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August 10, 2015


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The food industry of Uzbekistan increased production by 16.9%.. 2

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Successful Investment 2


Uzbekistan is making its way to leading positions in the LTE development in the region. 2

SEnate of Oliy Majlis of republic of Uzbekistan.. 3

The Senate Convenes for a General Session. 3

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Health week starts August 10 in Uzbekistan. 5

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Accident occurs at concert in Urgench. 5

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Uzbek judoka wins the world championship for the first time in the history. 6



The food industry of Uzbekistan increased production by 16.9%

Implementation of measures on increasing the production and expanding the range of food products contributed to stable growth of production in the food industry, the total amount of which amounted to 6.4971 trillion soums in the I half of this year, or 116.9% to the corresponding period of last year (currency rates of CB RU from 10.08.2015   1$=2580.19 soums ). The share of sphere in the republic’s industry made 15.9%.

Large enterprises of the industry increased production of relevant indicators for such types of consumer products as: canned meat – by 3.2 times, cereal canned – 1.6 times, sugar – 1.5 times, bakery products of non-durable storage – by 21.2%, butter – by 17.7%, processed liquid milk – by 16.1%, tea – by 16.0%, bread (in a loaf of flour grade 1) – 11.6%.

In addition, exceeding the same period last year were produced: alcohol tinctures obtained by distilling grape wine or grape marc – by 14%, mineral water (natural, not sweetened) – 1.4 times, tea drinks – by 1.4 times, beer – by 5.4%.



Successful Investment

Five projects with an overall cost of $16.1 million have been implemented since the beginning of the year in three industrial zones – ‘Navoi’ , Jizzakh’ and ‘Angren’ – set up in Uzbekistan.  

The investors are especially active in the ‘Jizzakh’ special industrial zone. Production of sewing machines, automobile breaking shoes, hardware and metal profiles, polypropylene pipes, fittings and valves has been turned over for operation here. A factory on the manufacture of anti-bacterial and anti-viral medical preparations has been commissioned on the territory of the ‘Navoi’ SIEZ. All in all since, the beginning of 2015 the realization of 63 projects with a total value of $160.9 mln. within the Investment program have been completed in Uzbekistan.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Uzbekistan is making its way to leading positions in the LTE development in the region

The telecommunication sector of Uzbekistan is considered one of the leaders in the region on the introduction of cutting edge modern technologies and new data transfer standards. According to foreign experts’ assessment this has become the result of a favorable investment climate stimulating the attraction of leading global companies to the market. An Uzbekistan Today correspondent talked about prospects of development of national telecommunications and expansion of bilateral partnership with Mr.Moon Jon Young, senior vice-president of the KT Corporation, major provider of integrated wire and wireless telecommunication services of South Korea.

“Uzbekistan is one of the fastest developing countries of the region, especially in the field of IT-technologies and telecommunications. It boasts of a huge market with a potential since there is a great number of people interested in the emergence of new technologies and necessary specialists. Another important factor is extremely dynamic youth dominating the 31 million population of Uzbekistan, who are active in the use of various devices and mobile gadgets and themselves create for them programs and different technical software. All this put together provides Uzbekistan with an excellent foundation for the qualitative leap forward in the sphere of telecommunications.

“Our company is Uzbekistan’s long-lasting partner in the development of the IT industry. For example, East Telecom operating in the Republic was the first communication operator in Uzbekistan, which makes use of technologies and solutions of the so-called ‘next generation networks’ which ensure the integration of traditional communication services and the new services linked to the packaged relay of data and multimedia services.

“Our latest initiative is the launch of the 4G LTE TDD net in the entire Uzbekistan, which is capable to turn the republic into a regional leader. The LTE technology based wireless Internet will open up a world of new opportunities for its users. The data relay speed in its networks significantly exceeds the similar indicator with other operating providers in Uzbekistan and makes up 100 Mb/sec. this enables the users to work fast and efficiently with large amounts of information in the Internet. Currently the 4G LTE is a catalyst of the Internet-market’s further expansion.

“Work on laying out, adjustment, launching and optimization of the net had started in Tashkent in April 2015. The KT Corporation side invested $10 mln. for the realization of this project. And the overall amount of investments during the years of our cooperation has exceeded $26.5 mln. The Company has got plans to proceed and continue with its active investment into the Internet infrastructure, in particular, to the development of new generation networks.

“Today the 4G LTE TDD technology-based Internet service in available in Tashkent, and the territorial coverage makes up 97.4%. By the year 2016 it will be available in Samarkand, Bukhara and in the regions of the Feghana Valley. It is very important since this technology will enable in the future to cover the territories which faced certain difficulties in accessing Internet because of their remote location or location in inaccessible areas. I am confident that the 4G LTE will create interesting opportunities for the development of ICT-business in your republic, for instance, will turn into a stimulating factor for the dynamically growing e-commerce segment.

“Our company however, does not stop on this segment. Today we are looking for various branches for cooperation with Uzbekistan and there are a number of interesting proposals at hand. Thus, for example, the KT Corporation won a tender on the modernization of the electric energy-consumption monitoring system in three regions of Uzbekistan. It is a new direction of activity for us and we will exert all efforts for the development of power generation and energy-saving in Uzbekistan.”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


SEnate of Oliy Majlis of republic of Uzbekistan

The Senate Convenes for a General Session

On August 6-7, 2015, Tashkent has hosted the third general session of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The senators began the second day of the plenary meeting with the deliberation on the draft law of the of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the ratification of the Protocol on the Introduction of Amendments and Addenda into the Agreement between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Federal Republic of Germany on the Avoidance of Double Taxation in Relation to Income and Property Taxes Signed 7 September 1999 (Berlin, 14 October 2014)”. It was noted that the Protocol envisages the introduction of amendments to the acting agreement in order to enhance the bilateral relations in the field of exchange of information and assistance in taxation.

According to members of the upper house of the parliament, the adoption of this protocol will facilitate uplifting the swiftness of exchange in tax information between the two states, combating a diversity of abuses in the payment of taxes, as well as the timely delivery of taxes unpaid by residents into the budgets of the two sides.

Further on, in accordance with Article 80 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, senators heard the report on the activities of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the year 2014. It was underscored that the activities of the Bank in the previous year were carried out in line with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan” and were directed at the unconditional execution of tasks outlined by President Islam Karimov at the session of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan to discuss the outcomes of the socioeconomic development in the country in 2013 and the crucial priority dimensions of the economic program for 2014, as well as the resolution of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the Report of the Chairman of the Board of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the Activities of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2013”.

It was stressed during the hearing that the level of capital sufficiency of the banking system equaled 23.8 percent – a three times as much as the normative requirements established by the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision.

The senators extended their proposals and recommendations to bolster the effectiveness in the activities of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Then on, members of the upper house discussed issues concerning the introduction of changes to the composition of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan and appointment of chiefs of diplomatic missions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in a number of foreign nations.

The general session participants considered also other issues pertaining to the powers of the upper house. On all of them, the Senate of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan approved corresponding decisions.

11 issues, including 6 draft laws, were deliberated on during the two-day meeting of the upper house.

Of utmost importance at the plenary session became the approved bills directed at securing reliable protection of private property, removal of barriers and obstacles on the way of entrepreneurship, unconditional application of privileges and preferences granted to entrepreneurship entities, reinforcement of responsibility of public officials for obstruction and illegal interference in their activities, which will certainly contribute to improving the investment climate, increasing business activity in the country, deepening socio-economic market reforms, and thus uplifting the welfare of the population prosperity of the nation.

The amendments and addenda introduced into the acting legislation in accordance with the laws approved by the Senate in the field of further democratization of the judicial sphere, liberalization and humanization of the system of punishment for crimes will facilitate the elevation in the effectiveness of the system that provides for law and order as well as security in the country and the reliable protection of human rights and freedoms.

The senators passed also the bills envisaging further perfection of organizational-legal foundations of the development of physical culture and sports, amplification of the effectiveness of the system of state support in this sphere, as well as provision for the sanitary-epidemiological welfare in the nation, advancement of the system of prophylaxis of diseases.

The draft laws and resolutions approved by members of the upper house of the parliament will facilitate the steadfast intensification of democratic, socioeconomic and sociopolitical reforms and the formation of civil society in the country as well as the elevation of living standards and wellbeing of the population.

(Source: Press Service Senate of the Oliy Majlis Republic of Uzbekistan)


Health week starts August 10 in Uzbekistan

August 10 marks the commencement of a complex medical examination of the population, under the motto “No one shall be left without care and attention”.

Approximately 300 leading scientists and highly qualified doctors from the republican specialized medical centres, research institutes, and medical universities will take part in the event. The specialists will visit every region of the republic and will conduct a medical examination of the population. It is also planned to organise the week of medical examination for war and labour veterans and for the elderly.

Apart from detailed medical examination, the goal is to advocate for healthy lifestyle; conduct discourses with the youth on how to create healthy families; and enhance ailment prevention.

The specialists will reach out to the residents of the farthest regions of the country. The event is schemed to be held in two stages. In the first stage, qualified specialists from the regional medical institutions shall organize medical examinations in their regions; while at the second stage, the council of the most experienced specialists from the republican specialised medical centres, research institutes and universities shall conduct complex medical examination of citizens, as determined by the results of the first stage.

The social campaign, organized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, is yet another practical step towards ensuring the protection of the health of the population. In 2014 only, such medical examinations covered nearly 6.5 million students of preschool educational institutions, schools, and professional colleges and academic lyceums. Medical examinations help to timely diagnose and effectively cure different ailments. In the past 10 years, the number of children born with congenital defects declined by 1.3 times. Children aged 6 to 15 years old reported major decrease in the occurrence of different maladies, such as infectious diseases (34.4% decrease), pneumonia (49.7% decrease), bronchitis (32.8% decrease), and scoliosis (32.7% decrease).



Accident occurs at concert in Urgench

An accident occurred during the evening concert at the Park of Culture and Recreation “Yoshlar Koli” (Youth Lake) in Urgench (Khorezm regions) on 8 August 2015, a Governmental Commission said in a statement.

According to the statement, in the result of partial destruction of the lattice railings of the bridge several people fell to the lake. The commission said that a large number of people were on the bridge at the time of the accident. The statemen said there are casualties, but it did not specify the number of victims.

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov entrusted to create the governmental commission to study and establish reasons behind the accident, as well as adopt necessary measures to liquidate consequences of the accident.

The commission said that its members are implementing a complex of necessary measures on providing social-material aid to families of the victims and injured persons, as well as studying reasons behind the incident.



Uzbek judoka wins the world championship for the first time in the history

World Judo Championship among cadets which took place in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) was crowned with triumph for our athletes.

The young judoka Diyora Keldierova, at the starting day of the Championship in the weight category 44 kg won the gold medal.

Diyora in the qualifying rounds defeated opponents from Hungary, Netherlands and Brazil. Then, in the semifinals she defeated athlete from Turkey, and in the final she had the one minute and 39 seconds ahead to win the representative of the Netherlands Jorien Visser.

Prior to this, in the history of women’s judo of Uzbekistan, judoka Gulnoza Matniyazova reached the second step of the podium of the world championship in 2009.


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