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August 31, 2016


September 1 – the 25 years of Independence of Uzbekistan


25th Anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan.. 1

Vivid demonstration of creative potential of people of Uzbekistan. 1

investments. 2

Uzbekistan developed the electrical industry development program by 2030. 2


Uzbek Shoes Expected Abroad. 3

Society.. 3

Employment Protection and Industrial Labor Safety. 3

Olympics-2016. 4

Olympic winners have been awarded in Tashkent 4





25th Anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan

Vivid demonstration of creative potential of people of Uzbekistan

The dynamic development of our country in the years of independence has created a solid foundation for a great creative work. New industrial enterprises, educational and medical institutions, art and sports palaces, roads and bridges, modern homes are being commissioned. The “buildings of independence” have become a familiar concept for us. Their number and unique appearance contribute to the overall transformation of our cities and villages.

On the basis of the master plan the cities of Nukus, Urgench, Bukhara, Samarkand, Karshi, Termez, Andijan, Fergana, Namangan and others are being completely reconstructed.

At the same time, Tashkent, embodying the development and prosperity of the whole of Uzbekistan, hosts extensive construction and improvement works. The city, maintaining its historical authenticity, turns into a modern megapolis. New buildings, houses, hotels, roads and bridges, beautiful parks and alleys create comfortable conditions for Tashkent residents and guests.

According to the master plan, developed on the basis of the ideas of our head of state, a great creative work is carried out in the old part of the capital. In 2013, at the Khadra Square underwent large-scale construction and repair work. In 2014, new roads were built in Almazar and Shaikhantakhur districts. In May 2015 a new modern bridge was opened at the intersection of Sebzar and Abdullah Kadiri streets.

Construction of the Nurafshon street provided a great convenience to the public and at the same time opened up new possibilities for the renovation of the old city. This four-lane road facilitates the transport movement. Communications and modern infrastructure has been built along the road.

In accordance with the decree of the head of our state on November 20, 2014 on reconstructing the old part of Tashkent, modern residential houses are built high. This year 20 high-rise buildings for 386 apartments have been constructed.

As a result of the improvements of standard of living and income the number of cars have also increased. Therefore, road and communications networks are consistently developing. In all regions, new roads are being built, available one being expanded. Wide and smooth roads and bridges are being built in Tashkent as well, taking into account long-term development of the city.

The works in this sphere have continued this year as well. Nurafshon street was extended to the area of the Aktepe square for 4 kilometers and connected with the Muqimiy street. A modern bridge has been built at the intersection of Muqimi, Usman Nasir and Shota Rustaveli streets. A dead end road, starting from intersection joined with the Babur street. Thus, another ring road was created in the capital.

Previously, the intersection of Muqimiy, Usman Nasir and Shota Rustaveli streets was crossed by 11.5 thousand vehicles per hour, overlapping the default capacity by almost twice. The result is congestion, which leads to loss of time by drivers and passengers, wasting fuel and increasing pollution.

At the initiative of the head of our state, a modern bridge 19 meters wide and about 1 km long has been built. The Muqimiy street extended, the road became a five-band in both directions.

This creative work carried out also in other areas. In order to create even greater convenience, the Taraqqiyot street has been extended for vehicle traffic.

As a result of creative and improvement works Tashkent has become even more beautiful, convenience for living has improved. Vivid confirmation is Uzbekistan’s ranking in the “World index of happiness” (44th place), 59th place of our capital in the world ranking of livability and comfort, according to the company’s assessment of “Economist Intelligence Unit”.

These modern facilities, embodying the creative potential of our people, the prosperity of the country, large-scale improvement works serve to further improve the welfare and living standards of population.

(Source: UzA)


Uzbekistan developed the electrical industry development program by 2030

Under which it is planned to disburse $1 billion of investment, establish the manufacture of 22 kinds of new products, and increase the production capacity by 5.1 times.

The electrical engineering industry ranks among the fastest growing sectors of the economy. About 50 companies within the system of O’zeltehsanoat Joint Stock Company specialize in the production of cable, electrical, home appliances.

In 2005, the production volume was 80 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 31.08.2016, 1$= 2989.64 soums), while in 2015 it reached already 1.3 trillion soums. Today, 27 enterprises under the company produce competitive products and export them to the CIS countries and other states. Last year, they sold goods in foreign markets for $167.7 million. Compared with the five years old numbers, the growth was 172%.

In the first half of 2016, the volume of production reached 630.7 billion soums with 16.6 percent growth. Enterprises produced consumer goods for 218.5 billion soums. The production of electric vacuum cleaners has increased by 2.7 times, washing machines by 58.9%. 21.9% of all manufactured products were exported.

The structure of production drastically changed as a result of diversification in 2005-2015. In 2005, the share of home appliances was 3.7%, while by 2015 it reached 28.9%. The production of more than 25 kinds of previously imported household appliances has been developed in Uzbekistan over the past five years. In 2010, the country produced household appliances for 22.3 billion soums, and in 2015 – for 334.8 billion soums. As a result, last year Uzbekistan covered its market with domestically produced household appliances by 40-45%.

O’zeltehsanoat finds it important to expand the involvement of small businesses in filling the domestic market with competitive electrical appliances. Currently, nearly 76.7% of its system is represented by small businesses, which produce high-quality household appliances and electrical equipment on the basis of modern technologies. 20 household appliance manufactures have been established in recent years. In 2015, the production volumes of small business enterprises in the company’s system exceeded 618 billion soums, and their share in the balance sheet amounted to 48.7%.

The further enhancement of structural reforms in the sector, modernization and diversification of industrial production, including the consistent increase in the volume of deep processing of local raw materials, volumes and range of high value-added products, access to new outlets, and increase in the production of competitive electrical products will remain the priority tasks for the company.

It is planned to focus on the regional development of the industry. To this end, the company has scheduled the implementation of 95 investment projects worth $295 million by 2019, with the establishment of more than 5,000 new jobs.

It is planned to increase the production of air conditioners by 8.6%, gas and electric stoves – 6.7%, TV sets – 6.5%, refrigerators – 4.6% and washing machines – by 3.1% this year alone.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Uzbek Shoes Expected Abroad

Enterprises of O’zbekcharmpoyabzali System have occupied a strong position both in the domestic and foreign markets. They expect to disburse more than $114 million of investments in the next few years.

The amount of foreign investments in the industry over 16 years has grown from $40,000 to $18 million. 66 big leather and footwear enterprises have been established, 55 production facilities have been fully upgraded, technically and technologically extended.

The enterprises manufacture more than 400 kinds of shoes and leather goods. Last year, the total value of manufactured products amounted to 404 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 31.08.2016, 1$= 2989.64 soums). The indicator increased by 46.4 times, including footwear – by 11.5 times, against 2000. The volume of exports for the past period increased from $100,000 to $100 million, suggesting the competitiveness of Uzbek goods.

As shown by the analysis, the share of finished and semi-finished products sold by companies of O’zbekcharmpoyabzali Association in foreign countries has increased. More specifically, leather exports fell by 47%, and the composition of exports has changed: the share of footwear in it has increased to 30%, leather goods – increased by 15%. The merit goes to the fact that every region of the country has at least one big company, equipped with modern equipment, and a few small manufactures.

For example, a joint Uzbek-Chinese enterprise Peng Sheng in the Jizzakh special industrial zone is capable of producing 600 million square decimeters of leather and 300,000 pairs of shoes per year. The Darital enterprise of Khorezm is well-known abroad. It annually supplies 300,000 pairs of shoes to the domestic and foreign markets. Premium Laser of Ferghana and Premium Capital Group of Kashkadarya regions also produce 100 million square decimeters of leather and 300,000 pairs of shoes per year. The commissioning of the Nafis Charm enterprise in the Namangan region provided the opportunity to annually produce 100 million square decimeters of high-quality and export-oriented leather, and more than 30,000 leather articles.

The progress is just the beginning. The footwear industry has planned many projects ahead. In particular, it is planned to disburse $114.6 million of investments under the industry development program for 2016-2020. The O’zbekcharmpoyabzali Association will be directly involved in the implementation of 82 projects on the establishment of new production enterprises, modernization and expansion of the existing facilities. Most importantly, the program not just ensures economic efficiency, but also addresses social issues. Over 3,200 jobs will be additionally created along with the increase of leather production capacity by 1.4 times, production volumes of leather goods – by 2.6, footwear – by 2.3 times, supply of products to foreign markets – by 3 times.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Employment Protection and Industrial Labor Safety

A seminar titled “Employment Protection and Industrial labor safety” held in Samarkand.

The event, organized in the framework of the Federation of Trade Unions’ Program of Action to Improve Working Conditions and Safety in Uzbekistan for 2015-2016, was attended by chairmen of the councils of Trade Unions, the leaders of primary trade union organizations, professionals of labour protection.

Deputy chairman of the Council of the Federation of Trade Unions B.Mahmadaliev and others noted that under the leadership of the President of our country was established a solid legal framework, regulating relations in the field of labour protection between trade unions and employers The importance of social partnership to ensure the implementation of these documents is grown.

It was noted that in the collective agreements, concluded between employers and trade unions, provided conduction of a 580 thousand labor protection measures, to date, were held 348,000. At the enterprises is explored the state of labour protection, employers made more than a thousand representations about elimination of shortcomings. During the intervention of trade unions were rectified the shortcomings, associated with working conditions.

At the seminar were also discussed issues on the medical examination of workers, prevention of occupational diseases and the basis for determining the disability group for victims at work.

An exhibition dedicated to the issues on industrial labor safety, the creation of decent working conditions, using of special work clothes and personal protective equipment.

During the event, participants got acquiented with the best practices of organization labor protection in the “Samarkand automobile factory” LLC.

(Source: «Business» newspaper)


Olympic winners have been awarded in Tashkent

Athletes of Uzbekistan have duly presented the country and won 4 gold, 2 silver and 7 bronze medals at the XXXI Olympic Games, held on 5-21 August 2016 in Rio (Brazil).

In accordance with the decree of President Islam Karimov on 23 August, the Olympic winners were rewarded with cash prizes.

On 29 August an awards ceremony of victors of the Olympic Games was held at the Museum of Olympic glory.

It was noted that wide-scale reforms, carried out under the leadership of the President of our country, serve as an important factor of ensuring free, peaceful, happy and prosperous life of people, upbringing our children as a harmoniously development individuals.

These days, when the greatest, the dearest holiday- the 25th anniversary of the independence of our Homeland is widely celebrated all over the country, our hearts are filled with the feeling of gratitude for great virtues, presented by the independence.

The Motherland is sacred and it’s the greatest happiness to add a worthy contribution to improving its authority in the international community. Atheletes of Uzbekistan, successfully partaking at the XXXI Summer Olympic Games, have demonstrated to the whole world that they are commendable successors of our great ancestors have justified the trust of the people and the President of our country and have provided a worthy present to the greatest, the dearest holiday of the Motherland.

Representatives of the Uzbek boxing school at the Rio Olympics have proved to the whole world that they don’t have equals in the mastery, power, potential and endeavour for victory. The first gold medal to the medal tally of our delegation was provided by Hasanboy Dusmatov in men’s boxing lightflyweight (49kg). He was awarded Val Barker trophy for outstanding male boxer of the Rio Olympics.

– We express gratitude to our people and President of the country, who have supported and trusted us, – says Hasanboy Dusmatov.– This trust led us to the victory, strengthened us. I would like to dedicate the gold medal to the greatest and dearest holiday- the 25th anniversary of the independence of our Motherland.

Fazliddin Gaibnazarov became Olympic champion in men’s boxing light-welter weight (64kg), and Shakhobidin Zoirov won men’s boxing flyweight gold (52 kg).

– I wished about the Olympic gold, – says Shakobidin Zoirov. – I am very pleased that I have achieved my goal, I was honoured to raise the flag our Homeland. All our achievement is a result of huge attention and care, support of the youth, provided under the guidance of President of our.

Boxers Bektemir Melikuziev and Shakhram Giyasov won silver, Rustam Tulaganov and Murodjon Ahmadaliev receive bronze medals.

One of the important events of the XXXI Summer Olympic Games took place at the weightlifting competitions. Our weightlifter Ruslan Nurudinov not only secured an Olympic gold, but also renewed the Olympic record and once more demonstrated the potential of the Uzbek youth.

Our sportspeople have successfully competed in judo, wrestling and Greco-roman wrestling as well. Diyorbek Urozboev, Rishod Sobirov, Elmurat Tasmuradov, Ikhtiyor Navruzov and Magomed Ibrahimov contributed bronze medals to the medals tally of Uzbekistan delegation.

In accordance with the order of the President of our country our athletes have been rewarded with cash prizes in the amount of US$200,000 each for Olympic champions, US$100,000 for silver medalists, and US$75,000 for bronze medal winners. The winners of the Olympic Games have also been awarded Malibu cars.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan A.Ikramov spoke at the event.

(Source: UzA)



(currency rates of CB RU from 31.08.2016, 1$= 2989.64 soums)



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