aircrafts have proven to be reliable, safe and comfortable, with high economic and fuel efficiency for operation at medium distances.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

2015 year – The Year of Care for the Senior Generation

1.5 trillion soums and $37.4 million utilized within the “Year of attention and care for the older generation”

The Ministry of Economy and the State Statistics Committee presented a report on the results of the socio-economic development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the first half of 2015.

According to the data presented in the report, during the first half of this year, more than 70.8 thousand war veterans, including 2.9 thousand disabled veterans and 67.9 thousands of veterans of the labor front have passed medical examination within the state program “Year of attention and care for the older generation”. More than 9 thousands of elder people were provided medical assistance in regional diversified medical centers. Hereby 203 demonstrative surgical operations carried out, more than 35 new methods of diagnosis and treatment implemented in regional health facilities.

At that, 1.5 trillion soums and $37.4 million utilized since the beginning of the year for the implementation of activities related to the State program “Year of attention and care for the older generation”(currency rates of CB RU from 30.07.2015   1$= 2575.18 soums).



Uzbekistan national taekwondo team won 45 medals at the “Korea Open”

Uzbekistan national team, having won 45 medals, adequately performed at “Korea Open – 2015″tournament in South Korea on Taekwondo (WTF) among adults, juniors and cadets.

The tournament was attended by over two thousand athletes from 72 countries. Memorable and bitter became adults fights, which in addition to the prizes fought for licenses for 2016 Olympic Games.

Jasur Baykuziev, Dmitry Shokin and Mustafo Valiev adequately defended the honor of our country and won gold medals in their weight categories. In addition, they received 20 rating points each. In the competition among adults, our experienced athlete Nikita Rafalovich in the weight category up to 80 kilograms received the bronze medal.

In the competition among juniors and cadets our taekwondo players won 16 gold and silver, 9 bronze medals, IA “Jahon” reports.


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