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August 17, 2015


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Uzbekistan Airways to introduce online ticket booking and sales system.. 2

International cooperation.. 2

Protocol has been ratified. 2

Tourism… 2

Guests of an Oriental Fairy Tale. 2

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Dmitriy Shokin wins gold medal of WTF World Taekwondo Grand Prix Series 1. 3




Uzbekistan Airways to introduce online ticket booking and sales system

Uzbekistan Havo Yollari (Uzbekistan Airways) is planning to launch an online ticket booking and sales system by the end of 2015.

According to the representative of airline, the passengers can book and purchase tickets at Uzbekistan HAvo Yollari’s website with help of hard currency cards Visa and MasterCard at the first stage.

The airline also plans to sell tickets in online mode with use of soum cards. The airline should solve some issues with the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan to offer such service.

Uzbekistan Havo Yollari also plans to introduce system of online registration of passengers, but later on. The self-service terminals will be installed at airport of Tashkent with help of which the passengers will be able undergo registration process and get boarding cards.


International cooperation

Protocol has been ratified

The Senate of the Uzbekistan’s Parliament has approved a law on the ratification of the Protocol on Amendments and Additions to the September 7, 1999 Agreement between Uzbekistan and Germany on Avoidance of Double Taxation on income and property.

The document was signed in Berlin on October 14, 2014. It seeks to make amendments aimed at expanding bilateral cooperation in exchange of information and provision of mutual assistance in the tax area.

The adoption of the protocol will help expedite exchange of tax-related information between the two countries.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Guests of an Oriental Fairy Tale

The global tourist industry lives through a turning point. In the first place, this is linked with a change in people’s notion of travel. Tourism is becoming something more significant than a mere trip to a resort, people need relaxation for their bodies and nourishment for their minds. Any country may achieve success in this market irrespective of its geographical location and level of a country’s economic development.  

Tourism under modern conditions comes out as a kind of litmus paper for adopting a country’s image in the world. The better and more interesting the image, the more active are foreign tourists in visiting that particular country. Uzbekistan has achieved a lot during the years of independence: roads have been laid out, industrial and social projects realized, housing and infrastructure built up. But the major achievement of our republic is creation of its unique and inimitable image on the country on the international arena, visited annually by more than 2 million foreigners from more than 70 countries of the world.

Uzbekistan being one of the oldest cradles of the world civilization possesses a significant tourist potential in the region. Hence, it is not accidental that the republic has become one of the leaders among the CIS countries in attracting foreign tourists. This has happened thanks to elaboration of radically new principles of the state policy in the sphere of tourism following the gaining of independence, the main objective of which was the creation of a modern highly-efficient and competitive tourist product.

Simple facts and figures indicate that there are more than 7 thousand monuments of different epochs and civilizations in the country, 110 international tourist routes, 550 tourist operators, more than 500 hotels, motels and camping-sites for 50 thousand guests, 11 international airports linking Uzbekistan with more than 40 cities of the world. This does not assume a large but a gigantic potential, which is capable to drive Uzbekistan out into the ranks of the global tourist business leaders.

Moreover, it is important to remember that today a choice of place for recreation more and more depends on the security and stability of a receiving country. Recent cases of terrorist acts in some popular Middle East resorts had played a significant role in re-drafting the maps of traditional tourist streams. Travelers, especially those from Europe, started choosing safe countries offering a tourist product under the Great Silk Road brand. And here Uzbekistan is one of the leaders. Our republic implements a complex program on attracting tourists from the CIS countries, and the Baltic countries.

The number of foreign tourists visiting our country has increased by more than 30%, while the export of the sphere has grown up threefold. Namely during this period the ‘Uzbektourism’ National Company has boosted its promotional activities at the national tourist services market. Year by year gaining more and more awards, holding festivals, opening up new tourist routes, holding contests of Uzbek cuisine, TV film festivals and conferences the Uzbek travel specialists help foreigners to get imbued with the ‘spirit of the East’ and find themselves in the truly Oriental fairy tale.

A great role in this played cooperation with one of the major international TV channels Euronews, which last year relayed the ceremony of opening the 99th session of the UN WTO in Samarkand, aired programs about our country’s ancient cities. A new series City-tour commenced this year on the TV channel devoted to Tashkent in all its tourist diversity. Millions of TV viewers in various countries have learned about the Great Silk Road, which our cities were once part of, about places of interest, including architectural landmarks. The topic built up in a peculiar for this TV channel style, showed the country’s modern image, its legendary historical monuments and rich cultural life.

The British Prioneer Productions has recently visited Uzbekistan and shot a film about one of the most ancient cities of Uzbekistan – the Holy City of Bukhara. It will be part of a documentary series for the Discovery Networks International, which undoubtedly will attract another dozens of thousands of new visitors to our beautiful country, covered with mystery of ancient ages.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Dmitriy Shokin wins gold medal of WTF World Taekwondo Grand Prix Series 1

Member of Uzbekistan national team on taekwondo Dmitriy Shokin won the 2015 WTF World Taekwondo Grand Prix Series 1 in Moscow, Russia.

The men’s heavyweight final (+80) was a bruising affair with the tank-like Uzbek Dmitriy Shokin, the world-ranked number five, taking on Russia’s taller and whippier Vladislav Larin, the world-ranked number 13.

2015 has been a tremendous year for Shokin, who has won the three tourneys he has entered this year, including the World Championships in May. He showed his form in Moscow, opening the scoring with a punch but Larin, a home-town favorite, was unintimidated.

Returning fire with a snappy front leg kick, he scored. The match settled down to both men sparring off their front legs, with Shokin varying his attacks with punches and spin kicks, which Larin countered with turning kicks off both legs. Shokin settled down and started showing off a bit of showmanship, while the “thwack” of his kicks impacting Larin’s body protector echoed around the stadium.

The final result was in little doubt and the match ended with a definitive 9-4 victory to the Uzbek, who, in a post-match interview, dedicated his victory to Uzbekistan’s upcoming independence day. Larin was more down-to-earth, noting that being kicked by Shokin was “not particularly pleasant.”


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