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August 20, 2014


August 20, 2014

international cooperation.. 2

International Cooperation in the Field of Geology. 2

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The Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan: 529 illegal decisions of local government bodies were cancelled since the beginning of the year3

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Uzbekistan pays a great attention on “Mother and child” health. 3




international cooperation

International Cooperation in the Field of Geology

An international academic and technical conference entitled “Integration of science and practice as a mechanism of effective development of geological sector of Uzbekistan” took place August 18 at Tashkent’s Poytakht Business Center.

More than 200 domestic and foreign academics, specialists and experts of the field took part in the event organized by the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Geology and Mineral Resources as well as state enterprises “The Scientific Research Institute of Mineral Resources” and the “Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology”.

The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan stipulates that the earth, its subsoil, water, flora and fauna, other natural resources are national wealth and subject to rational use. Normative-legislative base has been created to regulate the issues pertaining to geological prospecting and extraction of minerals.

“The wide-scale reforms carried out to enhance the integration of education, science and practice, consolidate the international cooperation along with other spheres facilitate steadfast development of geology, chemical and hydrocarbon sectors,” says Botir Abdullaev, acting director of the state enterprise “Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology”. “Today, particular significance is attached in Uzbekistan to the advancement of mineral-raw materials base, especially that of industrial importance, to the research of ore fields and the introduction of modern technologies to geological prospecting. This, in its turn, uplifts the responsibility of specialists of the sphere.”

Almost all the education institutions of our country are regarded simultaneously as scientific centers. Student and young researchers there are engaged in scientific research along with attaining undergraduate and graduate degrees. In particular, scholars of the National University of Uzbekistan in their research works on geology cooperate with leading scientific-research institutes, industrial enterprises of our country as well as prominent research institutions abroad. Fundamental and applied research on this front is carried out on the basis of around 20 government scholarships and corporate agreements.

The event participants got familiarized with the opportunities in the further expansion of Uzbekistan’s mineral and raw materials base. A special emphasis was placed on pressing issues in applied geology, scientific and academic-methodological observations during the search and assessment of deposits of strategic vital minerals. In their scientific-technical reports built on the upshots of geodynamic, metallogenic, biostratigraphic, tectonic, paleogeographical and other research works, the contributors to the conference outlined major dimensions in the evolution of world geological science.

“One of the urgent tasks faced by science and practice is the expansion of the mineral and raw materials base of precious metals, introduction of cutting-edge approaches to prospecting and discovery of deposits of minerals,” Bil Tuma, President of Canada-based AGT Systems, shares reflections. “The economic strategy adhered to by Uzbekistan from the first years of independence has been bearing its fruits also in the field of geology along with achievements in other spheres. The conference facilitates the study of accomplishments made in Uzbekistan and other countries of the world in the field of geology, the identification of prospective aspects of works on the discovery, study and evaluation of mineral deposits, the geological scrutiny of subsoil riches, hydrogeology, engineering-geology and geo-ecology research activities.”

The reports made at the conference included those reviewing the research works underway in Uzbekistan and abroad in the field of geology and mineral resources. The forum participants exchanged views on pressing issues in the sphere.

During panel sessions of the conference, the contributors discussed in detail the enhancement of cooperation science and practice in this field, elaboration and conduct of promising programs, further consolidation of partnership with leading foreign scientific research institutions, prospecting and evaluation of strategically important types of minerals, technological research for the elevation of effectiveness of geological prospecting works.

(Source: UzA)

business climate

The Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan: 529 illegal decisions of local government bodies were cancelled since the beginning of the year

On August 18, the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan held a press conference for mass media representatives on the topic “Development of entrepreneurship in the economy and the legal basis of investment opportunities”.

Entrepreneurship development and expansion of investment opportunities today is impossible without strengthening the relevant legal framework. In the majority of recently adopted legislative acts, the concept of “business environment” is used widely.

This concept incorporates the whole process, starting from the state registration of a business entity to its termination, which demonstrates the breadth of content and the importance of values taken at this stage of legislative acts. It should be noted that in recent times, according to the legislation, the liability of the persons responsible for illegal interference in the activities of economic entities has been strengthened.

The event in detail presented the information about the work carried out by the bodies of justice in ensuring the protection of the rights and interests of entrepreneurs and foreign investors. In particular, by the results of studies for the compliance with the legislation on entrepreneurship, including foreign investment 529 illegal decisions of local bodies of state power and control were canceled. In the interests of entrepreneurs and enterprises with participation of foreign investments in the courts were made 766 claims worth over 11.5 billion soums. (Currency rates of CB from 20.08.2014   1$= 2344.38 soums)

Detailed information about legislative activities aimed at further improving the regulatory framework of the sector and conducted for entrepreneurs “Open Day” event were also presented to journalists at the press conference.



Uzbekistan pays a great attention on “Mother and child” health

Currently, 53 Weeks of Health have been organized in 1 725 district and 10 866 primary health care institutions, where million women and 777 thousand children and adolescents have been examined.

Moreover, due to the implementation of «Screening of mother and child» State program, 92% of children in our country fully satisfy the standards of the world health organization by the development quotient.

It should be noted that in Uzbekistan, the health of future generations is being carried out by professionals – 6400 pediatricians, 1400 neuropathologists, more than 5300 gynecologists, about 800 pediatric surgeons and dentists. No less attention is paid to the further strengthening of material-technical base of primary health care medical institutions and specialized centers at the expense of the budget and attracted foreign investment.

Thus, in the framework of “Strengthening the health of women and children” project, modernization and equipping by the basic modern medical equipment have been held in all regions of the country. In particular, 227 maternities, 85 laboratories, six regional blood centres have been equipped by the basic modern medical equipment.