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September 2, 2014


September 2, 2014

23rd anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan.. 2

Address by President H.E. Mr. Islam Karimov at the Festive Ceremony Dedicated to the 23rd Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 2


President Islam Karimov reviews novel facilities commissioned in Tashkent4

The enduring commemoration of ancestors. 8

The session of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan.. 9

Second Day of the Senate General session. 9



23rd anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan

Address by President H.E. Mr. Islam Karimov at the Festive Ceremony Dedicated to the 23rd Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Assalamu alaykum, dear compatriots!

Distinguished guests!

Today our nation is celebrating with great happiness and delight the truly greatest, the dearest and unforgettable date in the glorious history of our country – the 23rd anniversary of the Independence Day of our Homeland.

I am happy from the bottom of my heart to congratulate you, my dear compatriots, and in your person our entire nation on this sacred occasion, and express my deep respect and esteem to all of you.

Dear compatriots and dear friends!

As we celebrate the Independence Day of our Homeland, which was gained in the toughest and severe trials and struggle, it is natural that we unwillingly ponder over what we have lived through and what we have achieved during this historically short period of time that left a deep trace in our life, and literally ask ourselves: «Who were we yesterday and who have we become today?».

The independence and sovereignty as a great blessing stand as an utterly incomparable landmark date in the history of our Homeland. First of all, it has granted liberty and free life to our nation, allowed us to regain our human dignity, national consciousness, values and self-esteem, and returned to all of us the feeling of self-identity, the mother tongue, our sacred religion, customs and traditions.

For us the independence means that taking our destiny to our own hands we became able to manage the natural resources of our country, realize our enormous material and spiritual potential, and gain a commendable place in the international arena.

The people who lived during the old despotic regime know well: who did then know the beautiful land by the name of Uzbekistan and the great nation by the name of Uzbeks? Who did recognize us as an independent state?

Who did have any idea that our country is the land of enormous and rare wealth, the home to many saints and great scholars, scientists and thinkers? Who did know that we are the heirs to the unmatched heritage and the successors of outstanding people?

Could it be more despair, suffering and lawlessness in those times when our national self-esteem and dignity, our sacred religious values, customs and traditions were ignored, disregarded and mercilessly trampled down?

Wasn’t our Uzbekistan the most backward agrarian republic in the former Soviet Union that was turned into the land which had to only supply raw materials and had a lop-sided economy where the cotton monopoly took a catastrophic scale?

Can we forget the times when to feed our people we used to bring the necessary food commodities from abroad begging someone out there?

Is it possible to forget that in the last days of reign of the old regime we had the flour reserves sufficient only for seven-ten days and stood on the brink of famine?

However, no matter what injustice and tyranny was exerted on us by the despotic regime, our people never lost their identity, fidelity and belief, faith and religion. And no matter what severe and tough trials and hardships we had to live through, we continued keeping our dignity high. And no one must ever forget about that.

Dear friends!

Today as we celebrate the 23rd anniversary of our independence and assess the work we have carried out in building a democratic state and civil society and joining the ranks of the developed countries of the world, I deem it my duty to definitely say the following: any person living in our country both young and old, irrespective of his nationality, language and religion, keeping his head high, has a right to say that there is also his worthy contribution to the world-famous work to make our Homeland – Uzbekistan prosperous.

Indeed, we are profoundly proud that all our achievements in building the national statehood, the large-scale progressive reforms that resulted in stable growth rates of our economy, growth of living standards of our population and continuous improvement of the look of our country, are worthily recognized in the international arena and raise our authority and respect towards us.

In the years of independent development our national economy grew about 5 times or per capita – 3,7 times, and the income per capita, which serves as a confirmation of growth of living standards of our population, grew 8,7 times. These indices prove that during a short period of time Uzbekistan – once a republic unable to sustain itself – has turned into a modern state with rapid growth rates.

Despite the ongoing global financial and economic crisis, during the last 10 years the annual growth rate of Uzbekistan’s economy has exceeded 8 percent and such a stable progress can now be observed just in few countries.

More than 180 billion dollars (including over 60 billion dollars of foreign investments) have been channeled to our economy to develop our country with such high growth rates, modernize it and implement the large-scale reforms. Certainly, there are many examples which show that thanks to these investments we were able to radically change the structure of our economy, establish the modern enterprises with cutting-edge technologies, manufacture the commodities competitive in the world market, and raise Uzbekistan’s potential to a new level.

During these years alone the number of our country’s population grew 10 million 300 thousand, and today it makes up 31 million. This factor raises Uzbekistan’s human potential and creates a firm foundation to secure the new level of development and new objectives.

Dear compatriots!

We were not in rush in transiting from the obsolete system to a new one, in building a solid foundation for this purpose. We followed a wise truth which goes: «Do not destroy the old house until you build a new one». We have chosen a gradual and evolutionary path to move towards our goals and objectives phase to phase and step by step. We found it right for us and put this principle to big tests.

As years are passing by, the life itself has proved that the course of deeply and thoroughly thought-out democratic reforms to achieve our great goals, and which is recognized by the international community as an «Uzbek model», was truly right. The experts and relevant international institutions, which did not then join us in supporting this truth, are now becoming convinced of it.

Speaking of this, it will not be a mistake to say that in securing the new stages and horizons in development of our country the biggest fine criteria, above all, is the atmosphere of stability and cooperation, mutual respect, kindness and courtesy prevailing in our country, as well as the ever growing worldview, consciousness and mindset, legal and political awareness and activeness of our compatriots.

Our activity to enhance the spirituality of our people is yielding their results. Availing myself of this opportunity, I want to definitely say: I believe that our most important achievement is that we are not inferior to anyone in terms of accomplishments in this sphere, and we have outrun many powerful states in this respect.

It should be mentioned that we have timely attached an important priority to upbringing a healthy and harmoniously developed young generation able to master modern knowledge and professions, take on a responsibility for our future, our dear children with independent thinking and worldview who will continue our endeavors. We have raised this issue to a national level and the life itself has proved that it was the most right, far-sighted and time-honored historical step.

Let us assume, if 17 years ago we didn’t launched the programs which have completely transformed the sphere of education and elevated it to a new modern stage, could we today meet the critical and complex requirements of the rapidly changing time of globalization, the challenges of the Internet age which is yet deeper penetrating our lives? Could we ensure the progress and future of our country, and put forward a great goal of building a state with great future?

My dear and beloved children!

From the bottom of my heart I would like to share my idea with you – the representatives of our young generation who have gathered today in this sublime square, my children – the entire youth of Uzbekistan: each time I meet you and see you in the full bloom of youth, your sparkling eyes and witness your achievements, like many of us, I feel as if I also get my own wings.

Wherever and in whichever sphere you are – whether it is education or reaching the peaks of science, mastering the modern professions or developing the business sphere, celebrating the glory of Uzbekistan at international sport arenas and revealing yourselves to the world, you are surely making all of us happy.

It will be the very truth to say that the striking evidence of the aforementioned is the results of participation of our 28 young sportsmen at the Second Summer Youth Olympic Games held in the city of Nanjing of the People’s Republic of China, where they have won 4 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze, and in total, 10 medals. And this was a great contribution of Uzbekistan’s youth to the 23rd anniversary of our Independence.

My dear children, do not ever forget that I consider your accomplishments and victories as our people’s victories, and I will spare no effort and strength to make your today and future even brighter.

Dear friends!

It is natural that growing extremism and terrorism, confrontation, bloodshed, threats and challenges in various areas and regions of the world, in the near and far neighborhood, and in general, continuous escalation of situation raises alarm and concern in all of us.

Unfortunately, such bloody clashes, conflicts and contradictions are on the rise instead of being tackled and reduced.

In such an extremely turbulent and dangerous condition the most important issue is not to overlook the newly emerging standoffs and rising conflicts no matter in what part of the world occur, so that to keep the situation under constant control of the world community to prevent them from escalating into a large-scale war.

The position of Uzbekistan is as follows: such situations, grave confrontations and clashes must be resolved only by political and peaceful means in compliance with the basic principles and international norms set by the Charter of the United Nations, by observing the principles of inviolability of state sovereignty and borders, prevention of violence and use of force.

Such an extremely tense situation requires from all of us to be alert, vigil and shrewd.

The time itself requires that our priority must envisage finding a common language with our near and far neighbors, enhancing cooperation on the basis of common objectives that unite us and establishing the mutually beneficial relations.

Availing myself of this opportunity, it gives me a profound pleasure to express my high respect and esteem to our dear guests, ambassadors of foreign countries and representatives of international organizations who have joined us in this great and dearest holiday.

On behalf of our nation I sincerely thank you for your continuous support and practical assistance rendered to Uzbekistan, and wish a sound health to all of you and prosperity to your countries.

Distinguished compatriots, my dears!

In this luminous evening, embracing all of you and congratulating on the Independence Day, I wish you peace and tranquility, happiness and joy, as well as abundance and plenty to your households and our country!

Let our Homeland be peaceful and our skies be always clear!

Let our Independence be eternal!


President Islam Karimov reviews novel facilities commissioned in Tashkent

Every year, our nation celebrates the independence holiday with grand achievements and new triumphs. Wide-ranging innovative and beautification works are carried out to mark the greatest and dearest holiday with due honor and esteem. Resplendent gifts are prepared to this date to contribute to the prosperity of the country and wellbeing of the people.

This year, too, the construction of new industrial enterprises, education and healthcare institutions, facilities of cultural and sports designation, residential houses, roads and bridges has been completed on the eve of the great day. In line with a good tradition, these facilities are commissioned on the eve of the remarkable date – Independence Day.

On August 29, President Islam Karimov toured around the capital Tashkent to review the course of innovative endeavors.

Tashkent is the chief city of our country, a metropolis that has embodied all its splendor and charm. Wide-ranging and consistent creative works under the leadership of the head of our state have been in progress in town. Preserving its historical distinctiveness, the capital city has been renewing, acquiring a growingly modern appearance, and advancing on the basis of the thoroughly elaborated urban planning scheme.

Quite telling are the buildings, roads and flyovers as well as bridges constructed in Tashkent on the basis of traditions of national and contemporary architecture art.

The President of our country reviewed the new modern bridge at the crossroads of Abdulla Kadiri and Labzak streets in Shaykhantahur District. The transport junction built by the 13th Kuprikqurilish Trust under the Uzbekistan Temir Yullari State Stock Railway Company opens up extensive convenience for vehicles. The facility is 642 meters long and 19 meters wide.

Discussing the ingenious endeavors, the leader of our country noted that they have been undertaken with great skill and on the basis of profound knowledge and high technologies.

The traffic load at the crossroads of Abdulla Kadiri and Labzak streets used to bring about inconveniences both for cars and pedestrians. And now, thanks to this new bridge, the problem has been not only eliminated, but also a possibility has been born to provide for an uninterrupted traffic and road safety.

Bridges are significant in transforming the looks of cities. It is important also in terms of environmental security. Exhausts are known to pollute the environment; hence it is essential to shun traffic jams. It is exactly these kinds of issues that motorway junctions and flyovers are designed to solve.

Owing to these innovative efforts, the roads adjacent to Abdulla Kadiri Street have been broadened, and a modern shopping mall has been erected on the place of the former Dynamo Sports Store. Green zones have been widened along the banks of the Anhor Canal, on the streets and squares and alleys nearby.

Getting familiar with the construction and decoration works here, the head of our state recommended that the engineering and communication infrastructure be further refined in order to provide for an uninterrupted traffic around the year, expand the areas revamped on the basis of contemporary landscape design.

Islam Karimov traveled to the junction of Abdulla Kadiri and Sebzar streets and enquired into the project of an overpass to be built here.

Two eight-lane roads intersect here. A bank, the Abdulla Kadiri Park, trade complexes and apartment buildings are nearby. Traffic and pedestrian movement is always intensive here.

The trees planted on this square in the 1970s higgledy-piggledy and without consideration of natural factors create myriads of inconveniences for people. The area between the roads is not used, and because of its excessive width, the buildings are close to the road.

The new flyover to be erected here is designed to trim down tension and create considerable comfort for traffic and locals.

Vehicles in our country, including the capital city, have been growing in number. This is suggestive of the rising living standards of people. The goal sought by the extensive reforms, after all, is to bolster the quality of life of the population.

The head of our state thus underscored the necessity to broaden Abdulla Kadiri Street and turn it into an eight-lane road, to lay green zones here for the residents of adjacent apartment blocks to spend their leisure time, and build fountains to create a microclimate here.

When constructing buildings, bridges, roads and other facilities, it is imperative to take into account not only the current day, but also the interests of the posterity, Islam Karimov said.

The President of Uzbekistan reviewed also the new road built in Almazar and Shaykhantahur districts.

Roads are arteries of economy and an important means of communication. Life is comfortable where roads are advanced. That can be seen in the example of the steady development of the country’s transportation system, the growth of our economy and the wellbeing of people.

On the initiative of the head of our state, ring roads are currently built in all major cities of the country, while the existing ones are widened and conveniences for traffic created.

Construction of another bypass road has come to be an extension of these efforts. This 5.1 kilometers long sector of the road commences from Beruni Street in the Almazar District and continues through to Hurshid Street in the Shaykhantahur District. It links streets like Farobi, Karasarai, Sagban, Sebzar and Labzak.

In old times, homes and markets throughout Tashkent, especially in the old city, used to be built without a plan. That used to make traffic rather thorny, lead to the loss of time, increase in fuel consumption and environmental pollution.

Built on the idea and project of the head of our state, the new four-lane road in each direction eliminates those inconveniences and eases the traffic.

Islam Karimov expressed high appraisal of the endeavors of road-builders and construction workers.

“Residents of the old city used to live in such intricate circumstances,” President Islam Karimov pointed out. “Following a thorough examination of issues, an urban planning scheme of the old city has been worked out. In accordance with this plan, new roads, bridges, modern housing and communications will be built. This new road, along with the creation of comfort for the population, will enhance the prospects of transformation of the old city into a modern site that stirs universal admiration.”

In the meanwhile, all the communications and facilities of engineering infrastructure were built simultaneously with the road. State-of-the-art housing and social facilities are to be constructed along the road. Residential houses will be three- and five-storied. Fountains and a green zone are to emerge there, as well.

Tremendous significance is attached under the leadership of President Islam Karimov to fostering the growing generation as physically healthy, morally mature individuals. Along with other types of sports, great consideration is paid also to the development of chess, as a result of which the international glory of the Uzbek school of chess has been on the rise.

Today, our chess players are regular in earning prizes in world and continental championships, the World Chess Olympiad, Asian Games, and demonstrate to the entire globe that our young generation is not inferior to anyone in anything. The whole world knows today the 17th world chess champion Rustam Kasimjanov, and Nafisa Muminova, the first Uzbek girl – FIDE international grandmaster. In June this year, at the World Championship among schoolchildren in rapid and blitz-chess in Greece’s Kavala, our juvenile chess players Islombek and Javohir Sindorovs won two medals each and proved the intellectual potential of Uzbekistan’s youths to the entire planet. At the Asian Championship among boys and girls under 12 that took place in Tashkent, our young chess players earned 6 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze medals. World champions Nodirbek Abdusattorov and Islombek Sindorov, the talented chess players Abdulbosit Sharifjonov, Okjol Rahmatullaev, Nodirbek Yakubbaev, Maftuna Bobomurodova were awarded the title of champions of the continent.

In order to increase the number of such young talents, consistently popularize chess in our country, nurture gifted athletes capable of upholding the honor of the native Uzbekistan at the world sport arenas, National Specialized Children’s and Youths’ Chess School has opened in Tashkent.

Chess is the most intellect-intensive type of sports that requires immense willpower and tenacity. At the new chess school, children and teenagers from 6 to 16 can go in for the beloved game and uplift their skills in their time free from studies. The new school contains learning and training rooms, a gym, a cafeteria and other facilities. Electronic chess boards installed in rooms meet all international standards. The building also has a special room for schoolchildren to spend their leisure time.

The school boasts special chess halls where up to a hundred people can play the game simultaneously.

Admission to the school is projected as a competition. Classes are to be led by experienced coaches.

In the room outfitted with personal computers with internet access, schoolchildren can play with their fellows abroad in online mode and hence boost their expertise.

The President of our country conveyed essential recommendations to create an environment at this school that would be even more conducive for bolstering the mastery of schoolchildren trained here. Islam Karimov stressed the necessity of construction of a separate building adjacent to the school that would be designated as an arena for major international tournaments and built in the traditions of national architecture art.

The new school outfitted with cutting-edge sporting equipment, offering extensive opportunities for the organization of classes with the application of newest technologies will without any doubt allow us to lift up the intellectual abilities of young chess players and foster masters of sports capable of upholding the honor of our Motherland on the international field.

Later, the head of our state reviewed the new building of the Academy of Government under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In the process of democratization of public administration and formation of a potent civil society, a special emphasis is placed in our country on training and raising the proficiency of modern cadres in this field. The Academy of Government under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a pivotal education institution. The establishment trains qualified specialists capable of carrying out reforms on the democratization of government and management, on the promotion of institutions of civil society and the liberalization of the system of economic management.

The learning process in the Academy goes with an account of objectives concerning the democratic renewal and modernization of the country, international education standards, contemporary forms and methods of education, as well as on the basis of curricula and programs elaborated in accordance with state education standards, with the application of advanced pedagogical, information-communication and innovation technologies. The Academy has a spirituality and enlightenment center and an information-resource center outfitted with cutting-edge equipment, information-communication and telecommunications means and technologies, learning, scientific and methodological literature on governance and social administration.

Thanks to the environment created in the information-resource center, the latter can have the faculty and students of the Academy as well as all users to work by their own. The stock of the center boasts corresponding literature, including periodicals and their electronic versions, in Uzbek, Russian and English. The reading hall of the center is covered by a wi-fi system. Here one can have direct access to electronic resources of libraries abroad.

On the initiative of the President of our country, the building of the Academy of Government has been reconstructed to the end in line with state-of-the-art architectural and technological requirements.

Reviewing the building, conference halls of the Academy, its information-resource center, the head of our nation offered his recommendations to perfect the scientific, practical and organizational conditions in the Academy.

“This Academy is not merely a learning place, but it is also an education institution that gives the knowledge of life,” President Islam Karimov noted. “Every person graduating from it should deserve public administration. For this to be achieved, international cooperation should be built up, the system of public administration in countries advanced in this field should be studied, and expertise exchange ought to be shored up.”

The entire complex of buildings contains three conference halls and a great exposition hall, 10 halls for roundtable discussions and other events, and a sports ground. They are equipped with all the necessary hardware and machinery.

The education block and the student house of the Academy are outfitted with comfortable furniture, learning accessories and personal computers. There is access to the internet.

At the faculties of government and public administration as well as retraining government cadres of the Academy, specialists are trained and retrained on the basis of two-year curricula in two majors – government and public (social) administration. Admissions to the Academy are carried out on the competitive basis from among applicants with higher education and a work experience in the system of government and public administration no less than three years.

The Academy conducts all types of methodological, scientific-research and information-analytical activities. The labor activity and professional growth of graduates is under constant observation. Recommendations are worked out to perfect the system of selection, training and distribution of specialists in government and public administration.

The Academy maintains close cooperation with research and education institutions of such countries as the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, South Korea, Singapore, Azerbaijan, as well as international organizations like the United Nations, Asian Development Bank, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, among others. Internship courses are organized in government and management bodies, higher education institutions and research institutions, including in foreign countries, for lecturers, personnel and students.

The wide-ranging innovative works, the processes of transformation and modernization in progress constitute a practical outcome of the opportunities opened up by the independence. Practical embodiment of the high economic potential of our Motherland, the modern buildings and facilities commissioned across all the regions of the country a few days ahead of the greatest and dearest holiday will facilitate the further growth in the wellbeing of the people.

(Source: Press-service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan)

The enduring commemoration of ancestors

Remembrance of forefathers is eternal. Immense efforts have been spearheaded in Uzbekistan under the leadership of President Islam Karimov to restore the names and perpetuate the memory of our ancestors who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the Motherland. The erection of Shahidlar Khotirasi Memorial Complex in Tashkent and the announcement of August 31 as the Day of Memory of Repression Victims is the embodiment of deep respect and honor for the memory of selfless sons of our nation.

As the tradition goes, events in tribute to our compatriots who fell in the name of the freedom and independence of our native land took place in the early hours of August 31 at the Shahidlar Khotirasi Memorial Complex.

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov took part in the commemoration events.

The head of our state conveyed his view of the current socio-political developments in the country and the world and outlined critical challenges to be addressed in this regard.

Visiting such shrines, recalling our compatriots who gave their lives in the name of the freedom of the people, we understand what enormous losses and the thorniest of tests had to be endured to attain the independence of our land and the current peaceful and prosperous life in the country. These moments we realize even deeper the greatest significance of the independence we have achieved, the independence our forefathers had dreamt of for centuries.

We are all very well aware of the incredible endeavors undertaken in the independence years to revive our spiritual values and realize our national distinctiveness. Nonetheless, the sweepingly changing life, the challenges and requirements of times make us face the growing number of new tasks. Fostering the young generation in the spirit of respect for national and universal values, safeguarding it from destructive ideas foreign to our mentality, according to President Islam Karimov, have been gaining in urgency.

We should never forget that the principal end sought by those who, pursuing their own selfish interests, push forward such vicious ideas is to distract from the truthful way those young people who come short of sufficient life experience yet and the firm socio-political position, and use these youths to carry out the vicious plans they breed, the head of our state pointed out. Therefore, we ought to be vigilant and attentive all the time and protect our youth from the harmful impact of ideas alien to us.

Later the day, President Islam Karimov traveled to the Mustaqillik Square and laid wreath to the Monument of Independence and Humanism, a symbol of our freedom, bright future and noble aspirations.

Members of both houses of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, officials the Cabinet of Ministers, ministries, other government agencies and representatives of the wider public also laid flowers to the foot of the Monument.

(Source: Press-service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan)

The session of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Second Day of the Senate General session

The fifteenth general session of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan continued its work on August 29, 2014.

Senators started the second day of the general session with a discussion of the issue on renaming the Hamza District of the city of Tashkent. It was noted that the subject matter is worked out and introduced by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with requirements of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Titles of Geographical Units. The issue had been preliminarily discussed among the population of the city of Tashkent, during meetings of activists of citizens’ assemblies, representatives of pubic organizations, in particular the Mahalla Charity Public Fund, the Kamolot Youth Social Movement, among others.

Following comprehensive deliberations on the issue, building on the proposal of the government, materials summarizing the views and recommendations put forward during extensive public discussion, the expert findings elaborated by local and national commissions for the entitlement and re-entitlement of geographical units, the senators adopted a decision to rename the Hamza District into Yashnobod District of Tashkent.

Then, the members of the upper house considered issues on the approval of resolutions of the Kengash (Council) of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, on the election of chairperson and deputy chairperson of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the election of chairperson of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan, on the appointment and dismissal of heads of diplomatic missions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in a range of foreign countries, as well as other issues pertaining to powers of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

On issues discussed, the senators approved corresponding decisions.

During the two-day general session that took place on the eve of the twenty-third anniversary of independence – the greatest and dearest of holidays of our nation – the upper chamber lawmakers considered 15 issues, including 4 bills.

According to senators, the bills passed will become instrumental in enhancing the reforms directed at the further modernization of our country. The adopted Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Social Partnership is to have a great significance in the democratization of government and formation of civil society. Worked out as part of the realization of the Concept of Intensification of Democratic Reforms and Formation of Civil Society in the Country, this bill establishes an effective system of organizational-normative mechanisms in the interaction of nongovernmental and nonprofit organizations (NNOs) with government agencies in addressing urgent socio-economic issues across a variety of spheres in the country. Its elaboration process has included an extensive public discussion, including that within the frameworks of diverse forums of national and international level.

A special significance in enhancing the market reforms underway is assigned to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan approved by the Senate of Oliy Majlis on the Introduction of Amendments and Addenda to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Market Exchanges and Exchange Activities. Elaborated in line with the Concept of Intensification of Democratic Reforms and Formation of Civil Society in the Country, in the sphere of market reforms and the liberalization of economy, this bill is designated to raise the effectiveness of mechanisms in the regulation of commodities and stock exchanges, reinforce the guarantees of participants of exchange deals, secure an extensive engagement of corporate entities in commodities and financial exchanges.

The senators also deliberated and approved the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Commercial Secrets, dedicated to further perfect the normative foundations in the protection of economic interests of corporate bodies in conditions of market competition.

The upper house members stressed the special significance of the bills approved by the Senate in intensifying the democratic reforms in the socio-political and judicial spheres. Notably, the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the Introduction of Amendments and Addenda to Certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan envisages the further perfection of electoral legislation, normative foundations of the operation of information-communication sector, the criminal and criminal-procedural legislation, normative regulation of the protection of natural environment and the rational use of natural resources.

The senators expressed conviction that the bills approved by them are to become an important factor in boosting the living standards of the population, cementing the stability and shoring up prosperity in the country.

(Source: Press Service Senate of the Oliy Majlis Republic of Uzbekistan)


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