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August 14, 2015


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Foreign Investors to Buy Shares of Largest Fertilizer Producer – Navoiazot 2

XI International Uzbek Cotton Fair.. 2

XI International Uzbek Cotton Fair to be held on October 15-16. 2



Foreign Investors to Buy Shares of Largest Fertilizer Producer – Navoiazot

According to the Presidential decree “On measures to increase the value of private property in the economy”, 49% of the largest chemical enterprise – Navoiazot JSC’s shares will be sold to strategic foreign investor, Economic Review reports.

The authority of economic management – Uzkimyosanoat SJSC will retain 51% of shares. According to the enterprise certificate, the value of Navoiazot JSC’s amount of stock is 61.3 billion soums or $ 25.1 million (currency rates of CB RU from 14.08.2015   1$= 2585.27 soums). The main founders and shareholders are the Center for Management of State Assets SUC (45.24% stake), Uzkimyosanoat SJSC (47.8 %) and the State Committee the Republic of Uzbekistan for Privatization, Demonopolization and Development of Competition (7.68%).

Manufacturing capacities are designed to produce 550 thousand tons of ammonia, 870 thousand tons of nitric acid, 950 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate, 180 thousand tons of nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer, 20 thousand tons of ammonium sulfate, 30 thousand tons of acetylene, 25 thousand tons of acetic acid and other products.

The company, employing 10 thousand people, occupies a land area of more than 895.5 hectares. A production area is 285 hectares.

(Source: IA «Uzbekistan Today»)

XI International Uzbek Cotton Fair

XI International Uzbek Cotton Fair to be held on October 15-16

On October 15-16, Tashkent will host the XI International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair, organized at the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The forum will be organized by the Ministry of foreign economic relations, investments and trade with the assistance of the Uzbek Republican commodity exchange, the Association “Uzpaxtasanoat”, the Uzbek center for certification of cotton fiber “Sifat”, SJSC “Uzbekyengilsanoat” and other structures.

In the days of the fair Uzbekistan will provide an opportunity for leaders of the global cotton industry, representatives of textile enterprises and trade agents to become familiar with the strategy of the development of cotton industry in this country, to participate in the fair trades, as well as to conclude contracts.

The event will include exhibitions, presentations of the latest innovative proposals in the field of technology and design, “round tables”, thematic seminars, fashion shows.


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